One. I had been eyeing this for some time. “Viridian” by  Illamasqua.

Two. Are you tired of that drab old hair elastic? Well, here is a metal ponytail clasp that clamps over top of the elastic when you put your hair up. You can get them here, they are inexpensive and mine has lasted two years. I also noticed they have skull ones now.

Three. This needs no explanation.

Four. These are faux wood tarot cards. The art is breath taking, the high priestess is a three eyed whale, death is an snowy owl, and, I am assuming wands are red crystals and rams. I will find out when they arrive. Purchase them here.

Five. Okay, things get weird at night and I am not above having a night light. You can get one like this purple agate beauty from ebay.

Six. This is the kind of book you read a paragraph at a time and then sit down and stare at the wall for half an hour because you cannot handle how much of your mind has just exploded. Creating Money Attracting Abundance by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer available on amazon.com.

SevenBurts Bee’s Herbal Blemish stick. This little roll on tube with tea tree and juniper is great to disinfect and treat a blemish without harsh chemicals; and you can wear it under your make up. Truthfully, I am also kind of waiting for it to run out so I can put my own little mixture in there though. I think I will make it an oil  rather than an astringent. What would your blemish stick recipe be?

Eight. So, these are little raw coconut oil packs. These are not the ones I had in mind for this post, there are several on the market, but they are a very convenient way to oil pull. You can take the packs and warm them up in your hands a bit before so you don’t have to chew coconut oil straight from the fridge. They are great for travelling  and some brands have different flavours, like mint.

Why oil pull? Well, because it is a great way to deep clean and whiten our teeth. In fact much of the staining on our teeth is fat soluble.

Now get out there and have a happy Monday!


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