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Understanding the meaning of colour can transform your magical practice. Colour is used specifically in rituals and spells work to activate certain parts of your consciousness as well as the collective consciousness. The colour spectrum helps us understand universal archetypes and how to use them to directly communicate with our higher self and the universe in order to manifest what we desire. Colour is one of the languages spoken by our soul.

The following is a simple list of how colours can be used in spells. You may have already noticed that the colour spectrum (the rainbow) is associated with human consciousness. It represents the different qualities, both physical and spiritual, that make up our human form. In our body we recognize these levels of consciousness as chakras. Within the universe we know them to be the “rays” of creation, or rays of consciousness with each colour encapsulating specific qualities of the godhead. This is what is being referred to when people talk about an ascended master coming through the violet ray, or silver ray: it means their consciousness originated or strongly resonates with that specific colour energy. The messages they share and their personality will also be in line with the archetypes that the colour represents. An ascended master coming through the red ray will teach about passion, courage, and how to connect with the physical world. (Think of Pele, Red Tara, and Maat). An ascended master who is associated with the green ray may teach the importance of the heart, how to connect with others, and the importance of self-care and healing. In this case, Archangel Raphael, Quan Yin, and Master Hilarion come to mind.

To take it one step further we are made up of vibrational frequencies that we can visualize and understand through colour. What’s more is that we can use colour to help activate and communicate with our inner and outer world. While conducting spells, we use colour to help activate specific aspects of our Self, and if we can activate that colour vibration internally, we can create the momentum to bring it forward externally, in the material world.

Colour connects us to the pure base frequencies and archetypes of the godhead and therefore creation. Colour is one of the keys to understanding symbology and archetypes. It is the beginning of magical work, and when we understand it, we can really begin to freely play with spells and ritual. We can begin to see the inner workings of what makes rituals and spells tick.

Your Chakras and Your Rituals

Keep in mind the condition or your relationship with your personal colours or energy centres can affect the ritual you are performing. This is not something that is usually mentioned when discussing spells. Many people get frustrated and wonder why their spells don’t turn out as they had planned. The first place to look is not the spell itself but your energy. If there is a significant imbalance within you, the overall stability may not be there to fully manifest that which you desire. The spell will distort specifically to draw attention to the aspect of you that needs healing; it will go through your weakest link. Once the issue is dealt with, the spell will begin to work, and it will get past the internal weak point and make it out into the world. It can be helpful to use the chakra system as a base to understand the aspect of your consciousness that needs attention.

Here is an outline of what the colours represent and the fundamental elements that they can bring into your spells and rituals.


Key Words:  1st chakra, passion, intensity, drive, physicality, and fire.

Red represents pure passion, instincts, and drive. When you add red to your ritual you are bringing forward your raw, intense energy. Red is great to use to drum up motivational energy, charge rituals with raw emotion, or cut cords. Red can be very powerful when one needs to release energy or channel energy into a physical object. Red is best when balanced with stabilizing elements, as it can also stimulate aggression, especially if you are fiery to begin with. Red symbolizes the archetypes within the base chakra so as you use it in rituals, you draw attention to that area within your consciousness.


Key Words: 2nd chakra, creativity, children and inner child, new beginnings, self-exploration, and new realizations.

Orange represents your creativity, not necessarily how you are going to create in this life, which is more so the throat and heart chakras, but the roots of your unique gifts. It brings forward what you simply love to do. It is the foundation and exploration point of your joy, your genuine sense of play. As orange is highly creative it can help you to release blocks and give you new ideas. Orange stimulates your innovative, outside of the box, creative Self. Keep in mind it may also bring forward any true feelings that are suppressed or creating a block.


Key Words: 3rd chakra, mental energy, willpower, understanding, reason, refinement, and discipline.

Yellow represents the early stages Self-refinement in this world. Yellow is the “how” of the creative process. We learn how to master the “how” of the creative process through willpower, discipline, organization and analysis of the logical mind. This energy helps you understand what you really think and feel. It allows you to refine any chaos to a point by stimulating the mind. Yellow helps create stability and thus we begin to ground our ideas that are brought forward through the sheer creativity of orange (2nd chakra). Use yellow energy to help provide focus and a sense of structure during a time of confusion or insecurity.


Key Words: 4th chakra, intuition, healing, heart, connection, emotion, compassion, and love.

Green represents the heart and the heart chakra. When we use it, green will help us connect to our emotional and intuitive Self. Green can show us how to heal and create balance in our lives. It adds the emotional depth to the structure of the 3rd chakra. Green allows us to relate to others and helps us sense our place in this world. Through this energy we feel our flow and how our purpose (2nd chakra) fits into the world. Use green to bring healing and compassion to an issue that is troubling you, or to connect you with the deeper meaning of events or relationships. Green brings ease to places of tension and can help greatly with forgiveness spells and rituals.


Key Words: 5th chakra, self-expression, speech and communication, personal truth, and wisdom.

