What Throws off the Energy in Your Home?

You may notice that when you just move in your place it feels great, and of course, you promise yourself that you are going to keep it all nice. But then, the inevitable happens, life gets hectic and complicated and you lose control of your home. You stow away pictures of your dream space and feel that where you are now is just not good enough. The truth is, most of us feel like our surroundings do not reflect who we wish to become, but do not realize that they are exactly who we are.

Generally when we disconnect from our environment we are also disconnected from ourselves. We miss this disconnect because society doesn’t discuss energy as being relevant, so we don’t see our homes in a holistic way. In fact, we think we are separate from our environment and each other. Taking responsibility for our surroundings is a deeply spiritual, revealing and healing practice. You can have a million and one amazing things about you, and they can all be true, but your home will reveal the part of you that is unhealed. It will reveal how you are abandoning yourself.

Let’s get into exactly how the energy in our homes can become stagnant and toxic.

Low Emotions

If you, or someone you share your space with, spends long periods of time in low emotional states. This can make the space feel dark and heavy, it may be difficult to build positive momentum. Prolonged low emotional states with no cleansing can begin to throw off the energy in your home.

Chaotic Mind

Too much chaotic mind energy or psychic energy with no grounding can stir up the ethers and make it difficult to focus. This means if you are working on a paper for hours on end, or doing lots of psychic work, you may have to go in and ground that intensely mental space. Intense focus may open portals and have a general chaotic energy that you can feel. It may feel scattered, lighted headed and overwhelming. This is different then emotional deposits because this is not heavy but more overly accelerated. This one needs grounding where as the the emotional deposits needs cleaning and a breaking up of the low energy.

High Traffic

Another big upset to the energy of your home is if  you have people regularly coming into your space that create an edge to it, that destabilize it. This is especially true if you work from home and you have clients coming in and contributing their energy to the space. If you are in the helping field this is really important for you and can prevent burn outs. However, any high traffic space will require more cleansing and conscious attention to the condition of the energy in that space.


The land or home itself may have been associated with traumatic events that have left and imprint, or your land may even be haunted. On these occasions it is not necessarily anything you have done. These occasions can take time to shift and are more complicated to clear as they are not rooted in your life, or energetic contributions to the space, but streaming in from other dimensions. Sometimes the energy may be so complicated and layered that the best thing, considering your time, money and energy is to relocate. If this is the case you may want to get a professional intuitive to come in and help you assess the energy, get a second opinion. These cases are more rare, but they do happen. The vast majority of imprints are workable and non disruptive.

Mess and Clutter

Mess, clutter are unfinished actions and represent a lack of self support, ungroundedness and self abandonment. We want to finish our actions and think about our day ending with purifying the space and releasing the energy of the day.

Just to recap, the above are all situations that can challenge the subtle fields of your space. They can make it difficult for you to concentrate or relax. They can disturb your sleep patterns, as the psychic realm overlaps with the astral/sleeping realm. They can put an edge to your emotions and bring confusion to our minds.


Have daily, or weekly. rituals where you bring your attention to your space and consciously create a supportive environment. You want to get good and sensing the atmosphere of your home and begin a practice where you both clear your space and bring in supportive, healing, creative loving energies!

In the next video in this series we will discuss exactly how you can do this!



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