The moment that we begin to develop psychically we begin to notice that “the other side” is not a uniform, rainbow riding place with harps and chubby nude cherub babies. Well, that actually sounds quite creepy so let’s just take a second and be grateful that there is a lot more going on then that.

As we tune into other realms we begin to differentiate densities and dimension, light and shadow. We see that when we go beyond our physicality there is a whole new level of reality that we must learn to navigate. Despite the complexity of these realms there is often a strange, deep feeling of home humming from within. This is the feeling that we learn to sink into as we travel so that it may lead us to the experiences that will grow our soul.


The place that seems to be the most spoken about is the astral realm. Although the language varies to describe this level of reality many people will recognize the astral realm as being the 4th dimension. This is the realm that rests just above our 3d world. It is the place we find ourselves popping into when we dream and the last density we must move through before we re-enter our bodies after astrally projecting. Some people learn how to go beyond this level of consciousness into lighter realms while others believe that the 4th dimension is all that there is.

One distinguishing feature of the 4th dimension is that is is divided into two levels, one level, at the bottom, is called the lower astral while the upper level, at the top, is called the upper astral or etheric plane. The 4th dimension is huge and mystics have even divided this plane further, however, for our purposes we will keep it simple. The lower astral contains the densest energies while the upper astral contains the lighter energies. The beauty of the astral realm is that it allows information to be very specific as the higher we go dimensionally the more unified things become. The ugly of the astral realm is the lower portion which represents the worst of humanity. These aspects of ourselves are too heavy and distorted to move into the higher realms. This leaves the lower astral chaotic, dark, confusing, manipulative, violent, grotesque, dull, and pretty much every other disturbing quality that you can think of.

Perhaps the most bizarre element of the lower astral realm is the false light. A place that has halted many-a-meditator in their tracks. I will give you a trigger warning now: if you are sensitive to shadow teachings turn back now because it gets a bit dark. For those with their (astral) sea legs…carry on!

What is the false light? 

The false light is a specific structure of within the lower 4th density that mirrors the appearance of the cosmos. It is as though someone, or something, along the way decided that it would be a great idea to mock all that is good into the universe to trick people into staying. After all, why would people invest any energy in a place that was purely negative? One of the trickiest aspects of the false light is that it can be so convincing.

The false light is made up of a hierarchy of beings, places and stories.  It is very similar to the upside down in Stranger Things, the only difference would be that the lower astral may appear to be light – hence the title ‘false light.’

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The lower half of the astral realm is a catch all for beings that are in the densest phase of non physical existence. These are beings who are full of trauma, they have turned their back on the light and are exploring what life is like going dark. Many of these beings will look distorted but sometimes they can actually appear as light beings and the only distinguishing factor will be the level of information they give out, or something feeling a little… ahem…off.

At first glance, with little experience navigating ones own consciousness one may assume that beings originating in the false light are actually higher dimensional beings. After all, they are from a higher plane, so they must be more evolved, right? Upon closer examination these lower astral false-lighters are not ascended, they are actually part of the false light structure and are vampiric by nature. More about this later.

What is essential to know about the “false light” is that encountering it is a test that challenges us here in 3d to learn discernment, attention to subtle details and release our own fear and trauma. This tricky level of reality doesn’t exist to torture us, but to teach us. In order to get past this limited level of consciousness we must see the false light as formidable but also a tool for our growth.

Due to the twisted darkness of the lower astral there are many who speak about spirituality who have a lot of fear about this realm, fear to the point that they don’t want to meditate or even “dabble” in the spiritual arts. This perspective of fear and powerlessness is not going to serve us as it is the exact perspective that ensures you engage with this reality, whether you are trying to or not. Whether we wish to acknowledge it or not, we are spiritual beings and there is a whole active part of us that exists in higher dimensional realms. Our spirit encourages us to refine our emotional body and mind so that we may break through patterns and beliefs that keep us from experiencing our light, purpose and deeper and deeper levels of peace and harmony. What better way than to have a place where our fears and traumas are mirrored to us? As with all out of body or intuitive interaction it is our own heart and mind that attracts the experiences that we have. Understanding this is part of  spiritually maturing.


