One of the most common questions that I receive goes something like this:

“Help! I am meditating, I am listening, I am trying to connect and and nothing is happening! I am so frustrated!”

Learning to connect to your guides/higher-self can be a frustrating endeavour. There are many misconceptions we can hold within us that oppose this process. You want to connect, you know it’s possible, and yet you sit there and nothing happens, not even a little ‘hello’ echoes across your mind and you are no better off than when you sat down. The truth about that frustrating silence is that no matter how much we want our guides to burst into our paradigm and pull us into theirs, they cannot. You have free will which cannot be violated meaning that you will have to join them in theirs, or at least meet them half way. We also have to examine our intentions for wanting to open up: why are we truly wanting to access our higher-self? Is this coming from a genuine sense of adventure and wonder? Or, are we seeking more control and hoping that higher abilities will support our ego? Once we explore those dynamics it helps to make sure that we are honouring our logical mind. Do we know enough about the mechanics of intuition to feel comfortable surrendering into the unknown?

Let’s discuss this deeper with our first misconception.

1)  “My guides are going to speak to me within the same level of consciousness that I am in day to day.”

If you want a clear working relationship with your guides you have to let go of this reality and sink into another. You have to let go of control. You have to let go of expectation. You have to let go, and by let go I mean give your focus to emptiness, try not to judge, analyze, plan, or compartmentalize or evaluate your experience. If you are doing this, you can be sure that you are in mind (not soul) and thus fracturing any intuitive hits before they can even be perceived. All necessary insights will make it into your mind once they have gone through their full enmeshing with your other subtle bodies.

Do you see spirit beings walking around plain as day just as you do humans? Do you regularly see peoples totem animals walking in a steady trail behind them? Do you make eye contact with the bank tellers angels that are standing by?  If your answer is no to those questions then that means you are currently not within the spectrum of reality where you are perceiving other dimensional beings and will need to begin releasing your grasp of your waking reality little by little. This isn’t such a bad thing, obviously, if we were to suddenly see beings from other dimensions overlapping our own it would create a lot of confusion and be damaging psychologically. For this reason we must adjust our consciousness, or adjust our perception, in order to connect.

Our guides are invisible to us because they exist within another realm, a realm that has a much different expression of consciousness then we do here, and we must align with that. You are not the fixed point here, for all intents and purposes they are the fixed point that you must align with. In turn the discipline, healing and wisdom that occurs internally as we do this prepares us to handle this type of shift and merge with higher beings.

2) “I will gain more of a sense of control when I connect with my guides.”

The thing about spiritual development is that people come to it from different places with different agendas. Some people come into this work to honestly explore themselves and to take responsibility and look at the parts of them that they don’t want to see. That is what the spirit world actually does, it aims you right where you don’t want to look, because the pain that we have become numb to comes alive when our soul begins to light up. However, some people come to this work not to heal and face their numbness, but to feel more in control of their life. They feel as though once they can hear their guides that their life will become easier and that they will immediately be tapped into infinite wisdom. When we do this we are actually spiritualizing the negative qualities of the ego, rather than balancing it. In one way they are correct, you do get deeper insights, inspiration and you can feel much more conscious in what you are creating in your life. However, feeling in control is not something that happens when you are aligning with spirit. In fact, you may feel as though you are being re-oriented, shifted and taken down a completely different path beyond the goals you may have set in your mind.

What this work teaches us is that the mind creates a desire for control when it is over worked and needs a break. It’s analytic and seeking energy begins compounding on itself believing that happiness can be reached by pursuit and peace can be found through exhaustively walking within the tangled maze of it’s own beliefs. Happiness and peace are actually not experienced through mind at all, they are actually felt through the heart, just like our soul. This means that when we try to approach any type of spiritual pursuit from a place of control we block it. This need for control, many times disguised by a feeling of needing to ‘understand’, can feel innocent and we may not realize that we are not fully open.

