The New Witch


Hello Witches, have you heard? We are being called to rise, again.

Where we have been silenced, we are now being asked to speak.

Where we were hidden, we are now called to step forward and share.

Where we have been broken, we are now called to heal.

It is time to write, to speak, to craft, to heal your heart and assist others.

This urge in you to live magically, to open to the moon, to feel the earth, to converse with the cosmos is as sure as source itself.

Do not hide or suppress your magic.

Allow your shyness to evaporate by holding passion for this work.

Your voice is needed. As I remember, you remember.

And so it is.


It is time to revamp, to keep what works and build new rituals, spells and techniques for this new era. In order to continue to do this let’s go over some traditions that are deeply meaningful. Please add what you love about this ancient art in the comments below. Now, let’s not waste one more minute and explore a few meaningful clichés about witches that we should keep, or at the very least understand.

The Colour Black


Many witches associate themselves with the colour black. In these times where we worship the Sun, the masculine, black can seem deceptive, evil and emotionally dark or damaged. Clearly this is not the true reason why witches have worn black, they are not associated with evil. Black symbolizes the ability to travel in other realms; to journey. It represents the un-manifested divine mass of potential that rests behind everyone.  The dark un-manifested world is the playground of witches, shamans, healers and intuitives. In fact, we must move through our darkness, or shadow, to harness the power to access this energy consciously, but it must not be confused as being a shadow itself. Black reminds us that we are infinite that we will die and that we will be re-born, it is our tie to the spirit world, it is the void. To wear black is an honour, a symbol of releasing to the highest connection possible; the capacity to travel even if we have no idea what will come forward. It is the power to surrender into the unknown and be changed by it.


The Moon

The moon can be a witches greatest teacher and companion. Her phases mirror the cycle of manifestation and remind us how to create our reality. We have stored many secrets in the moon, time after time, life after life. It has, in many ways become our northern star, a body that will help us access our own nature no matter where or who we are. Look to the moon to connect you deeper with your intuition and sensitivity.

Cat, Owl, Raven Totems


You may find yourself connecting with these animals, they may have chosen you before you chose them. They, of course, know a Witch when they see one. Cat’s teach us how to be psychic, their wisdom did not go to waste in Egypt where esoteric temples were built to absorb their teachings. The raven and owl fly into the higher realms bringing wisdom and higher perspective. Owl finds herself thriving in the inky darkness of the night while Raven becomes the night. Like you these animals answer to the moon and find themselves in the unknown.

Pointy Cone Hat.


This hat is not just an attractive Halloween accessory, no. It represents the funnelling of higher wisdom through the crown chakra into our consciousness; not unlike how pyramids accelerate energy on earth. Witches were intelligent enough to be like: “Yeah, I’m going to just put a pyramid on my head, and that takes care of that.”  There are a few theories as to why witches are depicted wearing this hat and this is what I choose to believe.


Altars were the first vision board! Altars are our way of focussing energy and intention to create specific results in our lives. Witches mirror patterns in nature while adding personal symbolic items to connect deeply with their own magic and higher self. Witches understood that mind, body, emotion and spirit were needed to all come together in unison and altars were the perfect way to allow that to happen in a simple, present and personal way.

Thank You for stopping by! What are your witchy habits?


  1. jtel490 says:

    Greetings, Is there a place for men in the world of witchery? I know that most witches are women, as evidenced by this page, but I find myself here, and deeply drawn. Any thoughts and/or pointers? Thank you! Jason

