What Is the Occult?

We are in a strange place in society. We are spinning deep in a cosmic night, a dark cycle, Kali Yuga.

This is the time in our cosmic procession where the shadow rules. It rises to the surface, not because it is powerful in itself, but because light is not as obvious. This upside down, this inversion we are living in, is a vacuum not a truth. There’s a difference.

We can’t put our phones down and stop looking at ourselves and one another, and yet, we’ve never felt so alone.
We watch tv shows about all the problems in the world…and we do nothing. And while we look at the political turmoil, environmental crisis, human crisis we find ourselves screaming into a midnight that knows no dawn.

We all feel it. Why? How can we have so much information all around us and yet, be so unaware. I’ll tell you why, we are looking in wrong direction.

We look to politics and broken governmental systems that have proven themselves corrupt to the point that it is insulting and dangerous. Because of this, society continues to wobble and degrade. We are short sighted, and we are not realizing that at the very root of our issues in society is the occult, the hidden spiritual practices and beliefs of people in power.

Everyone, every cooperation, every organization has a motive and belief, it is an entity. And it is these beliefs that we must get a handle on if we wish to begin healing and creating change. We can no longer afford to ignore the spiritual element in our world.

Now, you may not believe this. You may be uncomfortable with the shadow and serious conversations. But, it’s time to take a breath and realize that it doesn’t matter what you believe, the most powerful people in the world have occult beliefs, it is undeniable. Not only do they believe it, they live it. And it is all around us. We take part in rituals and we don’t even realize it. We have no chance in creating lasting change unless the spirit is addressed. The shadow and the light. New Era’s are born from spirit and truth, that is the root & everything begins there.

My disclaimer for this series is this: I’m not interested in shocking you with gruesome images of dark occult practices. You won’t find that here. I am also not interested in outing people with no solutions, that only adds to the problem. My goal with this series is to begin to start a conversation about exactly how this works and what we can do about it.
Let’s  start at the very beginning: What is the occult?

Wikipedia says the Occult is:

So, essentially, no matter how you swing it, the occult means ‘the hidden.’ Now that we have the definition, to truly understand this we have to go deeper. What exactly is hidden when we talk about the occult in society?

Exploring this answer requires us to harken back to man’s relationship with the cosmos. It is these findings and discoveries of our ancestors that create the occult components of society. Since the beginning of time, man has tried to record the laws of the universe in a way that we can understand. Humans are part of the cosmos and our understanding of the universe and natural law helps us understand ourselves.We are inseparable from nature and our soul functions as nature does, as the cosmos does. As above so below. Getting a grasp of the big picture creates a through line within us, it becomes our bridge back to spirit and the higher dimensions from which we originated. These explorations into our nature were condensed into symbols, myths, teachings & rituals. We call these profound tools wisdom. As mentioned, this work was done by our ancestors and it forms an invisible thread that not only connects us with our spirit, but joins all era’s of time. In summary, one way to look at the occult in society is the Mystery teachings and discoveries of our ancestors that take the of myths, teachings and rituals.

Now you may ask: why are these concepts ‘hidden?’ Why can we not access them? Are they purposely obstructed from our view? The moment we begin to turn our attention to the fact there there are laws and secrets that we are not aware of we begin to feel deprived, perhaps even project our frustration onto others who do understand these things. To prevent unnecessary confusion it is important to realize that this hidden nature has more to do with our own limitations in consciousness than other people. It is not other people’s jobs to hold our hands through life, and spoon feed us until we awaken into the beautiful butterflies that we are. It is our job, as sovereign human beings, to walk our own path. To ask questions, to challenge our beliefs and to understand that through that process we will begin to function on a completely different level. It is this higher functioning that is not simply about learning about the occult, but rather becoming the Occult. To unlock knowings, memories and ways of being that we have isolated our elves from in our ignorance. We must also consider that our mind is limited, we cannot comprehend the entire universe in one lifetime, in one perspective. So, certain symbols, myths and teachings are mysterious by nature. Not because they are evil, but because we are not designed to know everything all at once. Things feel hidden because the concepts are too huge for our current level of awareness.

What is interesting about the occult is that we see the same symbols popping up in all cultures, no matter how diverse, or distant they may be, they always appear. For example, the “X” appears around intense spiritual events or technologies. It is seen in the Mayan culture, African cultures, European and even in the modern era.
Image result for hooked x

The Sun is another occult symbol. It appears very similarly across cultures that are not connected. It appears that we have this archetypal language is within us. We are born with it, as though it is actually our first language.

The spiral is another example of a our deep collective shared language. It often appears to represent the cosmos, the flow of life. Now we can really begin to see that we have an inner language that is beyond our spoken word and logical mind. We are beginning to reconnect with our spirits. In a way, our spirit is the occult, a part of us that is hidden from view.

