Symbology of the Child

This season of In Plain Sight deeply explores the use of children in occult ritual, obviously this is a challenging topic, which means that we must not run from it but deeply understand it. To comprehend how children are used in occult practices we must understand what they symbolize as Symbology is the language of magick and consciousness.

Crisis in Consciousness


Before I explain the symbology of the child in magic we have to address the elephant in the room…the reality that we are having a crisis in society when it comes to consciousness.We have become overly literal, linear and materialist in our thinking. This is detrimental to evaluating and understanding esoteric subjects.

A large portion of alternative media is growing in anger over exploitive occult practices but there is rarely a conversation that actually links the problems that we face with a loss of higher consciousness within ourselves and society at large. Esoteric subjects require a flexible, open mind as well as the ability to understand symbolism – essentially a psychically awake mind.

Examples of this loss of higher consciousness in society are the lack of authentic spirituality including atheism, scientism and all other dogma’s including many peoples relationship with religion. When we cut ourselves off from our inner Spirit, we still need that life force energy so we turn to external material obsessions and consumerism to fill internal voids. Over time this leads to the loss of intuitive functioning
including the loss of compassion,empathy and any sense of  inter-connectivity or community.

When it comes to taking in information our pattern recognition decreases and people become unable to connect dots even though they are right in front of them. As intuition is closely linked to survival we also have difficulty recognizing unhealthy and predatory energies. This helps us understand why we live in a time where corruption is so high, we have cut ourselves off from our intuition to such a dangerous degree that corrupt, predatory individuals fill the seats of government, corporations and media.

The other crisis in consciousness that we face today is the loss of understanding of the soul and consciousness in an objective way, not connected to religion. Many people who identify as spiritual are not. They have no real relationship with their consciousness and actually reject practices and beliefs that their own prophets once practiced. They turn to spiritual ideologies to feel safe rather than authentically connect with their Spirit. This regression is symbolized by removing the concept of aether in the scientific world.

Today, we also sit at a loss when it comes to our ancient past, our reductionist minds function in short cycles unable to comprehend our ancestors and ancient history or pre-history. All information lies within our cells, within out higher mind, but we refuse to realize that we exist beyond of physical body. As we sit in this sorry state, allopathic medicine reigns supreme and we become sicker and sicker as a dystopian AI future flickers in the background. We used to see ourselves in everything, understand the connections between things that seemed opposing, as a result we were interwoven with the world around us. This lead to natural ethics, compassion and empathy. We must work to regain this state.

In order to create the change that we desire in society we have to raise our consciousness, all elections and politics is secondary to this fact. We cannot simply legislate peace, and justice, we have embody it. We can’t vote it in, not in the corrupt conditions we face now. We have to realize that many of us have cut ourselves off from our higher-self and as a result our cognition has reduced – degraded- into a materialist, reductionist form.We have to train ourselves back into a higher level of intelligence. A good place to start is understanding the power of symbology and particularly the archetype of the child.

Symbology Is the Language of Spirit

Our consciousness and the cosmos functions in symbols and archetypes. Our higher self communicates with us in symbols and we then use our mind to give them meaning and interpret them. This process of our Spirit and subconscious mind percolating down into our lower-ego mind is revealed clearly in in our dream time. While we are dreaming our mind (lower, 3d, ego mind) shuts down and as a result our awareness is flooded with strange images and circumstances that make no sense to the 3d mind. This is our nightly reminder that there is more to us than we think. If the world we live in was naturally literal and reductionist we would not dream in symbols.

Our dreams only begin to make sense to us when we train ourselves to recognize symbology. Once we do that we understand that our dreams are communicating important messages about our state of being. That they are a feedback system that reveal to us patterns that we need to understand. Our dreams are a mechanism of self realization and growth. Recognizing that our Spirit communicates with us in symbols awakens a higher level of cognition, the cognition we are missing today.

The Child

The child is a great place to start because it is the relationship that we have with out inner child that determines our mental health and level of spiritual connection. For this reason the energy of the child is fundamental in the occult. No occult practitioner can expect to do any ritual, or attempt to gain any influence, if life force energy is not generated. And life force, ladies and gentlemen, is determined by the condition of inner child.