  2. Astryd says:

    I have lived as a solitary witch for much of my life in a place not friendly to such things. I remember reading my first witchy book smuggled into the house in my backpack from a friend at the age of 13 (ironically). And doing the self-initiation in the dead of night, fearing that my parents might wake up and catch me. (And yes I know that some would scoff at the validity of self-initiation–but I’m one to like my privacy). And, that same fear driving me to bury the candles I used and the chalice I had scrounged…in the middle of my backyard. Then at the age of 39 to find myself living the same house with my 3 children (by random unfortunate circumstance), and setting an alter up over the same spot on the ground and reflecting over how things can so easily come full circle. Of course, it had been a life away of much freedom to practice and having adventures across the country…but to be brought back to this very same spot. It is interesting that the idea of sacred can be so relative, and so defined by the sorrows and sacrifices of a rich and beautiful life. I have watch several of your videos. Thank you so much for all of the time you put into them. They are chalked FULL of information. You are one of the few mystics I’ve come across who speak of the Sophia and Christ impulse. It’s very helpful for me to get these perspectives. I have always intuitively known both paths were right…but didn’t see the framework. Your explanations were very helpful. I have always considered myself to be a worker of white magic, and felt a great respect for the teachings of Christ, and felt that even though all around me might think me condemned to hell for my beliefs, I knew that Christ would not have done so. I always knew that he knew my heart. Though I was taught to “go to church” it was so hard for me to stand it there when it felt as though the hearts in that place could be as hard as stone. I am willing to listen and abide with anyone except it is very hard for me to abide hypocrisy and over zealous judgement of others. But there, I knew some who did carry that Christ light, and I felt as though I brought that with me into my personal practice. It is nice to learn that I’m not alone in that type of thinking. 🙂 I have only recently ever heard the term esoteric Christianity. I had a reader friend tell me once that I should look into this…so I think now, I will.

  3. kai says:

    I am fascinated with this phrase
    “Do not hide or suppress your magic.”
    I believe many of us have done this, some for years.
    Should we not be cautious with whom we share and show this kind knowledge?

  4. Abby says:

    I realized I am a witch almost 2 years ago now .. and all of a sudden everything made sense .. i didnt even know how lost & confused I was until I figured this out! My family, my friends, my experiences, my personality, my life, my world .. all suddenly made beautiful perfect sense. .. ohhhh yeahhhhh I’m a witch!! How could I forget that!! I didn’t really forget though .. I used to play witches with my sister and my cousins when we were younger but we weren’t playing .. it was real man! ???????? I remember making things happen .. using magic as a kid .. having imaginary friends and going to imaginary world’s or realms ..
    My daughters are both witches too ???? Poppy is 4 and Blu is 2 .. I think of them both as old friends who have come to join me in this life ????

    I have only recently found you on YouTube and as a fellow starseed fell in love with your channel! .. Thought I’d come on over & check out your blog only to find you are a witch as well!! ???????????????????? you are so cool! I only found out I am a starseed a couple of months ago and have become so passionate about learning everything I can about star people, ET races, thetc shift and ascention & havemail not been focusing a lot on my witchy self ..
    I THANK YOU INFINATLY for everything you do????❤????

    1. gigi-young says:

      Thank You so much Abby! I am glad to connect. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  5. Margaret Jane says:

    I see that many of you are relatively new to the Path of the Craft. The trip itself is a wonderful adventure…Hope you never get all the way there.
    Being a Witch has opened all my senses, made me very happy, it has helped me define clearly
    what I stand for and what I don’t, or won’t, stand for.
    Let others know who you are…Many are looking for your wisdom.

  6. Lily Alice says:

    I’m struggle at times with fear as I have worked through religious conditioning and stories I know now to not be true.

    As a child I loved poetry books with fairies and mystical creatures. In my pre-teens I was fascinated with ghostly supernatural themes. I would dream of flying a lot.

    At 11 I tried to astral travel. In my early teens I collected crystals and delved into astrology.

    Then due to trauma I have only recently begun to embrace my spirit and others.

    Through one of your earlier videos I learnt I am claircognizant. I cried because it described exactly how I thought and I could never explain it.

    I have since stepped in and out of my witchiness. At times it has been overwhelming as I can easily tune into other people and I have lied to protect myself from people being afraid of me.

    Thank you Gigi and other sisters, keep doing what you are doing xx

  7. Amber says:

    How does one know they are a witch or not?

    1. gigi-young says:

      Hmmmm, if you are here, it is safe to say you are 😉

      1. Jodi says:

        I love that answer. I just found you and your everything I’ve been looking for. Your my reassurance and so grateful for you. Thank you for all your youtube videos and your blog.

  8. Andre says:

    I’ve recently learned how powerful FIRE can be in working with the spirit realm.
    Whether using a candle flame, or the smoldering tip of an incense or sage, any type of “burn” creates an open portal between this realm and the higher realms.

    It’s been multiple occasions now that I’ve experienced having a new spirit visit me during meditation, simply because of the fact that I had a candle or incense lit. They see the flame as an open doorway, which allows them to connect with this realm more easily.