So, if you are having a problem connecting with your guides, feel into your motivations to make sure that they aren’t rooted in control. If you feel as though you are having difficulty realizing this one of the best things to do is to layer in a more aligned energy such as: wonder, playfulness or peace. All of those feelings can balance the emotional body when it is in the grips of mind.

3) “I just don’t feel like I know enough. It’s all so mysterious.”

Even though we are talking about a pretty ‘woo-woo’ thing, this topic does not deserve to be labelled as such. There are many, many books, videos, and websites that provide evidence of intuition and the power of our soul from many different angles. Give yourself full permission to explore all of them as you need to. You are not a ‘non-believer’  because you need more information. Further, having questions will not block your abilities, but not pursuing them and putting pressure on yourself to connect will.

Even though we may consider ourself “believers” it is important that you feel satisfied with your level of knowledge about how your consciousness works. It is difficult to relax and let go when our mind is still hungry for more of the mechanics of how our subtle bodies work. It is extremely valuable to explore all of the questions and doubts that you have about your intuition. You are not being unsupportive of yourself by any means, curiosity is key and it allows a deeper and more clear connection. My advice for you here is to take time to write down all the fears, doubts and questions you have- spare nothing. Once you are clear on what exactly is needing to be addressed spend time researching, see if you can find any information that address’ your concerns and make sure that your conscious mind is satisfied. More often then not once we take the time to articulate our doubts and fears the answers flow right in allowing us to feel more supported as we open to our higher-selves.

Some of my favourite scientists/researchers who speak about the soul are:

Gregg Braden

Bruce Lipton

David Wilcock

Nassim Haramein

Please share your most awe inspiring bridgers of science & soul in the comments below!
Are there any other misconceptions that we can hold that block us from opening up? Add those in the comments below as well.

Thank-You for reading and happy connecting!


  1. Blueberrie November 9, 2018 at 8:37 pm

    I love this article! I think Gigi explains perfectly the issues associated with WHY you are not connecting. Good teacher!
    I wanted to address the issue of fear. Yes, you can see scary things BUT they can’t hurt you. If you can try to understand that ALL of this is about YOU and anything scary you might see is either because you just don’t understand what you are seeing (ignorance equals fear), or your need to face that fear, or fear in general, in order to advance spiritually. It’s like being an explorer in unchartered territory.

  2. Maciej October 5, 2016 at 9:15 am

    Here are some of my sources I would like to share:
    Dr. Wayne Dyer
    Abraham Hicks
    Seth Material – you need a lot of patience and determination to read or listen to this stuff
    NDE Accounts
    Anita Moorjani
    Angelic Guides
    Melinda Lyones
    Zingdad – I suggest you read The Ascension Papers

  3. Will V August 24, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    Awesome Gigi!

    For Authors bridging Soul and Spirit, from a physics perspective, David Bohm is the legend. He envisioned (and mathematically modeled!!) a model of reality that matches soul metaphsyics. He describes an implicate order (or aspect) of reality which gives rise to physical aspect of reality which he calls the explicate order. The two constantly inform eachother – breathe in, breathe out. He has wave equations for this that work better than the standard model in physics 🙂 It is catching on. Embellishing beyond the math a bit, the implicate order is the formative order or reality – it informs the unfolding of the explicate order. It is also whole, interconnected, timeless, etc. Then the explicate order (physical) appears to be seperate but in actuality is always nested in the wholeness of the implicate order, physical reality being a subset of the full interconnected ultimate reality – so in the physical we experience seeming seperatness that is not in actuality the reality, the reality is oneness, wholeness, etc. And even our physical instruments observe this (entanglement).

    From the soul perspective, we’d say our self-hood straddles both aspects of reality (implicate and explciate). The more we become aware of our implicate self-hood (aka our inner ego, our soul, these things) we take the reigns of our reality formation. Wo Diggedy!

    That’s my favorite scientist on the subject. Overall my favorite author in this domain is an energy personality, or non physically oriented being, named Seth. He spoke through Jane Roberts and wrote many books, all of which amazing. Most colorful description of our metaphysics that I have encountered. 🙂

  4. Jenny August 22, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    So far I have had the biggest growth though lucid dreaming, I have found William Buhlman to be extremely helpful.