Why the false light is referred to so much in spiritual teachings is because many of the beings what exist within this level of reality are mirrors of masters, worlds, and experiences that exist in higher realms. This serves as a great test for us as we learn to navigate the higher realms. There are people who fancy themselves channels, or spiritually connected, who are not actually breaking through the membrane of the lower astral. They are indeed connecting with beings who are non physical but these beings are not ascended in any capacity. This is where we see false spiritual teachers and some of the more bizarre aspects of the New Age. Suffice to say, it can get a little weird (and not in a good way) when people fall prey to this realms influence.

How to move beyond the false light?

When we learn discernment, heart connection, vulnerability and self love we are able to move through the membrane that separates 4d from 5d. This is what we call moving through the “eye of the needle.” This imagery represents releasing the discordant energy (trauma) and attachments that keeps us plugged into the lower realms. All of the pain that we carry, where we have not forgiven, becomes like a mass we become heavy. Our energy becomes discordant and this prevents us from maintaining a pillar of connection into the higher densities, the densities beyond the lower astral. We lose our intuitive insight and we live from our ego and lower mind causing it to be over-worked and thus lean into fear based interpretations of life such as: Scarcity, domination, obsession with hierarchies and making yourself small.

Once we begin doing our personal work we begin naturally being thrusted, like a pulse, into 5d. We get downloads and flashes of information, we feel deep peaceful awareness, we feel a sense of oneness and interconnectedness with all things. These sometimes small saturations of our being into the higher densities encourage us to continue. This is essentially the nitty gritty of the “ascension process” it is this pulsing, or pulling, of our energy beyond the false light into the higher realms. As we do this we become wise to our own multidimensionality and let go of the grips of our fear based ego that keeps us unconscious and susceptible of the false light and backwards workings of the lower astral.

Fear/trauma entities of the false light

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The false light runs off of fear. It is the key spectrum these beings draw from because it makes them feel powerful and dominant. This is significant to note as when we begin to lose sight of the nourishment of  spirit we begin to dominate others in an attempt to take their light. If someone can be lower on the emotional spectrum than them, they feel better. They seek this type of interaction to survive. The beings that call this place home are lost (at best), corrupt, destructive and desperately vampiric (at worst).

“How can any one get like that?”  you may ask. We have to remember that there are people (and inter-dimensional beings) that live from a completely different point in consciousness than we do. When we turn our back on our light, when we no longer believe that we are divine, when we refuse to shift gears surrender to our heart and love ourselves we begin to orient the aspects of our consciousness associated with the astral plane into that structure. When we stop finding gratitude, seeing beauty in ourselves and others, dropping into peaceful meditations, slowing down, reaching for the light and letting ourselves sink into lower emotions for longer and longer periods of time we become more and more enmeshed with the lower astral. It is not something that we are necessarily consciously aware of and we are often distracted by the dramas and distraction of the 3d world.

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The gradualness of this descent is what is tricky, however, if a human being stays in that space of self denial they will cut themselves off from their own life force and become vampiric. We are the only ones that can save ourselves and we will descend into the darkest of nights until we can rise to that occasion. To be clear, it is not that the universe that has turned its back on us, it is that we have turned our back on ourselves. We have abandoned our spirit. We choose to hold trauma and a sense of helplessness so tightly so that it smothers our heart. When this happens we cut ourselves off from certain spectrums of energy that are essential to our being. Still needing this energy we begin to try to manipulate, dominate and abuse others so that we can survive. We may even become so sick that we feel we have the right to hurt people. The rush of energy from this darker behaviour of course does not compare to the depth and vastness of higher dimensional connection, but many people forget that that level of connections exists or that it is possible for them. The dull manic light of the lower astral seems like heaven to those that are thirsty and lost at sea.

The false light is a vampiric hierarchy

When a soul reaches this darkness where their whole system reverses into vampirism it is because they are in deep pain. There were circumstances where they felt so victimized and traumatized that they begin to believe that that type of interaction with the world is all that exists. They have intense fear, they do not trust the information that is coming in from the heart. To be vulnerable is a risk and they see every situation as a threat or an opportunity to feed on people. This is a state of complete survival. I speak about this dynamic in my Narcissism video where I describe this issue as being a state of severe survivalism from deep trauma. This trauma can be rooted in the current life and/or mirrored in past lives. The idea that one can simply be vulnerable, let their soul fill them, or to be connected to others, is completely blocked by times where that vulnerability was stolen. Perhaps it was naivety that lead to that pain, rather than deep conscious vulnerability when their trauma happened and it was such a shock they no longer can take a risk and fall into the unknown, aka. their heart/soul. They no longer know how to distinguish between awakened vulnerability and intimacy and their traumatic experiences where this vulnerability was exploited.

