The Fool Tarot - MoonBird

The Fool

The Fool Tarot - MoonBird

One. Unicorn Fool by Unknown. Two. The Fool by Morgan Mcbride Three. Tarot of the Heart People by Donna Coleman. Four. ” Eroteme” Fashion Tarot by Oleg Mitrofanov. Five. Tarot by Margarete Petersen. Six. Mod Tarot by Jordan Clarke. Seven. Tarot das Bruxas by Carmelina Fyvora Eight. UFO Tarot by Bepi Vigna.

One of the best things about working with tarot is the incredible level of artistic expression that goes into each card. Lord knows I have spent way too much time browsing the witchy section of the bookstore. However, when you start out it is probably good to have a traditional deck, as the symbolism is important when it comes to learning the meaning of each card. My favourite deck is the Morgan Greer Tarot, although the ultra traditional deck is Rider Waite. Anyway, here is my interpretation of The Fool.

Key Lessons:


Infinite possibilities


New Beginnings


New Beginnings

The Fool indicates that a new aspect yourself is coming forward to be integrated. You are being asked to open up wide and hold a feeling of wonder in all that you experience. You will be receiving new ideas and insights about how to achieve the next phase of your dreams. When this archetype is balanced we see a healthy, open-minded, childlike persona come forward. In this aspect, we are not letting the patterns of our past dictate our present or future. Instead we channel the raw force of our life theme and allow it to move through us. You have an opportunity to let go of your past and create yourself anew.

Take the Leap

In most decks that uphold traditional tarot symbolism, the Fool is pictured nonchalantly leaping off a cliff; his eyes are entranced straight ahead as though he is engrossed in another world. This represents a prominent theme within the Fool archetype: Keep your eyes where you want to be, don’t look down, and jump. The Fool is asking you to get out of your comfort zone, defy the odds within your mind, and to let go of the belief systems that have been your solid ground.  Let the universe show you what you are capable of. In order to do this you will be asked to face your fears and confront any heavy patterns that will weigh you down. It is up to you whether you are going to stay where you are, or move forward.

Authentic Self

In order for the Fool archetype to run smoothly through you it asks that you tune into your authentic self and revert to it regularly as you make decisions or when you feel as though things are not clear. You may be challenged to listen to your heart over the opinions of others. There may be a feeling as though you have to suppress your authentic self in order to be accepted. This is a normal process that occurs when we begin to transform; how we handle this resistance can make or break our transition.

Those around you who have not worked through their issues may view you as naive or foolish, as they are too intimidated and frightened to let go of control to the degree that the “Fool” has. One of the biggest drawbacks to this wild energy is that we can become so intimidating to others that we begin questioning if we are in the right place. We can see this resistance in the imagery on the card by the dog tugging at his leg, trying to prevent him from moving forward.


To commit or not to commit?

If you are in a relationship you are being asked to take a leap in love. There may be something about this connection that challenges you to the point where you feel you need to either completely dive in or simply let it go. This connection is introducing you to a new aspect of yourself and it is up to you whether or not you are comfortable in this revealing energy. It is important for you to go inward and figure out what is important to you in a relationship. What are your deal breakers? Observe if you are settling, or if you are intimidated by how deep and powerful the connection is. Get clear about what this relationship is resonating forward within you. Remember that all relationships are mirror images of our relationship with ourselves.

If you are single you may be meeting someone unexpectedly as the Fool carries a lively, spontaneous energy.

If you are looking for love it may help to make a shift in your life at this time. External change comes when we are challenging ourselves and growing internally. It is time to commit to ourselves before we can begin to think about committing to another. What have you been putting off? Is it time to finally stick to a workout routine and meet your fitness goals? Is it owning that secret talent you need to develop and starting your side business? Is it letting go of people in your life who have a toxic effect? The Fool is asking you to make a significant change.

What we don’t realize is that our love lives can become paralyzed when we are avoiding taking responsibility for something in our lives. The attraction point for you to have a relationship is actually in a different vibrational frequency than where you are right now. You must shift and grow to actually be the embodiment of what you want to attract to you. Many times the relationship will not come until it will not be a distraction from you developing your relationship with yourself.


Time to take the next step.

When the Fool card comes up in regards to your career it is asking you to be bold and take the next step. Perhaps you have been feeling as though things are not moving forward as fast as you would like or that you would like to shift into a career that is more aligned with who you are.  The message here is to start taking steps in honouring those whisperings. The Fool indicates that the momentum to move forward begins with you.

The secret to getting the best of this energy is to take some time and fill yourself with your purpose. Go inward, get your bearings, and genuinely listen to your heart. What do you love to do and why? What to you feel your purpose is in this life? The answers that come forward are the roots of who you are. Everything and anything that will ever bring you happiness will sprout from those feelings. When you have a sense of who you are and what you want, and you hold it in the forefront of your consciousness, risks stop being risky.