  5. Kal August 21, 2016 at 4:04 am

    I would definitely add Graham Hancock as someone who bridges Science, Ancient History and Consciousness.

  6. Jen B August 18, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    Thanks so much for this piece. Lately, I have been curious about guides, what they are, whether I have them, and where the heck they are. LOL I think that’s the title to this article as I type that last part! I appreciate the info on examining what my intentions might be for connecting with my guides and also that this isn’t all “peachy” and controllable for us.

  7. Stephanie August 18, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    Thank you for another wonderful article Gigi. Dr. Joe Dispenza is pretty amazing I think.

  8. Verónica Zamudio August 18, 2016 at 3:39 am

    Hi Gigi ! Just wanna share an experience. 30 minutes ago, I was feeling really down and when that hapens, I usually just take a pill to sleep to “not feel” . Tonight Internet decided not to do that ,instead I try to connect whith my guides. I said ” Internet need help, if you r listen send me a sign” Nothing hapened. I start crying, then I check my phone and saw this. THANK YOU FOR BE SO CONNETED TO SPIRIT AND SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD. This is my ground zero, I start a new connection from now on ❤

  9. Anne Marie August 17, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    I only became interested in all this “woo-woo” stuff 😉 about six months ago, prior to that I had been an athiest my whole life. I have only been meditating daily for about two months. One of my greatest challenges has been quieting the mind/creating empty space. I find this gets easier every day, and trust that it will come easily eventually. My other block is that I still have fear. There are times during which I feel so ready, so open and adventurous, and other times, I still feel like a trembling little girl afraid of what is under the bed. I don’t know exactly what I’m afraid of at this point. I’ve been able to receive very clear messages from my higher self that appear as little lightbulb ideas in my head and I am so grateful for this clarity. I trust at some point this fear aspect will become clear as well.

    1. Gigi Young August 17, 2016 at 10:19 pm

      Wow. You are moving along nicely! I agree with you. Fear can be a natural reaction to shifting gears, and it will lessen the more you continue to dive in.

    2. ioana August 25, 2017 at 10:45 am

      I am Ioana and I need your help. My first vision was about me from another life tortured by The inquisition. How can I integrate that and have more visions without this great fear if pain?

  10. Old Wolf August 17, 2016 at 8:59 am

    Nassim Haramein? (misspell?)

    Weird! I’ve watched extensive videos from all those guys.

    1. Gigi Young August 17, 2016 at 2:11 pm

      THANK YOU!

      Yes, you are correct. My tired eyes missed. I am going to correct it!

  11. Kim August 16, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    Fantastic article . It amazes me , how you Gigi, can totally understand and pinpoint the place of not knowing and the struggle and frustration to meet ones guides , and yet you teach from your place of already knowing . Three bingo lightening bolts in the article for me : You are not the fixed point / 2. No matter how much you want them to burst in you must join them in their realm or meet halfway . And Ouch ! number 3 : Needing control is spiritualizing negative qualities and can be disguised as ” needing to understand ” . I’ve fruitlessly set my intention of meeting and remembering my dominant spirit guide right before I fall asleep so many times , that now as I fall asleep I just say : Well ya know :))

  12. Alex August 16, 2016 at 8:32 pm

    The biggest block I had to overcome was realizing that I didn’t need to call out or reach my guides because they were already a part of me. In my experience I didn’t have to work or meditate too much. I did meditate some but not everyday. The only thing I have to do to connect is to create some space in my mind by saying ok stop everything and listen and then bam. There they are. When I meditate I am able to have deeper conversations with them but it is not necessary for me in order to connect. I just have to quiet my mind and open up.

    I remember me and my brother were watching something on tv about guides and apparently I was talking to him for about 45 minutes while he was asking me questions and I had almost no recollection of this. He said my voice was deeper. And then it hit me like omg I think I channeled information to him. It helps to have a pleiadian guide and a Zeta guide because my purpose is to ground heart and mind and to balance them here.

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