When we are a bundle of fear, when the majority of our emotions and belief systems are stemming from fear we are locked into the false light. Our 4d body and thus our perspective of higher consciousness will remain there until we learn to truly feel love for ourselves and others. We will be locked into the false light system until we allow ourselves to fall into the unknown which means we no longer continuously reference our egoic mind and our need to control.

Overly analytical out of control mind energy is heavily rooted in the 4th dimension, after this dimension more and more of the soul and heart energies begin to silence and balance the mind. This is why many great spiritual practitioners clear their mind or simply start from their heart, they understand it is a cleaner connection.  In fact, the energy of mind and thought can masquerade as psychic connection and spirit when in reality you are not even dipping into “soul.” It is non-physical, but it is not “soul.” It should be noted that there are people who teach spirituality completely from the false light. When this happens it is mainly an intellectual pursuit and there is no genuine fluidity or surrendering into soul. Their teachings may use spiritual terminology but it is the mind that is stimulated and there is no real bridge into the heart and soul. This may be a subtle difference at first but when you can distinguish the difference it becomes obvious. People who are in a lot of emotional pain or new to spirituality are the most susceptible to these types of teachers.

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The trajectory for these types of spiritual teachers is not great as they give themselves over to beings that are sick and eventually get instructions to do bizarre things that we would call “satanic” including hurting yourself or others. That is why there is often a deep fascination with suicide as people who are entangled with these teachers become a food source and evolving out of it would mean that the the false light would weaken. People affected by false light often try to hide by playing the martyr as garnering pity disarms people from questioning or digging deeper into their character flaws. I understand that this is a difficult topic to discuss, but this is the reality of working with lower astral beings from a place of pain. Destruction and domination is the way for the false light.

More on false light beings

Lower astral entities create chaos. They are known as demons. They may offer information and appear to be light but in reality they are part of a lower density false light vampiric hierarchy. You can tell that these beings are around because it will be chaotic. People confuse their energy as an exciting, stimulating and exhilarating rush rather than the steady full peaceful expansion of the higher realms. If it is your soul rooted beyond the false light you are connecting with your genuine higher-self, it will be a very deep and peaceful interconnectedness with positive emotions, it will feel very loving. When it is a false light being the energy is exciting, chaotic, manic and the heart is not deep or full. The mind is completely sped up and the feeling is exhilaration. Many of us do not recognize this difference because we do not love ourselves and did not have good examples of love in childhood. We confuse empty over stimulation and exhilaration with joy and higher vibrations.

If the false light is so destructive why do people fall into it at all?

If you are someone who is depressed and anxious this type of mania and excitement may actually feel better than where you are. That is the risk of staying in lower emotional states for prolonged periods of time and not developing the heart as a constant reference point. You become susceptible to getting lost in this lower paradigm. The risk of linking into this chaotic realm also increases when people drink alcohol or take substances.

These beings within the lower astral generally want to establish cults, this is so that, as vampiric entities, they can have a supply. The False light needs energetic supply to function, it is a victim-victimizer paradigm. Remember, these are beings that are cutting themselves off from life force because they are in fear. They still need that energy to function, so they need to take it from others via establishing co-dependant relationships and it doesn’t get much more co-dependant than a cult.

False light and Humanity

The third dimension is important to the lower astral as it is the level of reality where they hope to get their sustenance. The fractured and forgetful type of incarnations that the third dimension allows is ideal. This means that there must be people that are corded to these entities that allow them to feed and gain influence. When human beings begin plugging into the false light there are earmarks. Here are four of them in regards to the spiritual community:


Cultish behaviour is a clear indicator of false light roots. These beings within the lower astral generally want to establish cults, and for quite a practical reason: so that, as vampiric entities, they can have a supply. The False light needs energetic supply to function, it is a victim-victimizer paradigm. Remember, these are beings that are cutting themselves off from life force because they are in fear. They still need that energy to function, so they need to take it from others via establishing co-dependant relationships and it doesn’t get much more co-dependant than a cult or “community” based around the teacher.

