The men in black or “MIB”,  are said to lurk around with 1940’s style mobster hats, long jackets, black slacks and black shoes. Their faces are not often seen, but if someone does catch a lucky glance they have said that they are plain looking white men (sometimes Asian) looking, with no real distinguishing features. These individuals some how have the ability to disappear down streets in the blink of an eye or to appear as shadows that scatter across the wall. Intimidation and esoteric espionage seem to be their game, we call them ‘men in black’, but with these abilities can we really call them ‘men?’

I have had my own experience with these beings that I have not fully shared until now, well, actually, once on my old youtube channel, but the video is no longer around.

I started to make youtube videos the fall of 2008 after an awakening I had experienced the previous year. I have a new channel now but my old channel had the same style content: lots of material about ET’s, alternative spirituality, and other New Age musings. It wasn’t long into my vlogging until one night I woke up in a strange of clairvoyant twilight to see a man sitting in a chair that was facing my bed, dressed in the usual garb, with his leg crossed over into a ‘4’ shape. I also remember there being a red light before I woke up and saw him. He was staring at me and there was this odd caramel orange energy around him, like smoke. It was obvious by his consciousness that he was not a ghost, ghosts do not have as much life force energy as the living, and there is a general sense of being trapped with ghosts, as though the same issues keep repeating in their minds, that this individual did not have. He was here by choice, he knew who I was, and he was very much alive. There was a wall around him energetically where it felt kind of like a blank slate, like his core energy was toned down or hidden and replaced with a smooth circular hum. He was not interested in communicating, just letting me know that at any time, he can site right in that chair across from my bed and watch me sleep. Message received.

A few days later I told my friend who had just gotten his certificate in hypnotherapy, he was intrigued and suggested that we do a session to see who this person was He explained that you can actually use deep guided meditation to remote view. I agreed. A few days later he came over and began to regress me, I cannot recall what the induction was but I was able to make contact with the man in black watching me sleep via a memory of his presence, the smallest vibrational signature that I could grasp from him. I assume that because he invaded my privacy he opened himself up to having his privacy invaded as well (should the individual have the capacity to carry it out).

I found myself remote viewing an old, messy, mustard yellow apartment. The living room and kitchen were very small and separated by a cut out wall, the door was to the right of the kitchen and there was a window adjacent to the living room that was open but didn’t do much good in lightening the place up. The time was different, it was around the 60’s or 70’s. The radio was talking but I couldn’t make out the words. There was a coffee table in front of a rough plaid couch, the kind people would shun to their basement to hide its garish design. The coffee table was a mess of folders and papers, they looked official and important to him. They seemed to be the only thing he cared about. I got the impression that these were his work papers and the only word that I could make out, with great concentration and strain, was “Watchers.” It was written in bold black letters on top of one of the folders?

He was not there at the time but I did see a montage of him and what he did there. He had intense anxiety, he was always worried and never felt secure. He was disconnected from people, and was always moving. There was nothing alive around him, everything was very utilitarian, and I got the sense that he hadn’t felt or seen beauty in a very long time. It was an incredibly sad and bleak existence. I no longer felt angry about his intrusion in my life at that moment, I felt bad for him. I felt immense sympathy about this tiny little mustard apartment with the garish couch that he had to exist with, reading all these papers and being forced to disconnect from people- from his humanity. I had every right to be angry about how he intruded upon me, but clearly how he had been intruded upon in his own life was, whatever serenity he had lost, was far, far worse.

This was a bizarre experience to behold, to say the least. I didn’t know what to expect, but I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that I would be going back in time- or that the person observing me was doing so from another time. As I write this, I do wonder how this all pieces tie together, how could someone from before I was born know of me? What was his purpose? I still would like to know the specifics.

I also got a better look at him. He didn’t have a military cut or and he wasn’t  bald like many of the images or experiences from others suggest, he actually had shiny, pin straight hair that fell an inch past his chin. He also had a more Asian appearance. I saw this in my room and also as I remote viewed him more clearly under in the meditation.After that psychic inquiry session, I let it go. I had no idea who the “watchers” were or if it was even something I could find out.

