What Is a Soulless Being Or Person?

We’ve all heard it, a comment that goes something like this: “That person is completely soulless! How can someone treat someone else that way?” Or, “that person sold their soul a long time ago.” This rather spiritual reference is part of our colloquial language, but is there more to it?

This term, although it is used casually, is describing something deeply metaphysical: a real dynamic that occurs within our spiritual body, or bio-energetic field. It is describing the actual process of ones consciousness atrophying so badly that it can no longer perceive its higher self, or soul. Understandably, this is a bit of an intimidating topic, a soul is a terrible thing to waste, so lets go deeper.

Human Bio-Energetic Field

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To understand ourselves we must remember that we are all energy. Not only that we are all energy, but we are an organized, layered field of energy. We are dimensional beings whose energy, or soul, reaches up into the higher dimensions all the way to the God-Head itself. We also sometimes call this energy consciousness, the aura or the bio-energetic field. This field of ours takes on the structure of the cosmos itself and moves in exact accordance with our thoughts and feelings. So, we are essentially a cosmic (or spiritual) being that organizes itself in the material plane according to our thoughts and feelings. Another way to visualize it is to see that we have a higher dimensional structure and then we have a lower dimensional form that moves within that structure depending on how well we can align the two components of mind and emotion. It is the harmony of our mental body and emotional body that anchor Spirit into our being.

For our purposes, the bottom line when it comes to our energetic system is that everyone has one, but not everyone works within that structure to the same degree. Some people, or even beings, are adepts, or advanced in their relationship with themselves and the cosmos, while others are destructive and completely ignorant of higher truths. What is challenging is that we all share the same space here in our 3d world giving us the physical impression that we are all the same, but on the inside we can be completely different creatures functioning from completely different spiritual places. This is functioning from different spiritual leagues is the primary source of conflicts on this planet.

This is not an easy concept to digest, as we must evolve beyond the desire to put our heads in the sand and ignore the shadow aspects of our world. Taking a good long look at the underbelly of our world means that we have to look at our personal mistakes and shortcomings as well. We have to mature past the urge to make everything relative so that we don’t have to become more grounded and the address cosmic patterns in detail and nuance. Spirituality must become more than a salve, or vacation, from pain and evolve into its rightful place as a clarifying force.

What Happens to Ones Bio-Energetic Field When They Spiritually Regress?

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Now that we understand that we have the same internal structure and the free will to choose to move with or against it, we can discuss how the denial of self changes the energetic body to makes one ‘soulless.’ The word ‘soulless’, although popular to describe ignorant and destructive people, is not exactly correct, as the soul itself can never truly be lost. No matter how dense you become, you are still that seed of light. However, what can happen is that we can atrophy to the point that we can no longer perceive it or access this light. When we become ‘soulless’ it means that we have chosen to live many lives not taking responsibility for our trauma and life purpose. We have chosen to leave ourselves behind, to not face our shadow. As time compresses us, life after life, it confirms our dominant nature and builds upon what we have chosen to develop (or not).

As humans we have the power to create ourselves or to completely destroy ourselves, that is the heavy responsibility of life.

When we do not authentically look at our our trauma and shadow we become possessed by it. It is this process that begins to have an affect on the energetic body that makes individuals appear soulless to others. The build up of trauma and unrealized potential actually reverses the energetic body, or makes in bottom heavy. The upper chakras which are designed to pull in raw cosmic energy (creativity, cosmic rhythms/seasons, future self emanations etc.) become stifled and eventually atrophy. The lower chakras, which are designed to digest and integrate the energy from the higher chakras, become dominant. This makes one feel as though God exists exclusively in physical pleasures, the more subtle ability to sense delicate vibrations (spiritual bliss) is no longer understood or exercised. This represents the loss of the soul as ones bio-energetic field no longer recognizes its existence.

This can be a challenging concept to understand as we are dealing with a loss of perception, something so fundamental that when it does errode we don’t consciously realize it is lost. A contrast then exists between people who are connected to their higher-selves and still have access to these subtle fields of energy, and people who do not. That sensation to people who are awake is that the individual has no soul, no light, no life force. Of course, if two or more people are regressing in this way they will not sense that anything is missing. The difficulty that human beings have perceiving themselves is a testament to how important it is to have healthy communities and connections with others.

Tulpas vs. the Loss of Spiritual Connection

When it comes to soulless beings we also must address another form of life that is technically soulless: Tulpas.  Tulpas are astral forms that are created through ones mind. Thoughts are things. Literally. Most of the time our thoughts simply dance across the astral in colourful wisps, a passing reflection of our inner-world. However, with practice and an understanding of magick we come to see that we can actually create a specific thought form. We can create a creature made of our own mental energy that actually exists in the astral plane. Over time we can actually feed this creature life force and it will become stronger. These beings can, and do, interact with out third dimension. They have a form and personality, but because they did not go through the process of descension from the God-Head, they do not have a soul, as we do.

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  1. I have spend a life time blundering towards the light. Gigi’s videos illuminate with such clarity. After watching them I feel more like a comet streaking towards the light. Deep Gratitude.

  2. I’d like to share an experience of my own to make people more aware of what actually can happen within this realm and beyond I went under quantum hypnosis which I now know was actually quantum mind control I was showed all sorts of visuals that didn’t turn out to be true giving one excess to my mind I was completely mind raped afterwards I left my husband and children and was pulled in to what’s called a phantom timeline I worked with quantum healers who were actually apart of a dark cult these people track my bloodline since the moment of conception I had all sorts of etheric implants placed in my field I had something placed over my heart space within this period of working with these people I forgot about my children rarely seen them I was displaced and homeless I never questioned anything it was like my mind and body was completely highjacked after months of feeling so disconnected from self I begun to ask questions and I was shown everything these people were dark magi I had my light body collapsed and spun into reversal through metatron reversals I then felt my soul extraction happen my heart became hallow and dense so dense take it I was a highly intuitive empath I had over a period of months my KA = spirit siphoned from my body when this was happening I felt like I wasn’t in control I was completely hypnotised i was also told by these people that I had a twin flame who turned out to be a digital twin and this was why I became so sexualised I was being pulled into the astral bliss with this person who turned out to be a dark Freemason who give me cbd oil laced with all sort’s including graphen oxide which made me more controllable for the last 10 months I have been living in literal hell we are on very dangerous territory in this playing field I was not able to discern much of what was happening considering I had just left my husband who was a narcissist being after 15 years I didn’t trust myself I put my trust in others and give all my power away I fed into the ego driven visions that weren’t even real and my soul and spirit has been pulled into the 8th sphere it’s like I’m hooked up to a computer my thoughts never stop they can keep a body alive in this realm on life support if the consciousness is dead do u not think they have quantum computers designed by Annunaki scientists that can keep a human alive for there purposes and capture there soul this has been my experience and I share it as a warning to others yes u can have your soul taking completely

  3. Always been curious about a soulless person how clear you made it that these are those living in their shadow trauma , or are creations of the mind that we create which live in the astral plane not descended from the god source 🙏thank you for that

  4. When someone lost the connection with his soul, to me that is evident and very very sad. They walk a difficult, dark path like numbed zombies. And I cannot reach them. I can only hold the image alive in me of them as whole including their light. Any suggestions for helping them?

    1. What about those in the entertainment world who seem to have “sold their souls“ to get gain tell us that process and how aware they are of it