Human Beings are a consolidation race. We contain the genetics of many ET’s, I have spoken about this in my reverse reptilian agenda video, and several others. We are a conglomerate of A LOT of different DNA.

DNA is a story, it carries ancestral karma, and when we choose physical DNA we choose to embed our soul in those dramas so that we can over come them. In a sense by creating this human race with all of this vast DNA we are the vehicles of intense galactic reconciliation. What else can you do when you have opposing aspects inside of you but find the divine, the one true perspective, the one energy that unifies all?

It also needed to be a 3d race because 3d beings can carry more separate fractals. We can see this in the ascension cycle where we are forced to reconcile ourselves to move into higher realities.

This is why we are watched, and loved like family by many ET’s, we ripple back to them their own healing and expansion. This also why some creepy ET’s wish to enslave or dominate, they wish to feed off of our intense latent power. Other races have feared us and considered us unpredictable because our intense opposing storylines (within our DNA) made us seem chaotic. This has been mentioned by the beings from Agartha- they watch from a safe distance.

Further, each individual human being has different varieties of genetics and connections with ET’s physically and then of course incarnationally on a soul level. We won’t fully understand much of this until we can drop our division (belief in racism, sexism, etc.). There are many variables at play but I assure you that every time you transcend a negative thought, forgive, feel love instead of fear, you carry the torch for many. To do so with such a contradictory smattering of DNA, or stories, is an enviable task.

We also have access to immense truth, specific truth that other races in the galaxy do not. Human beings will eventually rise to speak about peace and reconciliation through impossible resistance and darkness. We will become the encoded race for this. We will have specific teachable details, not just energy, to offer.

P.S. We can also throw away the spiritual theories that Earth is ‘Kindergarten’ because you do not see souls take on this level of diversity unless they know a thing or two.


  1. Ashley December 1, 2016 at 3:41 pm

    I would love to hear more from you about Agartha.
    This is a new subject for me and I find it fascinating!

  2. Mike November 28, 2016 at 12:03 am

    I always appreciate your uncanny ability to see the bigger picture. You are one of the few people who seem to be able to turn the clockwork in my head. If this veil ever lifts, a definite part of it is going to be because you are on the spiritual frontline making it happen. Keep em coming Gigi!

  3. D.W.Sage November 25, 2016 at 6:53 am

    Thank you so much for this message! It’s important to remind ourselves that we (as humans) aren’t a helpless and powerless child. Yiur words in this topic are always refreshing. Thank you.

  4. Matthew DaCosta November 24, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    Hi Gigi, great article. A thought to ponder, which I’ve been pondering:

    It is of course proven that the Earth and each one of us were created from the elements set forth into the cosmos by a ton of supernovae billions of years ago, so therefore we are literally made from the energy once found within massive stars. Now, if we are to look at a supernova say, 4 trillion light years away, we are technically seeing only right now the explosion which really occurred 4 trillion years ago. With that said..

    Is it possible that when looking at the stars, and especially when we catch a supernova, we are looking at ourselves, in the distant past, and essentially where our DNA picked up more information as it made its way through the universe, star by star, galaxy by galaxy, dimension by dimension? Therefore, could our galactic neighbors and ET friends communicating with us actually just be us, in another now, another dimension, another frame of reference to time altogether? Basically, could all ET races we perceive as higher beings/more advanced merely be OUR higher selves reaching out to us (think: movie, Interstellar..)? Or to dive even deeper, could we as humans, as we wake up and our DNA starts to remember all that it is, be “creating” these ETs on our own, as our semi-subconscious way to try and reconnect with all that deep down we know we truly are?

    We are all one, yet we are each unique, but are we merely one soul that is mirroring itself in such an amazing way on this planet, dimension, and beyond, because we are the source at the highest level and have an incredibly healthy addiction to the art of creation? I think your video about your experience with the blue orb might hold some clues to this ponderance..?

    Anywho, these are just some ideas that have been floating around in my head the past few months or so.. Thanks for all your insight, and I look forward to your thoughts on this!


  5. Alex November 23, 2016 at 9:57 pm

    So earth is like grad school or something?

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