    Just to quell any fears though, you don’t have to worry about any “negative” entities visiting you, because only those which are already a vibrational match to the energy YOU give off, will even be able to share the same space with you.
    If you embody nothing but love and light, the only thing you’ll attract into your reality is more love and light. “Demons” and low vibe entities won’t even be attracted to you ^_^

  9. Yes… Witches Come Out To PLAYYYY!!!!

    In my earliest memory of seeing myself in a mirror, I looked myself up and down and said so clearly and confidently in my head and heart, “Yep, I’m a witch. I came through to this side allllll right!”

    That memory has stuck with me and of course, I’ve always known I am a witch.

    Only in the last couple of years have I been able to transition into being a full-time witch, and it’s awesome!

    As for witchy habits:
    1. I noticed as a kid that I always got what I wanted, whether it was a “good” thing or a “bad” thing. I realized early on that what you put your attention on is what you create. I’ve spent the last decade integrating my shadow and learning about the art and magic of manifesting. This has been a fun and trippy ride!

    2. Looooove wearing black. And capes. And long witchy dresses. And witchy boots. Witch style 4 life. I must note that in the past few years I’ve come to absolutely love wearing colors of all kinds. Right now I am transitioning my wardrobe once again… we’ll see what happens! I’d like to learn to sew (on the sewing machine my witchy Danish grandma just gave me!) and make freaking amazing witch capes.

    3. Cat was my first word. All animals are sacred to me, but cats were my first love!

    4. PLANT ALLIES are da bomb. I speak with the trees, the grass, the flowers… and beyond that the skies, the earth, and the spirits of nature. This is what I teach (along with manifesting) —> how to be in beautiful relationship with the earth and the spirits of the earth/nature. I garden, walk in nature, and connect with the nature spirits

    5. Invisibility. It’s been one of my inherent skills, and it sure is useful from time to time!

    6. Gathering with witch sisters (both blood sisters and cosmic sisters) in nature, by fires, in ceremony, in ritual… gathering with your kin is so powerful and enlivening. What a gift to have these sisters in my life locally, nationally and internationally!

    7. I SPEAK of my witchiness, of the other realms, of the power we have as witches, shamans, priestesses, medicine men and women, and as keepers of the earth. I speak it on my podcast and provide this podcast as a space for others to speak their witchy truths and to connect with their witchy kin.

    8. Honoring myself, my boundaries, my truths and my visions. Saying yes when it is aligned to say yes AND saying no when it is aligned to say no. Having clear boundaries is a crucial habit for witches.

    9. Rituals. Ceremonies. Altars. All these practices that create a special sacred time and space for connecting with clarity, truth and guidance from the universe.

    10. Loving life. What’s witchier than doing your own thing and dancing to the beat of your own drum? Get happy witches! It’s totally possible to be happy, beautiful, wild and free AND to be in relationship with your shadow side, the other realms, each other and the earth. Taking care of myself has been the #1 thing I need to let my witchy bada$$ spirit be as fully self expressed as possible in this world.

    Ok, that’s enough for now. Love your blog Gigi!!!

    Blessings to all you witches. 🙂

    1. gigi-young says:

      Thank You so much for sharing these! What a great contribution! <3 <3

  10. Minou says:

    Gigi, this was beautiful!! Thank you. I am cleansing my crystal in salt water and moonlight right now. I loved your Instagram post earlier and I’ve really connected to it. I feel peaceful and cleansed. The beautiful moon is shining straight into my window as I’m sitting on my bed. I’ve meditated and felt the moonlight feed my cells. My energy soaked up the moon’s energy. Was supposed to go to my first full moon ritual, but it I was prevented by a string of things. It’s fine, as I am honoring the Goddess/ divine feminine by myself and enjoying it. My candle is burning. I have felt a long time that I am a witch. My wall calendar is a wiccan calendar, but it took me till last week to finally own up to this. I’ve joined a group and can’t wait to receive this book on witchcraft I ordered. So, I am a new witch, but really I am an old one. Learning a more ritualized way now, while staying true to my inner unboundedness, untethered to ritual and law. What feels right, is right.
    Pyramids do what? Haha, I feel this is worth a video/blog post by itself!

