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Inner Mystic Series

Is it time to get your intuitive juices flowing? If so, you are in the right place. Join Gigi on a 6 week, self-guided video series to deeply connect with your intuition.

• 28 On-Demand Video Lessons (10+ hours)
• 1 Companion Guide (PDF Document)
• 2 Meditations (MP3)
• Access to Discussion Forums
• Monthly Group Live Q&A w/Gigi

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This course deeply explores how to develop our intuition with over 10 hours of video lectures and exercises. Follow along with your in depth PDF manual that includes an index and complete video summaries. Also included is a monthly live group Q&A, forums and two meditations. The topics covered in this series are the psychic senses (what they are and how to integrate them), spirit guides, key dynamics about connecting with higher dimensional energy, psychic history and much more!

Is there a limited amount of spaces or time to enroll? What is the schedule for the lessons?

No, there is not a limited amount of spaces or time to purchase the initial 90 day enrollment. Since this is a completely self-guided course, there is no set schedule and you have access to the material 24/7. The video lessons are pre-recorded and can be streamed at your own pace. The live Q&A chat is scheduled once per month, however, video archives of the monthly livestreams will also be available within your account.

What course material is included?

You will receive 28 online video lessons that will be available to be viewed (streamed) immediately after purchasing. In addition to the video lessons, this particular course includes 3 files that will be available for you to download, including a companion guide (PDF) and 2 meditations (MP3)

What else is included with enrollment?

In addition to the course material listed above, once enrolled, you will have 90 days to access to the course forums and my monthly live Q&A.

What if I want to view the course material after 90 days?

If you wish to maintain enrollment and/or participate in the forums and live Q&A after 90 days, you will have the option to purchase extended access for $19.95/mo after your initial enrollment has expired.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The course can be purchased with any major credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex) as well as PayPal.

Can I download the video lessons?

No, please be aware that downloading and/or copying the video lessons in any form, is strictly against my TOS. The video lessons are only to be streamed on your computer and/or mobile device. However, you may download the included course files, as mentioned above.

Can I view the course and/or download the companion document on my phone?

Although I recommend using a desktop or laptop computer for the best viewing experience, you should be able to view the course with your phone or tablet, without any issues. However, I highly recommend that you choose a peaceful, quiet setting to take this course. There is no need to rush! Please also keep in mind that you may have issues downloading the included companion document, unless your mobile device has a PDF-viewing app that allows you to save PDF files. There are many apps available, but I recommend either Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Do you offer any discounts or split payments?

Sorry, I am unable to offer any discounts or split/delayed payments for this course.