It wasn’t until just last year that I had another experience with the MIB, I was making a youtube video about Zeta’s and the hybridization program. As I was making it my mind kept scattering, I had never really experienced anything like it, I had to stop recording several times to gather my thoughts. Doing videos like this is challenging in itself because the information coming through isn’t already grounded, it’s not widely accepted. I don’t have tonnes of known insights to latch on to. Due to this obscure nature of the content, you really have to sit with it and translate it, paying tedious attention to even the most minute details. If I don’t hold that level of focus as message compresses it may not be balanced or saturated enough with the original frequencies so that it can solidify into the 3d collective. Man, can Claircognizance can be challenging or what (lolz)?

As I filmed through this perceived scattered fog, I heard very obvious cracks and pops in the floor in front of me. It was as though someone with huge feet was walking around causing the floor boards to crack, but I could not see them. Some of the creaks were so intense that they reverberated and made the ceiling pop as well. This went on, and was very distracting, until I was finished, you may even be able to hear the popping in the video.

The video its self was describing the importance of the hybridization program between Zetas and humans. It described that going nuclear created a rift that allowed these being to interact with us in a more direct way, they shared a similar timeline and to help themselves was also to help us in the future when we desperately needed it. I also got into the importance of the emotional body and it’s complexities when being re-introduced to hybridized beings. The video is still available on my Youtube channel.

Clearly, this information was not A-OK to be sharing. I got through the video anyway and went to check in on my husband who was working in his office by the front foyer. He told me that as I was filming he had noticed the creaking noises, he got up to see what on earth I was doing but heard me talking and didn’t want to interrupt me. As he went to go back to his office, passing the front door, he heard a knock. As he turned to look to see who it as he saw a dark shadow, in a 40’s hat, bobbing his head side to side trying to see in the long glass windows in the door. As he stood there looking at the man peering through, he felt in his gut that something was very wrong, that this was not a normal person. He said there was an eerie feeling, an instinctual feeling of danger deep in his gut, but that he wanted to open the door to make sure everything was OK. He pushed forward and opened the door to nothing but the cool night sky and crickets singing in the garden. Whom ever it was impossibly vanished into the street. The impending energy had evaporated.

I’m not sure what to make of these experiences, I just know that they are real. I would like to see more information about these ‘people’ than the odd anonymous snippet of text posted deep within a conspiracy forum website. Please share your experience or info in the comment section! I can’t be the only one!


  1. Layla January 2, 2021 at 1:42 am

    Also I noticed that someone mentioned mind control programs. My ex boyfriend everyone calls crazy kept talking about the same thing and many other things. He outlined things in my life no one but me knew about by telling his life. Being tested or prepared since child and then I started noticing key events in mine and his also matched those of other people who have shared similar stories about mib encounters even up to feeling violated by them and police officers but no memory of it. Now a close friend of mine is seeing these people in dark tinted SUV’s he calls “them” . I’m curious to investigate further yet unsure it’s safe. I have seen cloaked men also just an outline and faint or splotch of deep blue color. My uncle is aware of these beings he also calls interaction. Any info on any of this is greatly appreciated. Spiritually Psychic abilities discernment epiphanies and syncronicities have been strongly unfolding since first encounter. Thank you

  2. Susan Pistawka February 17, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    I had an experience about 30 years ago that seems to have resonance with this topic, I had just finished a Qigong group meditation session and my vibration was as high as a kite…I felt I was walking in a cloud of light. As I walked down Rue St. Laurent in Montreal,, a car appeared as if out of nowhere, black with tinted dark windows (unusual as Canadians don’t usually need tinted windows for sun protection)… the car took a run at me and then stopped short by inches of actually hitting me. I could not see the vehicle’s occupants but I was jolted out of my heightened state of consciousness and into fear by the close encounter of almost being hit by the intimidating black car. I felt that the invisible occupants were laughing and enjoying their ability to bring me down to a lower vibe by shocking me. It was disturbing on many levels but I felt certain that they had appeared at just that moment for the purpose of shocking me out of a higher state of awareness.

