What Is A Psychic Bleed Through?

A psychic bleed through is a palpable experience of another place and time that merges, or overlaps, with our current reality. Bleed throughs can be very vivid, as though you are completely submerged in another time and place and unaware of your present life, or, they can be subtle streams of information that flow in while not lifting you out of your current life experience at all. The magnitude of the bleed through is determined by the significance of the experience, or message, and ones level of psychic control. While many people may be psychic, controlling that ability, or, grounding it into the body as an integrated part of the self is another issue entirely. Ideally when we experience a psychic bleed through we attempt to become very present and learn how to understand and integrate what is occurring.

A bleed through generally happens when we experience a stimulus. It could be a smell, a person, a certain passage in a book etc. This stimulus works as a psychic catalyst, its resonance within you then animates a psychic network of information that rests in the soul. As this becomes activated you experience visions, feelings, knowings or even a complete immersion into the information that is rising.

In a way, our psychic system functions similarly to our stimulus response based nervous system, as above so below, only our psychic system is non-linear and carries soul memories linking us to other times and places. We often feel psychic functioning is a foreign strange world, when in reality is an esoteric version of our physical form. The same mechanisms move our psychic reality that move the physical reality. This particular type of cognition is called ‘cosmic consciousness’ and when it becomes integrated it is an exalted form of human functioning. When people in the New Age speak of ‘5d awareness’, and ‘multi-dimensionality’ it is this ability to reference higher worlds while being rooted in our mundane 3d reality that they are referring to.

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Our minds are very sophisticated and are in fact designed to dip into other dimensions for information. The fact that psychic functioning is so ridiculed and misunderstood in society is directly correlated to the obvious and tragic state of crisis and deterioration in society. In truth, our minds will naturally flip into a multi-dimensional state to gather more information, it is part of our survival instinct. Where it gets interesting is that our linear experience, generated by our 3d mind (or lower mind), is often not rich enough in information to answer the questions we have. Our 3d mind is actually the most limited part of our awareness as its primary function is to create our 3d experience through linking thoughts and experience in a linear, singular fashion. It is not the source of inspiration but rather the structure that helps apply and make sense of inspiration in our lives. This capacity to create structure is valuable and necessary for us, however, to consider the lower mind a powerful creative force is incorrect, it is the higher mind, the soul, that is the spark, and we must work to re-integrate that genius.Much of society has lost its ability to experience bleed throughs and more advanced forms of insight by unnecessarily, and detrimentally, consolidating the higher and lower mind into just the lower mind. Enter materialism, consumerism and all the other ‘isms’ that trap us in an even denser reality than we had when we fell here into 3d to begin with.

To summarize what we have covered here, a psychic bleed through is an organic psychic experience that allows communication between the higher psychic mind, and the lower 3d mind. This type of multi-dimensional cognition was completely integrated during the time of Atlantis, however, after our ‘fall’ we moved down in density and were able to separate, and even shut off, or make singular, these two once complimentary internal forces. As we evolve spiritually, we begin to re-integrate these psychic organs and pathways and part of that is experiencing psychic bleed throughs. In a sense, psychic bleed throughs are a sign that we are experiencing an opportunity to re-integrate our natural multi-dimensionality, to recover our natural psychic state.

Further, as we move through this process of awakening these bleed throughs may be painful, or pleasant, the key to moving through them in a productive way is to understand that they are rising to give you information about exactly what you are experiencing in your life now. The expression of intuition in the human being is directly rooted in ones survival and healing. Although psychic information can seem as though it comes in out of the blue with no real connection to our reality the truth is it is very connected, we just don’t understand the reference point or connection. Bleed throughs happen when we need to understand a reference point, or a thought process, but we don’t have the insight in our 3d lexicon. Our higher-self grabs the information from a fold within the soul that does have it. This is just like if we are writing a research paper and don’t have the correct reference material in our home library, we may go to the public library, or internet, to gain that piece of information. Our consciousness does the same thing, it will attempt to give us answers based on what we have learned in this life, however, if that databank falls short it will reach into the soul and magnetize certain streams of wisdom/experience to us. When this happens it is our job to learn how to decode and understand the language of the higher mind. It is our job to take the initiative and work with the new language and capabilities that are emerging within us.

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For more detail and instruction on intuition development, consider taking my video course series Inner Mystic, where I clearly discuss the foundations of psychic development and walk you through the most important exercises to begin feeling and your abilities. While you may feel as though you are not intuitive, I can tell you that you surely are. Where we get confused is that we assume our abilities are like other peoples, as though they have to similar to books that we have read, or popular psychics on TV. In reality, psychic ability is a field that has barely been awakened in society and has many forms, many of them not commonly discussed.

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For more in depth discussion of psychic bleed throughs check out this video!


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  1. I wrote a poem when I was in grade five. It just flowed out of me. It was far advanced in vocabulary and metaphor and similes that a grade five student wouldn’t have. The teacher accused me of copying it. I still remember the words to that poem to this day ( I’m a senior).
    I had a few other such flow experiences with knowledge and writing ( one was when writing a masters thesis in Fine Arts on transformation. The knowing was just ‘flowing’) I never knew what that was or why or how it happened). I wish I could find out more about these experiences.

  2. Hello Gigi,

    I have been undergoing the most vivid spiritual awakening which you perfectly describe as Christ consciousness for the past few years. It has pushed me to the edge and has awakened parts of me that I never thought was possible. I have been watching your videos on YouTube and they really help me to the core. At times it feels as if I actually connect with you on what feels like a telepathic level. Not to sound corny but my name is David Truong. Hopefully I’m not being too forward but there were some specific things that ‘we discussed’ and I was just looking to get confirmation if actually possible??? Sincerely -David …

  3. I was doing a talk on sacred geometry in Spain, suddenly I was a previous life, on a terrible battlefield. I had survived for hours, I was in utter terror. Other lives were military. I’m 80 born in 1939 in a London. My father was a airman and died in the 43. The lifetime immediate before that was a soldier in the Spanish Civil on the battle on the Ebro. .