Balanced Fool Archetype Personified:

The employee who begins her own small company on the side even though she didn’t know exactly how it was going to work.

The husband that finally leaves his wife after years of abuse.

The older gentleman in the nursing home that thinks everything is hilarious and amazing but is strangely wise at the same time.

The man who proposed to his girlfriend completely unaware of whether or not she would say yes.






Fear of Risk

Playing Dumb



Playing Dumb

When the Fool is imbalanced his energy becomes distorted and his shadow side emerges. His innocence is ignorance, and he may be playing dumb to circumstances around him, acting naive in order to avoid responsibility. Are you putting blinders on because you don’t want to deal with certain issues?

Fear of Risk

As risk taking is a main theme with the Fool, when it becomes imbalanced it may indicate that there is a deep fear of change that is holding you back. Or, on the contrary, it can indicate taking too many risks from a desperate place. Either way there needs to be an honest evaluation about where you are right now and where you are moving to.

Are you hiding from your own progress by downplaying your abilities? Are you not sharing your opinions or being genuine in your relationships? Are you purposely avoiding experiences where you could grow? When the Fool becomes imbalanced we may actually be refusing to take a leap in life that is long overdue. If he comes up reversed in a reading you may need to evaluate where you need to take a risk, what you are avoiding, and how you can be more honest with yourself about moving forward, especially in areas that are uncomfortable.


The imbalanced Fool archetype can also represent recklessness and taking too many risks. It is important to make sure we are centered and acting from a place authenticity and balance before we make any big changes in our lives. Impulsively acting without taking a moment to feel whether it is in alignment with the rest of your consciousness is an act of avoidance. We do this when we are trying to create drama externally to avoid taking responsibility in our lives.


Imbalanced Relationship Expectations.

If the Fool appears reversed in your relationship reading it indicates that there may be extremes when it comes to commitment. Perhaps there is a fear of commitment, or one party is committing too soon and becoming too available. The Fool card is asking you to examine where each person is coming from and what level of commitment is appropriate at this time.

If you are single this card may indicate that you are trying too hard or not at all. There is an imbalance in how you are attempting to connect with others. Are you stuck in your ways and not getting out of your comfort zone to meet people? Are you too afraid of rejection to put yourself out there? Or, are you putting yourself out there too much? Perhaps you are more interested in attention than creating a genuine connection with someone. Either way, it may be time to evaluate why you want a relationship and how you are putting yourself out there.


Fear of Moving Forward.

When the Fool archetype becomes imbalanced in regards to your career it can indicate that there is a fear of taking a risk and it is starting to create stagnancy in your work. Do you feel you are long overdue for some forward movement in your career? Have you been sabotaging your progress or living underneath your potential? Do you feel other people are moving forward while you are the same? The Fool is letting you know that it is time to start moving forward and owning your abilities.

Bring this energy back into balance by allowing your inner child to come forward, restoring the Fool’s original archetype. What did you love to do as a kid? Let your true passions flow without suppressing them; they will lead you to your life purpose.

Imbalanced Fool Archetype personified:

A friend who acts innocently even though they are repeating destructive patterns which are harming them. They seem to be selectively blind.

A family member who conveniently becomes unavailable due to an accident or drama whenever he is asked to take responsibility for something.

The parent who uses the excuse of taking care of others to arrest their own development.

The student who chooses the “safe route” and pursues a career because there is “demand” as opposed to following their heart.


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  1. Hello, Gigi! I loved reading this =) Will you post other cards too? Or is there where I could read other tarot interpretations from you?

  2. oh boi do I love the fool ! What a beautiful card, so full of innocence, so full of knowing without understanding. Like an ego swimming in a fountain of knowledge, blind to the very wisdom he is around, moving through it joyfully nonetheless.

    I like how the fool sat besides the king and queen. How it was his job to make fun of the king.
    It is unique to have a position on the same level as the king yet not to have royal blood nor command the army nor church.
    I am fascinated with the fool.

  3. Hi Gigi, sorry I missed our Skype appointment as I had had other more pressing matters!! I would love to arrange another Skype app at Annother time! ;p

  4. Hi Gigi, I finally got the opportunity to see your video on Ascended Masters.. Your description of our beloved brothers and sisters was spot on… I like to add also that they do not wish to be worshiped in any way… but looked upon more as role models. They still have there human qualities about them and can be quite funny.. especially Yeshua and St Germain : )))

    Also with Angels, I see them as a less filtered part of God.. And their frequency and vibration is of a higher level.. that if we wish to communicate with these beautiful beings we must do the homework on ourselves And keep our vibration high..

    Thank you, Peace and Love.