With the Equinox approaching we have the return of the light! The day is finally equal to the night and from here on out there will be more light than darkness. All around us we see blossoms beginning to form and new life is is beginning to rise all around us, but, don’t forget, we are budding too!

Light Crystallizes Us

During this time of year we see people cleaning their homes and yards and we begin to organize our spaces and even throw away what we no longer need. Why do we do this? Why not winter cleaning or fall tidy up time? Why is spring the time to purge and reset our living space? Well, it is all about the light and its effect on our lives. What people don’t realize about this time is that light (and heat) crystallizes us, it is alchemical. During this time we instinctively begin to clean up so that we can use the light to amplify us and create our life the way we truly desire it to be!

This is the time where we consciously release the stagnancy of winter. In springtime we step forward and use the returning sun as a time to be reborn in the image that we desire, we allow the light and the sun to burn off what we have released during the grey and cold of winter. Like our ancestors who readied the earth for seeds during this time, we ready ourselves for a new cycle of growth. In contrast, the dark days of fall and winter are introspective and we spend a lot of time going inward and evaluating what we have created in the lighter months. We rest, we hibernate, we let things….slip. You know what I mean. By the time the light comes back, we begin to feel the internal work that we have, or have not, done that winter and our attention is drawn tow our environment again. Like the rays of light bursting from the sun we begin to push our energy outward and feel the external world more clearly.

As spring moves in our energy also begins to accelerate in the light, heat and warmth, we begin to naturally shed the heavier duller energies that have settled or gone unseen while we were in winter-mode. This time of natural clearing and rejuvenation is the time that we are prepare ourselves to apply action to the plans and dreams we have created in the inward winter months. We begin to clean our homes, vehicles and even office spaces so that the heavier energies of winter are not keeping the light at bay.

What is Sacred Space?

Now that we understand how this time of year effects us how do we make the most of it? We get the most out of this time of year by creating sacred space in our lives. What exactly is sacred space, you may ask? Sacred space is a space that is working for you, andwith you. A place that you take time to decorate, imbue with energy that you want to perpetuate. It is an investment. If something tragic happens in your life, your space is supportive, it isn’t going to add onto stress. You feel as sense of peace and creativity, and you can rely on your environment to inspire you and reflect who you wish to become.

Many of us give little thought to our homes, offices and vehicles as being supportive or non-supportive, this is an oversight as we are energy beings and are constantly enmeshing with our environment. We are not separate from the people or objects that we surround ourselves with, we overlap with them. What we surround ourselves with becomes a working part of our subconscious mind and energy body. That said, what is your space saying about you right now? How can you make it more sacred today?

The reality is that the places in which we spend the most time are an extension of our mental and emotional worlds as well as our spiritual practice. By looking at what we prioritize we also see the parts of ourselves that are prioritized…and neglected. Sometimes just taking the time to organize and rearrange our home does more healing for us then 10 sessions in the therapists office as organizing and cleaning is a deeply therapeutic action. The truth is that having a practice of keeping a sacred space keeps the mystic grounded and the most grounded person mystical!


This week take time to feel around your space, take notes about how the places you spend the most time in make you feel.You may be surprised at what you discover.

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  1. Abdu April 15, 2019 at 10:41 am

    This is a very helpful article that I resonate with a lot, thank you Gigi

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