  3. Joseph Morton January 30, 2020 at 1:41 am

    This is divine intervention. Thank you so much for sharing something so powerful. I just completed a hypnotherapy course in Seattle and had this intuitive process that led me to this and everything just resonated SO HARD in my soul. Literally brought to this hours after seeing the MIB. Blessed, thank you so much for your divine wisdom!

  4. Phil Gerace November 20, 2019 at 5:51 am

    I also had an experience with a Man in Black. In a dream I was about to go into the building. I remember that I was chasing someone who had a secret to higher consciousness and before I could get into the building, a black limo pulls in front of me and a Man in Black got out. I went up to him and he turned around with a hideous grin on his face. I woke up. The weird thing is that it felt like he inserted himself into my dream. He was not supposed to be there. After hearing your story, I think they are watching certain people. I also work in the occult. I practice New Orleans Voodoo . I practice the light side of Voodoo as a healer. Are they watching people who work on the lighter side of the occult? Before watching your video my gut was that they are trying to stop or slow down spiritual evolution. Now I think this could be true. You should check out the Mothman Prophecies by John Keel. He discusses Men in Black and in the book they seem like they are manipulating people.

  5. Lindy November 1, 2016 at 3:46 pm

    Hi Gigi, it sounds like you may be a targeted individual. I am not sure if you are aware that there is a group of beings that will offer protection to targeted individuals. I received this info from Andronis, which is a channeled being like Bashar. I will try and post the link but incase that does not work here the name of the group is the intervention fleet. I understand that if you feel you are a targeted individual you can put a call out to them and they will protect you. Here is the link to a video about it

  6. Glenn October 12, 2016 at 10:26 pm

    Hi Gigi! I was so interested in hearing about your experience with MIBs but I am now totally spooked!

    Have you ever seen the TV series “Fringe”? There is a race of… people called “Observers” and they look exactly like the typical description of the MIBs! I won’t spoil too much in case you feel like watching the series.

    Basically they are an omnipotent force which witness our human timeline and ensure that things go “as planned”.

    I can’t help but be spooked by your experience but I know that you are a highly intelligent person and that you know how to see past the perceived negative aspects of everything! Please be safe and know that you have many friends and peers who collectively love to hear your wisdom!


  7. Niki October 12, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    Gigi, as you can see, you are not alone in this, and I feel that it is even more of a threat someone like you, because you kind of know so much about this stuff , because you use your claircognizance , me … I meditate and meditate, I know that you do it too, but you are (I know you don’t like this word) you are kind of chosen by this Extra terrestras beings to be the messenger, so if such thing as MIB or any kind of resistance about all this knowledge come out and became public wants to or tried in the past, to scare you, as your friend Olivia said, you are so protected by this same beings, so isn’t that funny? that when you are trying to explain us that our old believes about zetas and greys are not such, and they have a reason to be the way they are, negative forces that wants to separate people, divide humanity, tried very poorly, non successful at all to intimidate you.
    I feel weird given you advice cause I respect you too much to say maybe Gigi didn’t think about this LOL, but if it serves you, awesome , is with love: A spirit tried to scare my dog once, (I will save the long story for cosmic collectivo hehe) but, I don’t know if is just me, or is it because I’m Taurus Leo, but I refuse to be afraid and my dog is part of my family, so what I did basically was wait to be alone at home with Violet, my dog, light a candle and hug her, she was shaking, and scream (like in the movies, yeah a little bit of a drama queen but I get angry at this things, not intimidated, not scared, I think I should be less like that, I don’t know, but I just said, ok , if there is a negative entity, you are not welcome, I’m not afraid of you, you are a coward, scaring an innocent animal, well this is my dog, this is my house, you are not welcome, only light beings and good energy is welcome here, If you continue to do this, I will fight you , I gonna ask for help, whatever is necessary but you are not gonna even touch my dog again, it is my dog, my house, my life, my energy, you were not invited, go away.

