Water People



Astrology fundamentally begins with the elements: Earth, air, fire, and water. Each sign is a different and unique expression of a fundamental element. Earth encompasses Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Water makes up Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Air is the foundation of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Fire is of course Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These qualities are ingrained in our consciousness. We know that Earth is stable, grounded, and heavy. We know that water is flexible, flowing, and that it changes states or shape depending on its environment. We can see that air is light, clear, vast, and that it is a carrier. It is obvious that Fire is warm, mesmerizing, but potentially destructive. We already know these qualities, and therefore we intuitively understand the basis of astrology.


The next step in deepening our understanding is to see what elements we are made of, what is our personal composition of elements? The easiest way is to go to astro.com and scroll down and click “Chart Drawing, Ascendant.”  From there, type your birth information in the chart generator and you should be looking at an image of your birth chart.  Now look for your elemental make up, which will most likely appear according to colour: (Red = Fire, Yellow = Air, Blue= Water, Green= Earth.) They are sectioned off in a table at the bottom left in order to provide your elemental make-up at a glance. Keep in mind that simply having your sun sign in an element does not make you predominately that element; your elemental make-up depends on your entire chart. Truth be told, paying too much attention to the sun sign is what makes newspaper horoscopes inaccurate.


Water People (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):


Water people experience the world through the emotional body. That means that all of their experiences, relationships, jobs, etc. are filtered through the emotions and experienced as feelings. Emotions are a water sign’s first reaction and their greatest ally in this life. A chart that is water heavy indicates that the individual is called to bring deep expression and awareness to their emotions in this life. Water signs must find a balanced way to use their emotionality to create. Only then will they find structure and feel harmony.


 Astrologically speaking each sign shows a different expression of the water personality. 


Pisces (Universal Feeling):

Pisces is expressing a spiritual level of feeling and connectivity with a natural flow of their personal consciousness into the collective consciousness. They have the innate ability to sense and know universal law, patterns, and interpret higher dimensional information. When balanced this individual can become a bridge between the etheric world and Earth. Pisceans can remind others of spiritual law and the beauty of other worlds. Their base energy acts as a grounding point for spirit whether they acknowledge their sensitivity or not– they are conductors of spiritual energy. There will always be a mystical, transcendental quality to Pisces, especially if it is featured well or in dominant areas of their chart, for example: if Pisces is merging with the Sun, ascendant, merging with the Moon, Mercury, or Venus.


The Piscean constitution can be so aligned with receiving intuitive information that they can feel more connected to their spiritual dream world, or the collective, than the actual life they are living. This over-identification with the unseen world is what gives Pisces a mutable quality, or a feeling as though they don’t fully know who they are. How can they when they feel so deeply that they are everything and everyone?  Pisces can over-identify with the collective so much so that they can channel and shape shift depending on what is needed of them at the time. This is a beautiful, fluid quality; however, it can easily be the root of major imbalances for Pisces folks as flourishing on Earth requires grounding and expression of the individual personality. Therefore the challenge for this vast sign is to refine their wide perceptions and channel them into solid points of expression. Pisceans must also learn to become conscious of grounded, Earthly structures like time, routine, and discipline, which enable all spiritual manifestations to be born into matter.


Scorpios (Individual Feeling):

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, meaning that although they are sensitive, compassionate, and intuitive they function through more of a closed emotional system. It is very important for Scorpios to know themselves. They study their personal reaction to things and are not easily pulled into other people’s energy. In fact, most people are pulled into their energy. Souls who chose to incarnate into Scorpio energy have deliberately chosen a life of continual internal death and rebirth.

All zodiac signs are specific vehicles through which we grow and progress, churning and balancing our karma; our zodiac signs make up our soul stories. 

