You Are Who You Admire

You know that burning feeling of absolute amazement and admiration that we can have for another person? That bubbling sensation of awe and pure resonance that seems to leap from our hearts whenever we come across them? We often write it off as a feeling of envy or appreciation that doesn’t really go any deeper than simply recognizing someone with talent. Today, I want to speak about how the people we admire are more to us than simply talented people to appreciate, they are actually key to our own personal evolution.

The truth is that feelings of admiration for others is our higher-selves way of letting us know that there is a quality about that person that is waiting to come alive in ourselves. The intense resonance we feel is actually our own hidden aspects asking to be acknowledged and cultivated. Our higher-self is speaking to us through another person because we are not yet recognizing the quality within ourselves.

Our strong identification with the person is simply telling us to figure out what qualities they are representing. Do you love their sense of humour, their confidence, their style? Do they have great vision through a clear knowing of themselves? What exactly is it that makes you feel inspired by them? What qualities about them do you feel you would like to integrate?

Our soul uses this resonance and mirroring to directly communicate with us that the exact degree in which we admire someone is the same ratio that we are neglecting it within ourselves. We can actually miss these underdeveloped aspects of ourselves and it can be intense to see another person embodying them. This understanding gives us perspective, especially when we begin to think about people who become obsessed or have unhealthy idolizing relationships with people. The more obsessed we become the more we are desiring the archetype that they represent to us to be developed or harmonized within ourselves. When we begin to understand this we can take a more active and conscious step in our self development.

Keep in mind that we are designed to unravel ourselves in this life, to be re-born again and again into more precise physical embodiments of our soul. It is part of our purpose here to shed our skin and allow a new pure form to push through. Within that new form we allow a larger capacity for joy, love and our raw talent begins to magnetize us to all that we need. Our best indicator of who we are becoming is who we admire in our own way.

It should be noted that copying others is not the same as using your interpretation of their energy to inspire latent aspects of yourself. It is important to be inspired by others but to live deeply enough to figure out why and create your own voice. Copying actually indicates that you lack an identity and sense of self all together.

If you are not sure what inner seeds the people you admire represent within you perhaps explore the dynamic with the following questions.

You may need a pen and paper for this, but I promise that by the end of this little exploration you will look at the people you admire as a message instead of a creature worthy of endless awe.

1) How do they make you feel? What part of you lights up when you see them? This question gives you a general understanding of the part of you that may need a voice or attention.

2) What archetypes do they represent? Our higher mind speaks in archetypes so when we are confused it can help to begin with symbols and allow complexity to rise once we have some rough understanding. Be sure to go with the archetypes this person represents to you, not necessarily public opinion.

(This is an exercise into your soul, not an analysis of the individual and their role in the world. Are they creative, perhaps a writer or artist? Are they a politician or leader that seems to have great charisma and influence? What stands out to you about them? What specifically does this person seem to have or do that inspires you?  Have they honed their craft to a degree that you are looking to do as well? Are they charismatic? Are they comfortable in their skin? Are they great communicators or brilliant scientific minds? Pay attention to what this person does that is impressive to you. Really let it sink in!)

3 ) Keep an open mind to the fact that these things may be something that needs to be gently healed. You may have suppressed them from coming forward. Be willing to look into whether there are blocks around what you admire in others. Jealously can be a reversed admiration where we are experiencing an inner battle; we feel blocked where this person feels open. Embrace that you have uncovered some jealousy because it is showing you where you have a limited belief as jealousy lets us know that we have a belief that says that we cannot integrate what the individual we admire has integrated, even though we desperately want to. Jealousy indicates we are selling ourselves short so take notice if you have felt jealous at all.

4) What phase of your life were you in when you discovered them? What were your goals at the time?  Many times when people really start to come onto our radar it is because we are being aligned with an awakening and expansion. The universe will guide us to others that have grounded those qualities that best match our soul, this is how we learn and grow. Notice when you began to follow someone as it will let you know when you had a significant shift in frequency.

5) What belief systems do you have from childhood (or before) that have not allowed this part of you to speak? Were people who contained these qualities shunned in your family or social circles? What is the belief that is causing the resistance within your being? Once you discover this belief begin releasing it through positive affirmations, meditation, presence, spirit guides or whatever belief busting technique you resonate with!

