The Orb


Last week my husband and I went on a little get away to the smoky mountains, you know, the ones that breathe mist. As we wound our way through the foothills, my husbands phone went off alerting us that there was an “intruder detected.” There had been a few break-ins in our neighbourhood so we were a little concerned that somehow a cunning burglar figured out we were out of town. We quickly checked the phone to look at our security camera that activates if it senses movement. This is the video that we saw. We have been coming and going for 5 months and had not had anything like this. A few seconds in an orb appears to arch across the screen and splash into the thermostat.

What do you think?


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  • Alex

    At first I wanted to say a bug based on the way it kind of flutters in front of the camera for a second but I’m assuming that the thermostat is a rooms length away from the camera. Which might be around 8 to 10 feet. And the thing pretty much instantly goes from right in front of the camera to the thermostat. Idk of any bugs that can fly that fast

  • Kayla

    It looks like an orb to me. I can tell because I’ve seen them in Krista Raisa’s room once (during a session).
    Yea… I dropped a name….
    Hope you are safe from the flooding!

  • Niki

    Definitely not a bug, I paused the video, make an Impr Pant and zoom it, I’m not an expert but it look like a little cloud with a whole in the middle and is freakin fast, also…It doesn’t stay in your termostato, it actually disappears after land there…Wow….Pretty cool to me! I tried to copy paste the image but I can, I’m gonna posted it in the facebook page if that’s ok 🙂

  • Jeremy

    I saw video taken by severely anxious new mother using her cell phone “of an evil spirit” threatening her baby. Based on the sunlight from the window behind, I concluded that a bit of sunlight illuminated a dust particle that passed a few inches in front of the lens.
    This orb looks very similar. Not definitely sure, would need to know more about the lighting in the room, as there are no distinct shadows in the video.
    Nice capture though

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