This continual cycle of destruction and resurrection is what gives Scorpio the energy of the phoenix or transformation (Pluto). Anytime an individual is in a closed system within their emotional body, the emotional cycles are going to be more rapid and intense and, well, Scorpio is intense. The beauty of this amplified transformation is that many Scorpios develop the ability to feel comfortable in chaos. They begin to live from a place of continual surrender to avoid the pain of feeling pulled in too may directions at once. One of Scorpio’s prominent lessons is to know when to surrender and let go.


The deep, transformational experience that Scorpio people have make them wonderful teachers, as through them we can learn the ability to be reborn. From Scorpios, we can learn how to deeply feel our trauma until it begins to unwind and combust into absolute clarity, only to reform into something new. Scorpios don’t try to do this – they don’t necessarily go out and lecture about the dynamics of personal transformation but rather, they teach via osmosis. By example they give those around them permission to deeply own and feel their experiences in this life. This is the journey of the phoenix and the lessons of Pluto, two aspects that exist within our own consciousness.


Scorpio shows us that through allowing and harnessing the natural cycle of destruction and re-birth we can rise into who we are truly meant to be in this world. We learn how to see our individual emotional bodies as communicators of a higher universal flow of energy. We learn to move with our emotional undercurrents instead of senselessly trying to move them. The death and re-birth cycle that Scorpio continually shows us teaches us that we no longer need to fear the unknown. We learn that surrender is not weakness but complete power and connectivity to the soul and its divine river of rhythm. Scorpio teaches us to accept our pain and revel in our messiness, knowing that the tides of transformation will soon come again to purify us, that the only quality left within us after the fire is that which cannot be destroyed: Truth.



Cancer (Global Feeling):

Cancer oscillates between Pisces and Scorpio, and their innate ability to sense and interpret reality is more geared towards Earth as a collective or the small groups of individuals that make up family and friends. Through their heart centres, Cancer individuals feel a connection to the global collective, which strongly enables them to interpret specific patterns, groups, and archetypes particularly associated with Gaia. This direct interpretation of Gaia and her expressions is what gives Cancer a nurturing or motherly feeling to others. In many ways Cancer represents the global heart, the 3D, 4D, and 5D merging with Earth’s emotional, intuitive Self. Many know Cancer as the Moon, as the Moon holds the reflection of the Earth within it.



Cancerians find themselves exploring the balance between universal feeling and their own personal emotional experiences. The combination of these experiences is what brings Cancerians to a global collective consciousness as a point of balance.  Many times being tapped into the collective emotions and progress of the planet can make Cancer people feel too exposed, raw, and desperately needing to withdraw. Cancer easily becomes overwhelmed by immediately feeling not only their own issues but also the issues of the collective. They do not have the lightness of Pisces to completely disassociate from this world, and their focus is not as based in individuality as Scorpio’s is. They cannot help but hermit, like the crab, in order to survive. You will see the Cancer folk in your life disappear and re-appear as they learn how to protect their sensitivity.


As Cancer pulls inward to regroup it learns the importance of self-care, self-nurturing, and self-love (not an uncommon theme for all mothers today). They learn that they cannot serve the world that they so deeply feel until they tend to their own energy. It is from this realization that Cancer people can rise into their true form: teachers of the heart and its processes. When Cancerians have learned to care for the Self first, they will go out into the world and affect people simply via their strong flowing emotionality and heart energy. Their presence will invite others to feel the connectivity and similarities we all share as they do. They will resonate other people’s hearts forward, loudly so they too can feel their purpose and place on this Earth.



The most natural careers for water dominant people are anything that allow for creativity and compassion to flourish. Careers involving the arts, music, poetry, writing, and counselling will be well suited for water people. If a water sign is properly balanced, political jobs can also be suitable because the natural compassion and connectivity they feel will bring integrity and trust to all of their interactions. Professions that involve helping people heal or express their emotions will be a natural fit for an individual with a water heavy chart.



When talking about relationships it’s really important to make a distinction about a balanced or “mature” water person and an imbalanced or “immature” water person. We must make this distinction because relationships are mirrors for us and allow us to see where we are on our personal evolutionary paths. Relationships can bring out the best in us and help us understand ourselves, building new levels of strength and balance; or they can show us where we are fractured and need to rebuild.


