The Human Energy Body

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What is the Energy Body and How Does it Play into Occult Ritual?

The energy body is the non physical, or energetic, aspect of the human being and it is the aspect of our consciousness that is activated in occult ritual. The condition of our energy body determines both our psychic power and also where exactly we are able to reach inter-dimensionally. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the energy body is that it is the most accurate indicator of our health, personality and level of spiritual achievement/integration. In other words, we all may look the same on the outside, but when we look at the energy body we can clearly see whether people are rooted in higher consciousness or whether they are possessed by lower astral forces. The ignorance that our current society has when it comes to esoteric study unfortunately perpetuates dangerous lower astral connections in our world. In case you are wondering, we all have an energy body, it is also called the bio-energetic field, aura, soul emanation or subtle bodies. There are many names for the energy body what you call it will depend on your culture and preferred avenue of spiritual study.

While it our energy body seems quite mysterious, it is really like an energetic fingerprint as our thoughts, beliefs and emotions reverberate through the energy body creating certain patterns. These reverberations reach up into the higher densities, like psychic circuitry, where our energetic body becomes finer and finer. The particular spirit, mind and emotions together create a specific frequency that makes our energy body unique to us, and psychics can read these bodies and discern valuable information from them.

Our Energy Body Determines Our Psychic Reach ( Law of Resonance)

What is also interesting, and not always discussed about our energy body, is that its condition actually determines our spiritual reach, or psychic reach. What does that mean? It means that our energy body actually reaches up into higher dimensions of reality, first of all, and second of all, it is the harmonization of our energy body that determines that exact reach. Like the age old image of passing through the eye of a needle, the harmonized energy body can pass into higher worlds that have a very fine vibration compared to our material world. In higher densities our consciousness becomes more vast, light and fast, this means that we must be at a state of personal harmony in order to resonate with higher worlds. We truly have to learn to energetically match the higher densities to consciously perceive them. When intuitives speak about beings like demons or dark spirits getting trapped in lower densities, it is because of this spiritual law. Their energy has become so heavy and distorted that they are trapped in a very narrow and chaotic band of reality. Until they learn to look at themselves and take responsibility for their actions, they will not be able to resonate with, or even perceive the higher worlds. This law is often called the law of resonance, and it teaches us that we can only truly experience what we are. In psychic work this becomes even more evident as in our journey we find certain levels of information, or abilities, unavailable to us until we can evolve into higher states of being. Simply because someone is psychic does not mean that they are harmonized, or on a healing path, I speak more about that reality in this video.

We Cannot Avoid What We Are & The Power of Love and Fear

A popular approach to the energy body is to ignore it and act like it does not exist. This is not a good idea, we are multi-dimensional beings by nature, and as mentioned above, we exist in higher realms simultaneously. Although this reality may be intimidating, we cannot cut ourselves off from the responsibility of being a spiritual creatures. Ignoring the reality that we are spiritual beings does not mean that our consciousness goes onto some kind of perfect auto-pilot, it simply means that we lose precision in our life. If that wasn’t unfortunate enough, if we have repetitive fearful thoughts and low emotional states we risk parasitic spiritual attachments. Nobody likes to talk about creepy, dark spiritual attachments, I get that, its much nicer to bliss out, but ignoring spiritual dynamics doesn’t make them go away. It is part our spiritual development process to actually begin to face the shadows that appear to us from the lower astral realm.

To be clear about the mechanics of psychic connection, our access to these higher worlds depends on the thoughts that we think and the emotions the we feel. That is what determines our resonance in this lower 3d part of our energy body. This is a cliche, but true: if our mental body and emotional body is rooted in fear we lessen our access to our Spirit. If our mental and emotional body is rooted in love we increase our access to Spirit. Our mind, emotions and even physical body all form around how much focus these two forces are given. Love and fear, it is as simple as that.

Fear is a descending energy that introduces a heavier density through fracturing our consciousness. It makes the body, mind and emotions stiff, tight, rigid, reactive and lonely leading to degeneration. Love is a ascending energy that introduces a harmonizing presence that unites our consciousness. It makes us flexible, open, flowing vast and interconnected. If the emotions that we feel and thoughts that we think are fear based, we become incoherent, heavy, discordant and we lose the ability to sense and perceive higher dimensions. When we cultivate loving energies within, we release toxic heavy energies that hold us back and we begin to heal and re-integrate our Soul in our body. We are either becoming heavier and more dense, or we are becoming lighter and re-connecting with our Spirit. We have a choice what we invest in, we can heal or we can regress. It is up to us.

Inner Child Template And the Energy Body

Our inner child is the aspect of our consciousness that communicates to us our trauma and also our ability to heal that trauma. It is our child that speaks to us about our fear in life. What does that mean? It means that the times that we lost our innocence (or damaged the inner child) in harmful ways, become an exact pattern of fearful trauma within our energy body. We feel this pain as sensation, perhaps we get flashes of memories and within our energy body these traumas also forms a particular etheric pattern. One way to look at it is that we have an etheric imprint of suffering at the exact moment our inner child becomes damaged. The emotional and mental responses to the shocking traumatization of our inner child crystallize into actual etheric pathways that become our mind and determine our personality. Pain, confusion, fear, betrayal, feelings of injustice, feeling sorry for ourselves, deep shock, feeling out of control, lacking trust, anger, apathy all become imprinted within our energy body. And they all reflect the loss of innocence, the traumatizing of the inner child. We see our emotions and thoughts as invisible, passing shadows, but they are real things. Real pathways in within the higher worlds inside of us that we walk. Pathways we will find ourselves walking again, and again and again until we heal. Thoughts and emotions are things. They are the very pathways we travel when we enter the psychic world.


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  1. Gigi,
    I have come to realize I have travelled many lifetimes and until recently I was not sure of my spiritual significance on this planet. Through this network and the courses I have taken I realize I have a beautiful soul. I have shed many tears over the past couple of years and I finally see the shedding of those tears as an act of courage not an act of weakness. We have all been through so much trauma and when you finally see the deception of those around you and shine light on the dark corners where the deception starts true healing begins. Everytime a flood of emotion comes through me and the tears start to flow I know there is a release of trauma and more healing is happening. I am deeply honored and humbled to say you have been the catalyst for these waterworks and I can barely type these words because of the stream flowing from my eyes. I am eternally grateful for the depth of healing and knowledge you bring to us all.
    With deepest respect.

  2. Reading this made the molecules deep inside me dance and wiggle with resonance. Thank you for speaking the Truth so eloquently. I had forgotten my roots yet again, and yet again here I am. What a blessing it is to remember. Thank you Gigi for being a brave and honest source of Love and Light and guiding all who divinely stumble upon your words to reconnect with Source ( ..if only for brief sojourn 🙂