Blue represents the action of being who really you are. It is self-expression. Blue represents the energy of your unique Self being given to the world through your own methods. It represents completely speaking, acting, and living your truth. It is the movement of your unique energy into the world. Bring blue into your ritual to help release any fears or blocks about stepping into who you are. Use it to bring clarity about your role in this world. Blue will also help greatly if clear expression is needed in a time where you feel communication is difficult. It can also be helpful if you are trying to channel or be a direct voice for others, whether they are in spirit or physical.


Key Words: 6th chakra, higher perspective, third eye, clairvoyance, purification, and higher self.

Indigo symbolizes the beginning of our connection with esoteric wisdom and perspective; it is a bridge to your soul. Indigo energy can bring the truth forward in any situation. It does so through blending the higher perspectives of the soul with our 3d consciousness. As indigo draws in a great deal of your higher self, it can be used to develop intuition, especially the third eye and clairvoyance. It can also help you connect with your soul and help you see past lives and your soul’s themes at large. Use indigo in rituals to help you understand the greater patterns at play or to literally scry or visualize beyond this world. It is a great colour to use if you are looking to connect with guides or receive specific information from the other side. Indigo adds spiritual depth to everything.


Key Words: 7th Chakra, spirit, higher dimensions, esoteric, infusion of spiritual energies, and claircognizance.

Violet represents the junction within that leads to pure spirit. Indigo is more grounded and more specific than violet. The information it brings through is more “stepped down” vibrationally in comparison to violet. Violet brings forward pure spirit and represents the beginning of our connection with cosmic energy. Many of the frequencies through this colour cannot necessarily be understood until it has made its way deeper into our consciousness. If the red chakra represents our raw, pure, life force energy, violet represents our raw pure spiritual energy. Use violet to open the crown chakra to receive higher spiritual wisdom and expand your psychic abilities. Use it to help you become more familiar with how spirit feels and thus increase your capacity to hold spirit. It is great to use in spells and rituals that are complex. It is also beneficial to use when you feel direct spiritual influence, need to clear energy, draw in a new guide, or wish to explore the cosmos and higher dimensions.

The following are additional colours that don’t necessarily apply directly to the chakra system (some can be related) but can be helpful in spells, rituals, and ceremonies.


Key Words: Love, relationship, closeness, heart, and femininity.

Pink can activate a deep feeling in the heart, and is considered a secondary colour for the heart chakra. The heart chakra can appear pink when looking at it through different perspectives; it is not always green. For this reason, pink can be used similarly to the traditional green representation of the heart chakra, especially when relating to others. Use pink in relationship spells, self-love rituals, and to bring softness or innocence into your life.


Key Words: Purity, vastness, potential, and cleansing

White is a very common shade used in magical practices. It is a harmonizer, purifier, and neutralizer. Use white in house clearings, personal purification rituals, or anything that needs to be harmonized on a spiritual level. White can be very powerful and aggressive in that it also can induce a feeling of spiritual vastness, or multidimensional realization. When used properly, and when ready, anything that is meant to be released or purified will be cleared. This is why “white light” and the colour white is used so often in spiritual movements and rituals. It represents the action of releasing to the point of having nothing but the true Self.


Key Words: Inner world, the unknown, mystery, death, grounding, and protection

Black contains all colours and is a connection to deep esoteric wisdom. Meditating in darkness allows your intuitive abilities to accelerate and a powerful connection to your inner world to form. In the void (darkness) our true Self is revealed to us. This is why so many people fear darkness; they fear the journey into themselves, into their darkest, most neglected corners. Where white is clearing through external expansiveness, black draws energy in. It expands our consciousness in a different direction into the internal world. It lets us see who we truly are, and in knowing who we truly are we come to know everyone and everything. Use black in rituals to indicate you are interested to tuning into the deeper meanings and messages at play within yourself. Use it to bring your focus inward, or to draw in the energy around you. It is a gateway to your true inner Self, and can bring great clarity when you feel lost. It is best used in deep meditation or spells and rituals that require your energy to be drawn inward such as facing fears, bringing forward lost memories, or grounding and protection.


Key Words: Abundance, divinity, sun, warmth, confidence, and masculinity

Gold is a great colour to use in prosperity or abundance rituals. It can represent your talents and abilities materializing and being valued. Gold can help you gather a sense confidence and courage while allowing to connect with your sense of abundance. It can show you how to value and take pride in your talents. If you use gold in spells and rituals it will bring in the energy of the sun, which is energizing, warming, and bright. It also helps activate your divine masculine Self.


Key Words: Reflective, femininity, moon, cool, conductor

Silver is used in rituals that draw on the energies of the moon and the feminine. Silver trays or cups can infuse objects with feminine lunar qualities just as gold does for the masculine. It is quite reflective so it is common in deflective protection spells that involve repelling energies by reflecting their energy back to them. It is also used to bring balance the to the emotional body.


Key Words: Magnification and clarity

As there is no colour in a transparent object, it doesn’t bring any thing of its own— it simply allows everything around it to amplify. This makes transparent items in rituals, such as crystals or glass, an accelerator or magnifier. This can be seen especially in clear quartz as it has the ability to magnify the energy and intention surrounding it. It can also hold a specific charge without filtering it making clear crystals great for storing information. Crystal skulls and Lemurian crystals are examples of clear crystals used for holding information.


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