Balanced/ Mature Water People:

When a water person is mature there is a beautiful natural vulnerability that softens evens the most closed hearts over time. Water people remind their significant others how to feel beauty and swim in the depths of their own heart. Feeling beauty again and breaking through a surface level life can be a very powerful and life-changing experience.  The people in their life may begin loosening and releasing emotional trauma that occurred in the past due to the transformational power of being close to an emotionally fluid person. Becoming more emotionally fluid may be one of the reasons for attracting the relationship.


Water people become mature when they embrace their feelings and emotional guidance system to the point that they become confident in their own skin. They find balance when they listen and trust their gut and heart even though it is perhaps shamed or not encouraged. When this happens they become secure in themselves and their surroundings, which in turn allows them to accept and embrace their natural vulnerability.  Others see this form of personal acceptance that balanced water signs possess as a quiet, gentle strength.


A water person’s innate affect in a relationship is to help others connect and heal their emotional bodies. This is done both directly and indirectly. They are the ones in society that keep us connected to each other, as no matter how diverse we are, we all feel because we all have emotions. Water-based people are always aware of the emotional undercurrents around them and are not easily fooled by masks or illusions. They are driven to bring complex problems back to their core emotional causes in order to find long-lasting solutions. Watery individuals bring wisdom (Pisces), nurturing (Cancer), and active processes (Scorpio) that work to bring themselves and others back to balance. Water people know that through balancing the heart all wounds can heal.


How to love them:

If you are in a relationship with a water dominant person it is important to listen to them and help them feel heard. This is a gift that will help them trust you and open up to you. Avoid being too harsh or combative – water people are sensitive, even if they hide it.

Imbalanced/ Immature Water People:

When a water heavy person becomes imbalanced it is generally rooted in the rejection and suppression of their emotional body. When this happens the shadow qualities of water emerge and can often turn into emotional co-dependency, manipulative behaviour, and passive aggressiveness. Water signs are wide open and fluid. Their sensitivity leaves them with a deep need for structure, security, and nurturing, and they will establish highly co-dependent relationships in order to attain that. If this pattern is not realized, the water person will become dependent on an individual that is a mirror of their emotional disconnection. They will attract someone who suppresses their feelings, or conversely, is too wild and overt with them. If their partner or friend does not fall into this co-dependency, imbalanced water signs may use guilt, shame, or other forms of emotional attacks to get what they need. These relationship dynamics come forward to reflect their own inner imbalance and facilitate healing and re-expression of the emotional body.


Within imbalanced relationships, passive aggression is often used to express repressed feelings that often have nothing to do with the situation or even the person who is subjected to this behaviour. Passive aggression is a result of a painful personal battle in which individuals do not feel as though they can speak up or truly be themselves without hurtful consequences. This quality is not exclusive to the water constitution but is very common due to feeling punished or alienated because of their intuitiveness or sensitivity. Many individuals with very watery constitutions were silenced as children for being too “intense,” “deep,” or  “fussy.” This can make them second-guess and repress their own nature. Unfortunately these suppressed emotions are energy, they are very real and palpable, and they do not disappear when we ignore them. They can, however, rot into lower frequencies, build up over time and bubble out. Energetic movement such as emotional processes cannot be stopped – the momentum is eternal, and the feelings will come out.


Healing The Watery Ones:

The balancing point for water people is acceptance, trust, and celebration of their emotional capacity. Water people must learn the unique language of their intuition and emotions, and let it guide them in their decisions and expression in this life. This may mean that in order to heal, they have to move through suppressed, painful memories where they have felt traumatized. If that is the case, they must not become overwhelmed or paralyzed by past experiences and fears. They must understand that they are divine and whatever feelings arise naturally, no matter how intense, are valid and to be used. They must know that there is power in their depth and sensitivity, and that upon accepting it, they can move into their highest mission, which demands integration and use of all their innate gifts.


