Why do we resist change?

  • In our day to day lives we are not taking time to connect consciously with our spirit. This lack of connection can cause anxiety and depression and also leave us to feel insecure when things become unstable in our lives. It is our spirit that acts as a constant, as a foundation, when we go through life changes; everything else can move around us, but our spirit always hums the same tune.

  • Our heart and soul stabilize us and connect us with the universe which allows us to perceive details that the dark lenses of anxiety and depression cannot see. We also are have access to wisdom and guidance when we connect with our spirit which changes how we react to transition in our lives.

  •  We also resist change because we project our worst fears onto the situation we are in. Change represents the unknown, or darkness, to our consciousness; so when we are looking down the barrel of change our survival instinct is pushing forward all of your fears about where you are in your life. This projecting of our deep fears onto our future is exactly why we get stuck in a loop of negative experiences- we are letting our trauma drive the car.

  • Over time as we connect with our spirit we begin to override this reactive state. We burst out of a deep, inky sea of heavy and painful repetition into the vast light of our being where we feel anything is possible. In this state we can use our fear of change as a guide for what we need to let go of and heal. What ever comes forward is not actually what is going to happen, but a wound that needs to be brought back to harmony. We view this survival instinct as an opportunity to release unnecessary pain rather then a genuine indicator of reality.


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  1. Maryam August 11, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    This is everything. I recently tried to take a risk – and naturally it brought up all my fears. It felt SO real. I backed out because one thing went wrong and then I lost all my courage. It’s crazy how real the projections feel. I was reminding myself to bring awareness into the stories and not buy into them, but they are DEEPLY embedded cultural beliefs that have survived for centuries. What advice do you have for taking a risk that involves breaking a deeply rooted ancestral pattern?

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