About Gigi

In 2006, a fashion model on contract in Japan, awoke out of deep meditation to a part of herself she thought impossible: herself in another life, on another planet. In the following years, Gigi dedicated herself to exploring and documenting her journey into her celestial origins. During this time, she discovered the deep cosmic dynamics of the soul, celestial spirit guides and the multi-dimensionality of the mind.

In 2008, Gigi expanded her work to the public sphere by creating one of the first channels on YouTube to discuss psychic development and exploration. In 2013, Gigi opened her private consulting practice, offering spiritual guidance and clarity to clients with a wide range of backgrounds, from all over the world.

After nearly 7 years of private consulting, Gigi now teaches psychic development through her online courses and continues to create media that focuses on self discovery, intuition development and psychic lifestyle.

“..It is not just my job to look at the higher dimensional strings that are pulling you along, it is my job to help you navigate them; to help you move into your highest potential. Intuitive readings fall flat if they are merely a series of predictions with no deep knowledge or guidance behind them. It is my job to help provide clarity on where you are right now and where you have been and then bring the focus on how to align yourself into your highest potential..”