    When you really feel what you’re saying, this low vibration entities know that they are not welcomed or feared by anyone in the house.

    What I’m trying to say here is if they bother you again, you say stop it, you ask them question if you want to but if the energy is like creepy, just say go away, you are not gonna stop me, I’m way more than this beautiful face 😉 because you are!!!
    Fuck the resistance!
    It is our time to speak now!
    Big Hug!!! and I hope I help a little

  8. Alex October 11, 2016 at 4:24 pm

    Can claircognizance be challenging or what might be the understatement of the year. But anyway I have heard of other peoples’ experiences with the men in black but they all sound the same. The appear and intimidate and then disappear. I have also heard that they might be robotic but reading that you sensed a life force makes me question that they are robotic.

    Dan Akroyd from ghostbusters has a UFO documentary and in it he talks about how he was producing and starring in a show that talked about UFO sightings. This is was in the 90’s. He had just finished recording an episode and the show was set to premiere in a couple of days. He was walking out of the studio and across the street he sees two men in black and he felt very intimidated. Then he looked back up about a second later and they were nowhere to be seen along with their car. You’d think a car would make some noise or something if it was speeding out of there but he said they just vanished. Then he gets a call when he gets home that higher ups at the production company had cancelled the show. Less than a week before it was due to premiere. I think the men in black didn’t want that show to go on the air.

  9. Andre October 11, 2016 at 5:58 am

    Wow, this sounds creepy as fuck!
    I love the spooky Halloween atmosphere you’ve got going lately.

    I personally have never encountered the MIB, but after I started astral traveling 2 years ago, I started noticing an “owl” watching me every time I went out of body.
    It wasn’t a physical owl in 3d. It was an entity that I only saw in the astral realm, and it was always there, watching me, when I went out of body.

    What really caught my attention though, is that it seemed more like a drone than an actual spirit, or higher being. Somehow I could just sense with my clair-knowing, that this “owl” was actually just a robot sent to spy on me.

    I never figured out where it came from or if it was doing anything, but I haven’t seen it lately since I moved out of my old house.

  10. Olivia Estelle October 11, 2016 at 12:53 am

    I remember this amazing session with you and I really appreciate the video you made afterward! I can’t believe your husband SAW an MIB during its making. I also hear the “pops,” and for me it’s my hybrid children guides affirming to me what I just thought/said. Everyone else in the room hears it too. It’s a physical “yes” validation and it has become very helpful. Maybe they were with you as you made that video which really helped me?? 🙂

    My MIB experiences have been very veiled from me though I have recovered memories of them as I’ve recovered other memories through meditation and hypnosis. For me, the MIB have been very active/efficient in manipulating my mind, sometimes carrying out aspects of the mind control program I was a part of since I was a kid. (To be clear, I’ve been involved in SEVERAL species’ agendas which have varied in intent.) The experience I remember in 2010 that tipped me off to their scheme happened on the highway at night. I was driving basically on a deserted highway when out of nowhere a big black Cadillac-style older car was right on my tail all of a sudden. Impossibly close. I was super confused as to why, and felt myself being pushed out of my head and I could feel some thoughts attempting to push into my head that weren’t mine. Of course I was worried/intimidated by the tailing car, and this anxiety made me vulnerable to whatever they were doing to my mind from their car. I slowed down a little to try to get them to go around me, as I was in the middle lane. I tried to keep calm and centered. After awhile, they slowly went around me and I couldn’t see anything through their super-tinted windows. Pretty soon, the highway curved and then the car was nowhere to be seen ahead of me. I remember driving home in a creeped-out daze.

    Thanks for this chance to share!

    1. Gigi Young October 11, 2016 at 1:33 am

      Hello Olivia!

      So good to hear from you. It is funny you mention that. I did consider that the popping was protection, keeping things at bay.

