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Q)  I liked your starseed videos and was wondering if you had any information about those known as Blueprinters? I had a reading some years ago and I was told I was a starseed that is in the Blueprinters group. Specifically I’m a Changer (aka healers). Unfortunately, she told me (and all the information I’ve been able to find afterwards) that the Blueprinters are of unknown origin. So, unlike Pleadians or Arcturians it’s unknown “where” we come from. Anyways, there isn’t a ton of information on us, but I thought I’d ask if you might know anything about Blueprinters or where I could find out more. I do also feel connected to Arcturian stuff, but as you said in your video that is pretty common for us on Earth. Thank you for any help. 🙂

A)  Thank you for this great question! We are at a time where high volumes of new information is being grounded in regards to esoterica. We have older insights that must be re-wolven for the new time cycles ahead of us, and then we also have genuinely new information, or information that has not been accessible on this planet in this level of consciousness.

What this means is that many intuitives that specialize in cosmic information are translating raw information. They are responsible for creating a new vocabulary and re-introducing specific details about ET’s and the cosmos from a spiritual angle so that we can all remember who we are. This means that there may be different names to describe the same beings. One intuitive may call these beings the ‘blueprinters’, another intuitive may interpret them as ‘architects’ and further, another intuitive may see them as ‘founders.’ It will take time for this information to settle and consensus to form.

This does not mean that you have to spin around in a state of mysterious confusion over the beings who are connected to you. What it means is that you must use your intuition and your abilities to connect with these guides yourself. You must get your read on them and use the information from any intuitives as the starting point for that journey. You won’t truly feel that connection with them or understand them on a deeper level unless you begin to get to know them. At the end of the day our guides are there to directly connect with us and the most accurate spiritual insights will be through our direct connection to them.

Now, to get more exact on who the Blueprinters may be, we can examine the core of their energy. To “blue print’ is to create structure. It is to look at something from a higher perspective and actually create a structure for things to move through. This says a lot about who these beings may be. In fact, a few beings come to mind: Arcturians, Elves and Mantids. Each of these beings have a knack for creating structure, or blue printing, however, each one does it in a different way, for a different purpose, from a different perspective of source. Now which one relates to you (if it even is one of these) will be your journey and up to you to match with your own unique frequency.

Developing your own cosmic eyes is the best way to understand ET races and your particular connection with them. An intuitive can only get you so far, eventually the depth of information that you seek will have to be fulfilled by your own journeying. The fact that there is such an influx of cosmic information coming through provides a wonderful opportunity to adventure in it and be part of the grounding of specific information.


  1. Erica May 25, 2016 at 4:10 am

    I haven’t even read it yet, but I’m sooooo excited. I’m the one who just asked about this on your IG! Thank you soooo much for writing about it (idk if you were already planning too, but either way)!! <3 🙂

  2. Joshua C. Miller May 24, 2016 at 10:30 pm

    Agreed. Thanks for leaving the reptiles out. It’s seldom they recieve so little blame. Ha ha ha! I would love to hear of your experience with insectiod intelligences. I find them far more alien and frightening than reptilian–in the most calculating way. Survival seems their only value, at times.

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