To get more specific, the child symbolizes many things:

Unifier of the Emotional System and Intuitive System

Within our emotional and spiritual body the child represents the feelings of innocence, wonder, pure creativity, raw spiritual energy. It is the child that unifies the emotional system with the intuitive system.

One’s Healing Journey

Children also represent the loss of self and the regaining of it. The child represents our relationship with our trauma. This is why inner child work is considered part of the healing process in most therapy sessions. It allows us to understand our pain and why we have it.

Psychic Power & Magnetism

Esoterically, the inner child represents the quality and depth of the esoteric practitioners power. If we want to manifest our life consciously we have understand that all that we attempt to create will pass through our inner child. If we are in a state of healing we are gaining power and spiritual magnetism. If we are in a state of neglect and avoidance of our trauma we lose spiritual power and we have little magnetism to consciously create with. This concept will become pivotal in this series!

The Heart

The condition of inner child unlocks and locks the heart centre, so the child also is often also symbolized by the heart. The healed heart is what we call the wise child archetype and the divine child archetype. The damaged child archetypes rests inside every villain, their hearts are closed and cold. All villains become evil because they are trying to steal the energy that they no longer have access to because their inner child is so damaged. Rather than heal themselves they externalize the problem and try to steal it from others. When we close the heart and refuse to heal our inner child we become predatory.

Examples of this parasitic dynamic of the villain craving the renewal and healing of their inner child is the the wicked witch of OZ in the classic children’s film The Wizard of Oz. In this film the wicked witch wants Dorothy’s ruby slippers, or Dorothy’s power. Now that we know what we know about the energetic system, Why doesn’t she just generate her own? The evil queen in Snow White wants the huntsman to kill Snow White and deliver her heart, a clear reference to wanting her purity and inner child restored.

Margaret Hamilton (1902 – 1985) as the Wicked Witch and Judy Garland (1922 – 1969) as Dorothy Gale in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, 1939. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

All of these archetypes in these stories are communicating not only the symbology of innocence but also something deeply esoteric. The reality that our inner child determines our magical ability, our ability to have spiritual magnetism and psychic power. We need these things for ritual practice, conscious manifestation and just to simply feel good.

As mentioned, the healed child is known as the ‘divine child’ or wise child and it’s role is shown in the story of the Christ, Krishna and other perfected beings. It is the hero that is able to retain their innocence, morals and purity even when confronted with immense loss and evil. What defines us in life is our ability to keep coming back to our inner child and becoming the healing force in life that it needs. Through the story of the hero and divine child we learn that it is the careful nurturing of ones own inner-child that allows us to ascend beyond the lower levels of reality. In these tales good triumphs over evil not simply because is ‘good’, ‘moral’ or ‘virtuous’ but because what we acknowledge as moral is actually an advanced state of being.

The Collective Inner Child

This archetype of the child also exists beyond the individual as a collective consciousness in society.Yes, society has an inner child as well, it is the collective consciousness of everyones inner child. The condition of this collective inner child will determine how balanced society is. When civilizations exploit the child, or exploit the innocent, they fall. When civilizations nurture the child, and lovingly care for the innocent, they become advanced. This ability to nurture and care for those that cannot care for themselves brings out the best in communities creating connectivity, healing and deep spiritual growth.

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    This is the most incredibly clear and powerful writing I have ever seen on the inner child. You have helped me so much Gigi and the way you write is SO beautiful. SO intelligent. It changes me as I read?
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    Humanity is one spirit

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    This blog has filled in more of the missing pieces in my understanding of the diagnosis of modern society. I feel that this information about the collective inner child has the potential to allow an evolution of consciousness.

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  6. Aaron says:

    how do past and present fit into your timeline model (ref ringing in the ears)? is “jumping timelines” closely related to teleportation and physical manifestation of food (directly into my mouth)? Can I construct a “fortress of solitude” that has no location and is accessible only to me and those I invite, that functions like a deluxury RV that I can access at any time? Is it possible that I am employing all these abilities now, without recognizing that I have exactly what I intended? Seems like it all should be as easy as learning to whistle (I can barely whistle).

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