      That is a crazy experience.Thank You so much for sharing. That would be really scary to be alone on the highway and see that. It is odd that there is this vintage feel to these encounters, the old car? What is that about?

  11. Niki October 10, 2016 at 10:54 pm

    Info for the ones who want to know when pay attention to Gigi’s video about the pumping, from the minute 6 it goes crazy! OMG!

  12. Niki October 10, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    My experience with what I think may be MIB, One night I was walking to my house, coming back from work, it was like a year ago and it happens to me not all the time but it was not an isolated issue, so I was enjoying the walk back home, it was summer night, I was listen to some good music with my earphones minding my own business, as you can imagine I’m the kind of girl who as I stay connected to other worlds all the time, I can be a little flying in the moon, so it is hard to caught my attention specially in the street, suddenly I realize that a black car with polarized windows was driving in the street but very near to the sidewalk where I was walking…I thought “wtf…this looks like a mob scene” I take it not very serious and keep walking, the car keep driving, and actually went slower, then I start to get pissed of and stop walking, the car stop, my heartbeat was racing, I was part scared part mad, and thinking who wants to kidnap a grown up woman, I have no money, it doesn’t make sense!!
    I kept walking to my house and the car went beside me the whole time, then when I was in the corner of my house, the car stop and the window of the copilot start to come down, I felt so angry, like Gigi said, I felt somebody was messing with my privacy so I respond defensive, maybe not the smarter way, but I look to whatever was expecting me inside the car with disregard, a man with a hut, he look at me and stop the car, I kept walking and another man who was coming from the opposite direction, with a briefcase, black suit, goes and enter in the same car, the car didn’t start so I just went home letting them know where I live and they letting me know they already knew. This car appears and disappears from me, I let them know I don’t like them and they let me know that they know me , that they know what I am, and as closer as I get to the ET subject, the closer I can feel them …

  13. jp October 10, 2016 at 9:34 pm

    For some reason, I woke at about 3:45 am, knew I wasn’t going to fall back to sleep anytime soon, so what did I do? I came here… in the middle of the night… to see if you posted the MIB article.

    I often wonder what these Men/Women are capable of, because I don’t recall reading about anyone having a confrontation with them. Staring yes, Appearing out of nowhere, Disappearing, yes. Confrontations, no. — But to your point, clearly their energetic signature is cloaked, even from sensitives.

    By the way, you wrote you didn’t know what to make of these experiences. I got the sense that they merely wanted you to know they knew about you, and to show you how easily they could get to you. For what? Who knows.


  14. Rolf October 10, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    I recall that video pretty clearly .. “Watching the Watchers”. It really stuck in my memory and has repeatedly popped up for me while watching your channel. It’s very good to read more about it.

    I’ve got no memories of MIB specifically but have had many experiences that could only be explained by someone having knowledge of the future. There’s also been many happenstances in my life that look like there are various groups interested in me for whatever reasons they have. Lots of highly contrived ‘encounters’. I’m deeply suspicious of them because I didn’t call them to me, someone else is messing about. I’ve decided that I don’t need to know the reasons and go back to focussing on myself. Perhaps that’s good advice, perhaps not .. you decide.


  15. Kayla October 10, 2016 at 5:00 am

    Ask yourself if you REALLY want to know more, because maybe you do not. Please stay safe!!!
    I don’t know if this will help, but Dan Akroyd had an encounter with them.

    1. Gigi Young October 10, 2016 at 4:37 pm

      Thank You so much! I am going to watch this, I can’t believe I didn’t know he talked about this!

  16. Kayla October 10, 2016 at 4:52 am

    I am so sorry this happened to you. This is some scary shit. I have so many problems with meditation because I see all these scary things. I know what it is like, sometimes I am filled to the brim with anxiety. Finding your spiritual footing is a long journey.

    1. Gigi Young October 10, 2016 at 4:36 pm

      It really is a long journey and many times reaching your centre means moving through your fears, which can be challenging. I feel so much better for many of the scary things that happened although at the time I felt victimized, for sure.

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