The Purpose of Cosmic Consciousness

One of the questions that I get quite often is: what is the point of this ‘starseed business’ why bother? These concepts are so abstract how does it fit into our daily lives. How does considering ET consciousness or star guides help me take out the garbage or organize my office?

The answer is, it doesn’t. It doesn’t directly help you with the mundane aspects of our lives and it isn’t supposed to. The reality is that we have become entangled too deeply in the material world to the point that in order to feel safe we need our spiritual aspects to directly fit into the rules of the material plane. This is ridiculous. Our spirit, and subtle bodies, have their own laws and complimentary presence in our lives. They are not matter but over time lead into the creation of matter. We must honour the reality of our subtle bodies for what they have to offer us, for what they create in our lives individually. This allows us to live as a whole being rather than half of one, or, rather, a being entrenched so deeply in material sickness that they only have access to half of themselves.

This means that we must come to recognize that spiritual phenomenon doesn’t make sense, it is not about it making sense and it never has been. Spirit will always serve Man as the Mystery, and that Mystery will shape us into the highest version of ourselves. Spiritual presence and the work that surrounds it is about transformation – human grace. It is not about knowing, it is not about control, it is not about “what can this concept do for me.” The human spirit is bigger it leads by mind only at the very last stage and by the heart and higher self in its raw form.

Now, what in particular can happen when we begin to tune in cosmically? When we begin to consider that patterns of other spheres, of other life. Life that takes on a different archetypal relationship with our sun than our own? We learn about ourselves in a deeper capacity then we could ever imagine. We learn about our consciousness more removed from the limitations of the singular forms of life we have here. We see how the universe moves in other shades of light and that helps us understand ourselves much deeper. Just as when we go to another country we are inspired and appreciative, or even disgusted, at the new strange things we see.It is these larger experiences that actually allow us to define our whole, our idea about our Earth.

Further, this level of consciousness, by its high and fast vibration alone, lifts and activates the population. Cosmic ability is a finer tuning of ones intuitive capacity, these efforts go into the collective and contribute to the healing and awakening of the planet. Finally, cosmic intuition is really the ability to remember who we are. To get a large scale sense of our lives on this planet, and within other spheres, over time. This timeless state is imperative to releasing deep wounds that time divides and confuses through the cosmic perspective we finally getting a real sense of our soul!

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  1. Hi Gigi. 🙂 I’m wondering why you use the term “Cosmic Awareness.” There have been & still are people who do trance channeling for a force called Cosmic Awareness, which gives us wonderful information. Are you a channel for that force? Conscious or trance states? Where/when did you contact that name for it? I’m only a conscious channel, (I don’t advertise it, & don’t do “readings”) & I don’t pick up on that name for it myself, but it calls itself that during the trance channeling. Just really curious here. Are you in contact with others or groups who channel? Have you been in contact with the group Cosmic Awareness Communications? My email is Skye_hook (that’s an underscore) AT hotmail. I’d love it if you would contact me. Have you seen Cosmic Awareness readings on YouTube? If not, please give it a watch, it’s wonderful. I’m not involved with them, but I know they are very real. I was involved in the group before them. Interpreter then was Paul Shockley.

  2. GiGi you are a special teacher. I started back with Sitchin in the early 70’s but it was Barbara Marciniak “Bringers of the Dawn
    which really set thing going in the late 80’s and then came David Icke. I go to many conferences and listen to many teachers and
    lecturers and your as good as I’ve heard. Personally it is not your style but maybe you need more exposure. Our community
    needs to know who you are. We are on the same page so much but I have no way near your gifts. Thanks for being out there
    especially for the younger community. Us old timers will be gone soon.