  11. Enaira says:

    It has been a few weeks now that I am getting to know magic and witchcraft a lil bit better, and it feels like I always knew what it was. Last month I began to really work with the moon phases, see how they affect me. And also work with my own phases (menstrual cycle) and see how each phase affects me aswell. I just began few days ago some heavy shadow work, and I feel like I’m becoming more more connected to my intuition and other realms/beings. well I am rambling but just wanted to share my “discovery” of witchcraft, or to be more accurate my reconnection to it during this lifetime

  12. Lynette says:

    This is so great, I’m so excited. I was a witch before it was even cool. I’m a hereditary, green, solitary which. This is amazing because as my comment above reflects, I decided to come out of the broom closet just yesterday on fb. This was my post above, with a cool picture of course. I thought it’s just time! Witch craft is as spiritual as you can get….so I went light and got a great response. I would add I always ware my hat, (I have many) to me it helps me raise energy. It swirls up and out the top. I figure if I can start folks out slow with stones & candles they will get as much joy as I do! It makes my heart sing to do my witchcraft! Love this, Love you all. Blessed Be.

    1. Yay! Congrats on coming out of the broom closet. I know it can be so scary and exhilarating. How is it going for you now? Notice any shifts?!

      1. gigi-young says:

        LOL, brool closet. Too cute! <3

    2. etherwoman says:

      Hello Lynette,

      Well, it’s only been 5 years since you posted your comments about coming out of the Broom Closet and one phrase you wrote hooked me: ” I’m a hereditary, green, solitary witch”. So thought I’d reach out with some comments and questions about Witchery.

      I’ve been a member of Gigi’s site for a couple of years, but had not delved into her blog, and when I did today I was surprised to find a chapter on Witches, then I read your comments of 9/15/16. I’ve always had deep interest in all things esoteric, but I never got much information from books on witches or witchcraft…not very patient with the subjective experience and/or knowledge most of the writers choose to present their work and never found a group/coven that got past inter-group drama/politics. Indeed Gigi’s course on Intuition was the most pragmatic and well organized, especially approaching the different ways psychic abilities manifest ( not unlike teachers applying information about learning styles to their lesson plans ..we do not think, react, learn and behave the same…we are each a unique ensemble of genes, Spirit and culture and education.)

      I’d heard the expression “solitary or lone practitioner” but there were never any meetings of such folks where I live, but until today I’d never heard of a hereditary, nor a green witch. Makes perfectly logical sense these abilities would be genetic, except that with the strong presence of Bible Belt dogma in my genetic background I can see how those tendencies would have to have been smothered to survive in intolerant times. Plus I was a brat, a military dependent, moving from base to base during my school girl days, so I never had close relations with extended family, much less any that would ever publicly admit to any witchy tendencies. Did you have much conversation with your relatives, or at least experience moments you knew were out of the ordinary?

      As for Green witch, does that mean your practice is rooted around Earth Wisdom? Or related to the Earth, gardening, herbology? That seems much more focused and a logical, starting reference point for something as vast as magic is. As Above, So Below.

      I come to these amazing mysteries late in life, which I suppose makes me all the more mindful of just how special they are….and of course it’s a lovely affirmation that all the weird and wonderful things that have always drawn me is because I feel right at home in the Wyrd. Lol…MY “normal”. I really hope you might share some of your insights about your practice, and the learning curve such a journey has presented you. I’m interested in this more deeply than anyone I presently know, but I think conversation with kindred spirits would go a very long way in connecting the dots…and I have sooooo many dots.

      Hope this finds you and yours safe and well and taking advantage of these amazingly Wyrd times!
      Sending you Love and Blessings!

  13. Lynette says:

    Happiest Happy Full Moon eclipse in Pieces comming up Friday. I thought I would share what I will be doing by my Creek, on a Rock. Thanks Ariel Angel
    I was thinking of maybe using selenite & Tanzanite as the selenite is created by running water it would be great to create a crystal grid and just holding space for all water to be held sacred, cleansed and healed. I will probably just call in the 4 directions and elements and create sacred space and then maybe do some light language. Who knows where it will lead me. lol Would be a great time to charge water safe crystals and create some “moon water” In a jar!! BLESSED BE

    1. Minou says:

      I love this, Lynette. Didn’t know this about Selenite. Hope you’re on your rock in the creek as I write this and do your magick!

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