Cults often fetishize suicide & have chaotic relationships with sex. Why? Simply because these are the types of activities that specifically engage the lower chakras allowing a siphoning cord to attach to lower astral entities. Sex may be a part of enticing people into the joining of the cult, hoping that that primal energy will override any gut warnings. Or, unfortunately sex will become part of the cult. If that wasn’t bad enough the leader will also become abusive and manipulative, especially when there seems to not be enough supply, or the supply is threatened. Often times people who belong to cults that are rooted in the false light entities eventually end up in very sick situations all on the name of spirituality.  Sometimes false light based teachers are able to hide or subdue the creepy element creating a subtle flow while other times mass suicides & murders happen. When things like this happen it is more than someone who is mentally ill, the person is mentally ill because they are being used by false light entities. This is why we can find similarities in cults and psychopaths, it all involves destructive behaviour as a harvest for the false light.

  • Mayan sacrifice culture (note the removal of the heart)
  • Heavens gate cult
  • Jim Jones
  • Koresh/Waco
  • Children of God

There are even cult like societies and organizations that do not reference spirituality but still contain the dynamic of self harm and sexual exploitation. Not all false light beings us the direct avenue of spirituality.

Inflated ego

Inflated ego is another tell-tale marker of someone who is being influence by the false light. It is important to remember that it should be more about the work, the material, than the teacher. False light beings will give susceptible people with spiritual interest and leadership qualities grandiose ideas about who they are. These entities will make them feel important, as though they are saviours. They will tell them that their abilities are more powerful, that their perspective is more important. These teachers will feel their mission is huge and ideas of fame and fortune will begin to become hypnotic. Messiah mode activated!

Beings within the false light understand that if the ego is fed these sorts of lies it will keep the individual coming back again and again for this exalted feeling and of course the path to promised fame. This stroking of the ego distracts the “leader” from their own organic unfoldment because they are now addicted to the idea of being idolized. Rather than truly love themselves and work through their shadows they become addicted to external energy. Their behaviour will often have flashes of cruelness and they may become eager to claim any exalted status or materialistic venture that crosses their path. They’re thirsty because deep down something just ain’t right.

Image: WeHeartIt

This type of dynamic between false light  is clearly played out in the vampire myth.  It is the idea that if a false light being knocks, and you let them in, you will dance, there will be a courtship and they will bite you. When they bite you they will have passed onto you, via osmosis, their spiritual disease. You will either die if you cannot bear to become like that, or you will become a vampire just like them. You will be locked into the false light until you can overcome it. The false light is completely based on this exact exchange. This fascination with vampires in popular culture is an expression of the human capacity to enmesh with the false light. So when the vampire lurks do not answer theor knock, don’t even look through the peep hole.


Another earmark of the false light is that their ideas are not original. They will often steal or “recycle” other peoples information, it is a completely parasitic way of life. This can be tricky as this day and age there is so much information available with the internet it can be difficult to know whether content is being stolen or not.  The reason why people who are lost in the false light spectrum lose their creativity is because inspiration comes through the heart and this area of the individual is weak and nearly completely shut down. When this occurs the teacher, now addicted to lower energy, needs to re-word other peoples material in order to stay relevant. They may also complete lie about their lives or experiences so that they can position themselves into a position of influence.

Non Dualism

It is not uncommon for individuals who are associated with the false light to base their teachings heavily in Non-Dualism. At its core, there is nothing wrong with Non-Dualism itself but this perspective is easily distorted to separate students from their boundaries and individuality, often times before those integral aspects of their personality have been solidified. We all need to develop our individuality and boundaries before we can authentically begin participating in any type of group. Without this personal development imbalanced spiritual teachers can get away with avoiding responsibility and make things feel relative when they have been manipulative or lacked compassion with others. When Non-Dualism is being abused suddenly the teacher can do no wrong, everything is a projection, it’s all relative. Suddenly primary virtues of spirituality such as compassion, kindness and humility seem to dissolve, funny that! Welcome to spiritual gas lighting at its finest.

Although this information can be disturbing to discuss it is important that we understand the shadow of human consciousness and how it behaves when it becomes sick. By understanding this information we can begin to discern the people and experiences we allow into our lives. When the false light is starved our society begins to move out of this heightened  duality/division and we begin to heal. We are designed to live in a more symbiotic way on this planet but we must be willing to take a good honest look within ourselves and our society to create this change. Hiding from our shadows whether they be individual or collective feeds them.

Please comment below and share you indicators of when you have encountered false light!