Hello Witches, have you heard? We are being called to rise, again.

Where we have been silenced, we are now being asked to speak.

Where we were hidden, we are now called to step forward and share.

Where we have been broken, we are now called to heal.

It is time to write, to speak, to craft, to heal your heart and assist others.

This urge in you to live magically, to open to the moon, to feel the earth, to converse with the cosmos is as sure as source itself.

Do not hide or suppress your magic.

Allow your shyness to evaporate by holding passion for this work.

Your voice is needed. As I remember, you remember.

And so it is.


It is time to revamp, to keep what works and build new rituals, spells and techniques for this new era. In order to continue to do this let’s go over some traditions that are deeply meaningful. Please add what you love about this ancient art in the comments below. Now, let’s not waste one more minute and explore a few meaningful clichés about witches that we should keep, or at the very least understand.

The Colour Black


Many witches associate themselves with the colour black. In these times where we worship the Sun, the masculine, black can seem deceptive, evil and emotionally dark or damaged. Clearly this is not the true reason why witches have worn black, they are not associated with evil. Black symbolizes the ability to travel in other realms; to journey. It represents the un-manifested divine mass of potential that rests behind everyone.  The dark un-manifested world is the playground of witches, shamans, healers and intuitives. In fact, we must move through our darkness, or shadow, to harness the power to access this energy consciously, but it must not be confused as being a shadow itself. Black reminds us that we are infinite that we will die and that we will be re-born, it is our tie to the spirit world, it is the void. To wear black is an honour, a symbol of releasing to the highest connection possible; the capacity to travel even if we have no idea what will come forward. It is the power to surrender into the unknown and be changed by it.


The Moon

The moon can be a witches greatest teacher and companion. Her phases mirror the cycle of manifestation and remind us how to create our reality. We have stored many secrets in the moon, time after time, life after life. It has, in many ways become our northern star, a body that will help us access our own nature no matter where or who we are. Look to the moon to connect you deeper with your intuition and sensitivity.

Cat, Owl, Raven Totems


You may find yourself connecting with these animals, they may have chosen you before you chose them. They, of course, know a Witch when they see one. Cat’s teach us how to be psychic, their wisdom did not go to waste in Egypt where esoteric temples were built to absorb their teachings. The raven and owl fly into the higher realms bringing wisdom and higher perspective. Owl finds herself thriving in the inky darkness of the night while Raven becomes the night. Like you these animals answer to the moon and find themselves in the unknown.

Pointy Cone Hat.


This hat is not just an attractive Halloween accessory, no. It represents the funnelling of higher wisdom through the crown chakra into our consciousness; not unlike how pyramids accelerate energy on earth. Witches were intelligent enough to be like: “Yeah, I’m going to just put a pyramid on my head, and that takes care of that.”  There are a few theories as to why witches are depicted wearing this hat and this is what I choose to believe.


Altars were the first vision board! Altars are our way of focussing energy and intention to create specific results in our lives. Witches mirror patterns in nature while adding personal symbolic items to connect deeply with their own magic and higher self. Witches understood that mind, body, emotion and spirit were needed to all come together in unison and altars were the perfect way to allow that to happen in a simple, present and personal way.

Thank You for stopping by! What are your witchy habits?