All of these symbols are archetypes and we recognize them as part of the fabric of our own mind, and also the basis of language. So, the occult can also be seen as the language of archetypes. The beauty of this type of deep understanding within us is that no matter how far we fall into the material world, a language would exist for our conscious mind to once again build a bridge to the heavens. The very purpose of the Occult is to connect us with our higher mind and have a relationship with the cosmos, our spirit. In this way the Occult is also a door to other worlds. Which brings us to why it is feared. But before we get to that, you can get a sense of how silly it is that these symbols and myths (that actually represent our own higher mind) would be negative. It shows just how deeply we have forgotten ourselves

So, we have established that the Occult is neutral, as discussed, it is symbols, archetypes and myths. But, if we look around in society we see that, for many, the occult is synonymous with evil. Many YouTube channels and social media accounts with good intentions lump neutral symbols and practices in with distorted negatives ones. This leaves us more confused and more disconnected. This doesn’t solve or prove anything- other than that the occult exists.
But, why? Why do we assume the occult is evil? Well, it has nothing to do with the occult and everything to do with the state of society. As we look around we see humanity facing a devouring, regressive chaos. We see a society that is, in fact, very far from nature. We see world engrossed in materialism and consumerism, one that gives very little thought to the spirit and the inner world. It is also common  for the soul today to be reduced and smothered by dogma, either scientific dogma, or religious dogma. Religious dogma denies the spirit by reducing the original teachings of great teachers to overly simplified rules that no longer represent the original teachings. Many people cling to religion primarily for structure rather than authentic self exploration. Scientific Dogma isn’t much better, materialists deny the spirit because they only want to invest in what can be measured. Their books are not outwardly religious but their approach is. They do not consider that there are spectrums of life beyond their accepted level of perception. They too suffer from a fear of the unknown and a desire for structure. In this obvious state of spiritual limitation do we really believe that we are seeing clearly at all as a society?

The truth is, we fear the occult because we fear our own light. Many look into the mirror of the unknown and see their greatest fear because that is how they function day to day, numbed by fear. Surviving, Traumatized. On the edge. The moment we try to look into the unknown, the occult, our fears are reflected back to us. When we allow our shadow to rule, it is the first image that we must face when we attempt to look into the higher realms. This is wisdom our ancestors knew, but we have forgotten. We have forgotten to see the reflective process of the occult as a healing initiation, an opportunity for ego death, or the death of the parts of ourselves that no longer serve us. Instead many see it as literal death, as a stress that will consume their already fragile existence. We have become so disconnected from our inner world that we no longer know how to interact with it. We fear ourselves. This is where we are. We desperately need to connect with out spirit, but, we fear the very process of connection and healing that is necessary.

So, what is the Occult? The occult is you, me, my ancestors, your ancestors. The sky, the earth, The flora, the fauna, the story of all life. It is a neutral language that we once all spoke, but have forgotten. Is the occult evil? No, by nature, it is a mirror. It tells us about ourselves. When we get good at reading the occult we also decode what it means for others. On a personal level it is our choice how we choose to relate to and the use of the occult around us, and it is this choice that will shape our future. Personal and collective.

Our Homework:
Start to program yourself to think of the Occult as a series of symbols, stories and histories that belong to us all.  To really bring it full circle to the understanding that this level of cognition and consideration no longer belongs to an exclusive group. It never has, and it never will. If you see something a ritual, a symbol, a myth immediately break it down to its archetypal significance. Remove the charge so that you can see it for its moving parts. What symbols are being used. How are the symbols interacting? What do you think the intention is? Is the intention to create chaos or to connect with spirit and grow?

We now take back our history, symbology and our magic. We are aware. We are now watching with conscious eyes.

Next week we will go deeper and discuss how we can observe how the occult and how it is used in society everyday.

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  1. Susan Pistawka says:

    Are the forces of chaos and death the antithesis to the Christ Light? Confronting the shadow is confronting our own relationship with chaos and death. Seen in the light they can be seen as transitional elements that free us from forms that are not longer useful….this is true for both individual/personal level of evolution as well as the collective human level, Right now the forces of chaos and death are at work in America and It seems a perfect time to ask what to do we wish to create in the wake of these transitional forces?…..there is the rising specter of Marxist and fascist totalitarianism, mandated vaccinations and artificial intelligence control grids, and these loom larger and gain power as collective consciousness responds with fear and the desire to control the chaos because it is scary and uncomfortable…and counterpoint there is the desire for Harmony, Unity and Freedom that arises from the harmonic forces of creation….We are in the process of choosing.

  2. bdw says:

    For anyone interested, there was a TV show from 1999 to 2005 called “Angel” that fictionally portrays how the occult is practiced by the powerful. There are two sides to this show. One side, the one aimed at getting viewers, caters to younger people and involved fighting “demons” with swords and axes, and is not very interesting. The other side of the show, however, involved many deep portrayals of occult issues, both positive and negative. There were many brilliant parts to this show, whether a single scene, an episode, or a long story arc.

    The portrayal of some ideas and themes in this show are nothing less than breathtaking, and I have to assume that this show was a deliberate revealing of the occult side of our society.

    As for any show, not all episodes are good (imho). But for anyone who feels moved to check out this show, you will be exposed to a fictional world that mirrors Gigi’s “in plain sight” videos in a remarkable way.

  3. Regan S says:

    The best, and creepiest, explanation I’ve heard for why the “elite” misuse occult knowledge for their own advantage can be heard in this Rudolf Steiner audiobook, Part 10 starting at 5:31:16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CLG0XZbmZk&list=WL&index=2&t=23281s

    1. Mary says:

      Thank you for sharing that – amazing. Steiner is truly ahead of his time. Such illumination on current events and so much to consider for our future.

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