Once you have a list, integrate the qualities you feel the person you admire has. If you admire their courage, do something that frightens you every day, even if it is just going to a movie alone. Your admiration may be your heart telling you that you are too much in your comfort zone. If you admire their ability to communicate begin to read books or take classes on how to express yourself and make it your goal to get out in the world and practice. Your higher self may be trying to tell you that you have opinions and perspectives that need to be freely shared. If you admire someone’s appearance get honest about whether or not you have been neglecting your body and why. Put in place some slow and easy efforts to begin to care for yourself. Your attention may be drawn to admire people who are already good at this to show you that it is time to start doing the same.

Resonance is the silent language that guides us and it is important that we understand it’s role in our lives. Admirationt lets us know that we have a similar story within ourselves, it lets us know there is a part of us that needs to open. We are being called to grow in the same place that the person we admire already has. Waste no time believing that we are separate from those that we admire, know that what you admire is what resonates, that it is a sleeping part of your own self, if it was not within you you would not perceive it at all.  This simple process will help you discover the many beautiful facets that are resting inside of you. It also doesn’t hurt that owning what we idolize naturally removes hierarchies allowing soverign connections with others thus healing many wounds that appear in society when we give our power away.

Let me know how it goes in the comment section! What did you discover?


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  1. This is amazing. Literally yesterday while working out I asked for information on how to become the highest embodiment of myself, and this article is the last of the things I stumbled upon. Thanks for the info, it was perfect timing for me!

    1. Also wanted to add my personal experience, there is an instagram model who I’ve always loved. I have pure admiration for how she’s mastered her presentation to the world, and I’ve found myself asking “what would she do” when I need a little more confidence. This really hit home in how I can better cultivate what I admire in her.
      Similarly, I have a cousin with an incredible sense of humor. Years later I realized that I’ve developed that exact brand of dry humor. So many of my past experiences fall in line with what you’re saying!

  2. I admire YOU Gigi. The gentle and elegant nature you have with a pure and wholesome dignity..unlike myself atm hehe..;)

  3. “if it was not within you you would not perceive it at all.”

    Very good point. It is high time we listen to ourselfs.

  4. I’m drawn to people who are very open, happy and loving, like sunflowers! It’s because I am naturally this way inclined but has been suffocated from showing true emotions since a young age. But I’m learning to reconnect with it again! Thanks Gigi x

  5. This was so beautifully put and illuminating. I have been feeling a bit twisted up inside recently because I’ve been having a hard time being around some of my most beloved friends. They are very open, heart-centered people, and it has been making me aware of how closed my heart has felt recently. They both very much honor themselves as sensitive and highly intuitive people, which I seem to have made an art out of pretending I’m not, and are both good at drawing boundaries. One girl in particular knows she is wise beyond her years, and people just listen to her. For me, she also represents the trickster archetype. Not taking life so seriously! Remembering that in this vast cosmic game our role is to play and roll around in the grass and dirt and to feel joy. There’s so much to look at there, and so much beauty in myself that I have been neglecting. Change is scary, there’s no doubt about it, but it’s scarier to stay small when we’re itching to grow! Thank you, Gigi. Right when I needed it.

  6. I absolutely loved this article. I have realized a while ago that whatever we find attractive in another person is what we should develop in ourselves. I was thinking about it relationship-wise but of course it makes a lot and probably even more sense when applied to heroes and people we admire.
    I have always admired very strong, independent people who can take care of themselves plus a little village 😉 Ironically, I’d always find myself forming relationship with people who were the opposite of it, but didn’t seem so at a first glance so I would always find out about it when it was already too late 😉 I have quite recently realized that these people were put on my path to help me develop these qualities in me. If I have to be responsible for two people for a period of time then I’ll be very independent once I’m alone again. And it worked wonders 🙂

  7. Wow I mean wow this article really blew me away. It left me with tears in my eyes makeing me think about some people I have idolized. It’s made me reflect on my own life and what I’ve neglected. There’s so much fear and uncertainty behind the things that I have neglected in my life. I’m about to turn 33 and i’ve been stuck in this bubble that I’ve created for myself for way too long. I know change is never easy specially when you feel like you’re doing it alone but deep down I know i’m not really alone change is just part of the human experience and evolution our soul it’s just something so hard to start. Anyway enough about me I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you Gigi your articles and things you do is just the most beautiful thing . I admire people like yourself so much Who help and guide others through the manipulation and darkness of this World and into finding light into their own lives by opening their eyes minds and souls to the is world and beyond .

