Water is something so natural that we barely think about it, we practically take it for granted, but there is a lot more to the water on our planet then we think. Watch the video below and follow along with the notes below!

Water has a spiritual density, an energy that can be perceived by states of higher dimensional consciousness. Everything that exists in our world can be examined and understood via a higher dimensional filter.

This means that water can actually be read like a book or tablet. Layers of time are stored in the structure of water when accessed by the correct dimension of mind. These layers are similar to sedimentary rock layers that can reveal insights about climate, precipitation etc. Water does this as well, however it stores different planetary information.

In fact, the flowing liquid nature of water symbolizes/indicates waters ability to carry information beyond this world.

There were/are cosmic/inter-dimensional beings that specialize in reading and caring for water systems.
There is life in water on a very basic physical level but there are also beings that exist in water on a higher dimensional level. These beings were instrumental in the beginning of phase planets and set the tone for life as the water biome must be cultivated in a very specific way, not just with appropriate physical compositions but spiritual and crystalline compositions.

The core type of water on a planet says a lot about the life it was designed to have and thus about the state of consciousness of the life currently on the planet. There are different expressions of water, or what we call water on different planets. Some water has a lighter density, it can be a different colour.

The water on the planet changes in quality and esoteric composition depending on the era and archetypal energies that are currently in play in the cosmos. The core constitution remains the same but it can shift density and certain consciousness’ that inhabit the water physical and non physical can also effect the water.

Water’s higher nature can be perceived as crystal or even layers of light. This is how higher dimensional beings can choose to see water.

Water, and its physical and non-physical biome, help hold a specific frequency on the planet. Water is very finicky. It is very challenging to layer consciousness’ ( working, moving, energy structures) within water. There must be a high degree of balance.

The beings who do this work are inter-dimensional creator beings that exist throughout the higher dimensions of reality. These beings have a different spectrum of consciousness then we do, they have significantly less polarity so the urge to destroy, control and separate oneself from the light is simply not in play. These destructive behaviours are the product of the more fractured and diverse lower dimensions.

We do not realize much of the purpose of water is energetic. Through our conscious focus in the years to come we will begin to notice more about the life in our water and its role on the planet. There are people alive now who will speak about it.

Water is a force on the planet that determines what lifeforms can actually live on the planet. Some planets do not have water that is as rich and dense and connected as earth and they have less species, less life. The life determining factor of water is how higher dimensional beings can read the water on a planet.

The water on earth originated from sirius. I wrote an article about genetics and Et’s and that sirius is the backbone of our genetics. When it comes to genetic modifications the sirius thread or chord cannot be broken, if it is the species will not survive or it will not reproduce. More on that in the next video!


  1. Theresa Paulfranz October 5, 2020 at 1:33 am

    I first began to really appreciate water when I read a book by Victor Schauberger. He said the industrial revolution harvests energy it does not make, taking from the planet. And then he explained that Nature creates life and energy adding not taking. And water and its beautiful aspects is a huge part of the process.
    Furthermore Nature taps into free energy from within the atom.
    After Nature creates all kinds of magnificent life along comes a materialistic human and thinks he has a right to help himself to way too much. Humans currently take too much from. Nature.we steal the. Life of planet
    We are loved by Nature and she wants us to live within her magic. We are given much by Nature. But we need to take from her in reasonable amounts. But today humans are out of control. Things are currently not being done in a reasonable way

    Greed has overtaken the world especially the western world. And the magic life of water is being affected more and more. This is tragic for all life on e

  2. Phyllis November 15, 2018 at 9:08 pm

    Afterthought: Sorry I didn’t get this all in one comment and maybe you can edit: I want to add/share that we get water here at 8000 ft altitude from a 360 foot deep well.

  3. Phyllis November 15, 2018 at 8:55 pm

    I really appreciate this informative video. For awhile I have been aware of how much I LOVE and appreciate water. Perhaps this grew from living in the mountain desert where I reside, with a lot of rocks here too.

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