The Andromedan Galaxy vibrates to the tone of divine masculine energy, all light filtered through Andromeda is aligned to its unique masculine expression and all beings incarnated into that reality have a soul theme of deeply exploring the dynamics of the masculine polarity. As you may know, all life is expressed through the oscillating pulse of the divine masculine and the divine feminine, this dynamic is mirrored throughout this universe. The Milky Way (feminine) and Andromeda (masculine) are simply a galactic expression of this principal.

Due to this symbiotic relationship the Andromedan galaxy holds many keys to our Milky Way galaxy. Many of the questions we have here are answered and lived out in perfect harmony there.

Even though Andromeda is a separate galaxy there are many souls here who are part of that conglomerate and are emissaries of that energy. Perhaps you, the reader, came in one of the many migrations that occurred through the cycles of time that overlapped to create openings in which the Milky Way and Andromedan peoples merged.

Each moment the Andomedan galaxy spirals closer and closer to the milky way representing an eventual complete union of these polarities. Of course, life will be at another stage when that happens in our 3D plane. It will serve simply as a symbolic integration but will be felt in unison within all the hearts of the souls connected to both galaxies.

Many individuals within the Andromedan galaxy view the milky way as the great womb; a gestation place for souls to express themselves amongst great diversity. It is the fertile ground where all universal themes are consolidated. As you know many of the stories on Earth, and within the milky way at large, are simply dynamics that were alive within the universe as a whole. The Milky Way, and of course Earth, is a very timely fractal of this greater story. Everything is a fractal and peace within the hearts and minds of Earth and the Milky way galaxy represents universal harmony.

At very specific times within the undulating ribbons of time portals open allowing andomedan ‘seeds’ (souls) to flow in. These portals open not through force or manipulation, they appear naturally via the pure magnetics and resonance as part of the unwavering intelligent design of the universe. These seeds that are drawn through the portals represent specific aspects of the masculine consciousness that are to come alive and create structure, inspiration and energy for the new cycle. Over time many Andromedan souls have come here and assisted in holding the divine balance between the polarities of masculine and feminine. The current wave of Andromedan souls to come through have come to help the divine feminine remember who she is, and how powerful she can be.

To be clear it is not that all souls within the milky way incarnational story are feminine, it is that they are incarnated within a primarily feminine rhythm. The structures that can be created here within the milky way adhere to feminine qualities and energy of this galaxy is more feminine in it’s overall tone. On a galaxy level this currently translates into a heart based, surrendered, receptive, flow, or the energy of Earth.  The energy within the Milky way is more dense and deep compared to Andromeda and manifestation happens much slower.

Overall, the Andromedan and Milky way are connected via story and matter. Their rhythms are synchronized and complimentary. They are counterparts and symbolic representations within this universe of masculine and feminine expression.


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  1. Cool! I am an astronomy buff who has read that Andromeda and the Milky Way galaxies will eventually collide (maybe 5 billion years from now)so this resonates on multiple levels. You are a fount of inspiration, thank you!

  2. I’m not sure if this pertains to me but my energy seems to be different than everyone else around me. Very grateful for your wisdom and insight.xoxo

  3. Great read, but I don’t understand because it seems like the energy on this plant is mainly masculine. Most people seem to be more in a masculine energy, (go getter, get things done, logical thinking) then being receptive and more in the feminine energy.

  4. Great piece! Love your posts & videos! Is there anyway of finding out if you have found your twin flame which planet we came from or if we came from seperate planets?

  5. I am actually studying one of the planets out there! 🙂
    The people that live there are called the Selherrians. I’ve already made one video on it and am gearing up for a second. Currently I’ve already got a drawing for their planet and what they look like. It’s exciting that someone else is also looking at this! 🙂

  6. very interesting as always! tho i hate the use of the words masculine and feminine

    1. Thank you! You know, there just isn’t any other way to describe it without losing the meaning. But I definitely hear you.

  7. Amazing post. Thank you! I don’t know why, but I really really want to know more about the Adromedan people. Can you tell more about this, or have you already done that somewhere?
    Since I was a little kid I always found everything that had to do with aliens very interesting. I wish I knew what my connection is with ET’s. I am learning to channel, so soon enough I’ll find out 😀
    Thank you for your blog and your video’s. I love it!
    Much love to you from Inge (The Netherlands)

    1. Hello Inge!

      Thank You for your support and congratulations on becoming a channel! I will be posting more information on the Andromedans in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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