  8. Oh my god Gigi, YOU are someone I admire and would love integrate somehow <3

    You seem so grounded and open and confident in who you are. Also, I've always had some problems truly accepting how my physical beauty would attract a lot of weird things, people would have weird ideas about me, making me want to hide (I'm a super sensitive intuitive like you). So that's another thing I really love about you, you seem to be totally fine with being amazingly beautiful.

    Anyway, sorry if that sounded lame haha. It's still a pretty sensitive subject I guess, being beautiful in a very shallow and sick society. I'm still learning to see it as a gift.

    Kisses to you!

  9. Been thinking a lot about this lately. I grew up admiring certain women (real and fictional), always “taking notes” on what it was I loved about them. I still never felt like I was allowed to be like them in those ways, especially since they were all beautiful and loved attention.

    There’s been nothing in my childhood that I can directly relate to my core belief: that I cannot truly participate in life, but only get to watch it–too much TV, perhaps? 🙂 Seriously though, I did grow up in a religious home (not mean or judgmental, but still, many things were treated as “unsafe” or out of bounds.

    Any advice on how to become who you are meant to be for people like me who are a little afraid of what that might mean?

    Love the blog!

  10. I love this so much. I have a question. Other than just typing the question into google where can I learn about archetypes? How many are there and which ones exist? I want to be able to recognize archetypes better so I can have a better understanding of my experience.

    1. Charlie Morley – some of his work deals with interacting with archetypes in Lucid Dreams

  11. Hey Gigi, I’ve just come into the same illumination myself in the last week or so! Thank you for enunciating this truth with such tenderness and clarity. It has taken me deeper into my own process and I feel sure it will continue to do so in the weeks/months to come. Much love to you and your readers contributing to this discussion.

  12. Gigi,we could not be more different. I am a male senior,old enough to be your Grandfather. Of course you aren’t the only one,though not many,but I have such respect, and have learned so much, from your clarity and confidence in your knowledge,words won’t do. Thank you for sharing. Terry

  13. Wow! This nails it. I have a major crush on this person in a band I play with occasionally.
    It is completely beautiful how this person surrenders to the music. This has opened me in wonderful ways. And it seemed this person stood up for me at times too-when I needed to stand up for myself. Whenever I see this person I feel a great love emanating from my heart and feel so alive. This person inspires me to make art when I get caught up in this feeling.

    Hitting middle age I had lost my zest for living and didn’t feel beautiful. At the time I didn’t feel supported in my marriage or in my choice of going back to school. I was gong back to school to study what he teaches and I was becoming more musically inclined.

    It was hard though separating this from romantic love though. I thought we were meant for each other. I suspect the trickster at play- I confess to being totally heartbroken that this isn’t a possibility. Now I am trying to find a balance with the inspiration and not spiraling into unrealistic fantasy.

    Thanks this is helpful

  14. What a comforting and loving perspective. I’m looking forward to my journaling later so that I can dive in.

    I am deeply grateful for you and your work. Thank you so much. <3

  15. You’ve presented this truth so beautifully Gigi <3 I've always looked up to you, Rumi and so many others with so much love. So glad you're back on moonbird!!!! Sending you love.

  16. Great article, Gigi!

    I remember openly admiring/being jealous of people that my family members/friends didn’t understand why I obsess over lol
    “what does she see in them?”

    It also reminded me of relationship dynamics. I always imagined my ideal partner to be somewhat like me in a sense but both of us have qualities that the other wants to integrate so that we will never be bored with the other person. What do you think?

    1. Gigi!!!! Thank you so so much for writing this article! I felt this knowing and insight regarding the matter some time ago, and I’m so grateful to have stumbled across this as confirmation of my higher self & the Universe talking to me! Your work is amazing, & I’m so glad we have someone as grounded, real, & knowledgeable as you are in the community. Thank you for all that you do!

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