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  1. This is so accurate for me! Im 70% water in my natal chart, and a very scorpionic Scorpio. This information confirms what i have figured out about myself recently. I have spent a lot of my life around Earth signs (Capricorns and Virgos), they, especially capricorns have always made me feel like i was crazy and shut me up when I tried expressing myself. This has happened ever since I was child, starting with my father, then grew into a woman and a attracted men that were the same. I believe i have gotten a speech impediment because of it. I have gone silent and its hard for me to express my self because i am always over-thinking what I want to say and how it will be received.

    Thank you so much for this piece of work you have here. You have made me very pleased.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful insight! As a sun in cancer, moon in Pisces (with lots cancer and Scorpio elsewhere) I feel you definitely get us water folks! My little son is a Pisces and husband is a Scorpio. My poor three year old daughter is the only fire sign (Sag) amongst all her watery family!

  3. Thank you..enjoying your blog..Scorpio stellium in the 12th..cancer moon in 8th..I have been making oracle card decks and someone sent me your way..big blessing..delight..

  4. so awsum but what about the air and earth people ???

    i absolutely love the way these are written i really felt i could relate, as i was raised by majority of a water and fire family on my fathers side and mostly air and earth on my mothers side, but i am an earth being and my mother is air and i couldnt find any articles on that as i would be really interesteed … and even if anyone feels free to answer … do you think better element guide and teach other elements, because in my up bringing on my mothers side earth and air clashed and on my fathers side water and fire seemed to get along and kind of balance each other out (maybe they seem a little bit more spiritual too than my mothers side) or does it come down to complete individuality of an aquarious ?
    still great articles
    kind regaurds amba

  5. Hi, great post about Water/Fire People. Very insightful. Helped me get more into these people archetype. What about Air/Earth people? I would really want to understand them too.

  6. As a Sun/Moon/Mercury Pisces i feel really identified with what you wrote here, Oh my! It realy is difficult to keep a sense of “self”, but I’m learning as I mature to use my gifts positively and navigate in the deep and vast sea of energy wisefully. Hugs to you Gigi and thanks for your work 🙂

  7. Hi Gigi,

    I really enjoy reading your blog posts and I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog. By chance, will you be doing a blog post on Earth people?

    Love & Light


    1. Yes, I will be finishing the series. It has been postponed due to me relocating and some loss in the family. My next astrology post will be up week after next and will be about intuitive indicators in your natal chart and then after that I will work on “Earth signs.” It is by far my most requested. Thank you for injuring.

  8. When I read about how Scorpio has chosen a path of constant death and rebirth, I got chills all over my body. My totem has been the dragonfly for as long as I can remember. I find them everywhere, and in my dreams they follow me continuously in the form of reoccurring dreams.
    This may sound silly but I was doing a little test online wherein you chose a mandala (1 out of 20) and a number (1 out of 10) …I chose and it came up with my mandala symbolizing a dragonfly and what that meant for me, which rocked me to the core. I’m being led to understand something but I’m not sure what. I feel there’s something beyond just my consciousness leading back again and again to this symbol of death and rebirth. Do you have any insight you might be able to share. Gigi?

  9. I’m Pisces and your description is sooo spot on.
    Btw your YT channel looks really great! keep sharing good stuff and I’m sure many people will find their way there 🙂

  10. Thank you Gigi.
    As I am more or less dipping in and out of various energy realities on a daily basis, this text gave me a sense of structure and overview.

  11. This was so perfectly written. I’ve struggled with self-talk that my emotions don’t make sense, are too deep and therefore not real- and I strongly relate to all three of the signs you described. Your piece spoke right to my inner-child, thank you xo

    1. Thank You Alexandra. Yes, water people see into other worlds and worlds within worlds so it can be difficult to integrate that depth into everyday life. However, the more we do, the more we realize that this depth and connectedness is exactly what the world needs. <3

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