Hey Gigi,

I am an energy healer and intuitive. I love my work but I find that I get exhausted after working with people. Last weekend I was quite busy and after my last few sessions I went straight to bed and slept. What does this mean? Why am I so drained? Are people taking energy from me or am I absorbing theirs? How can I stop this from happening?

– Jeanene

Hello Jeanene,

This is a really common occurrence, especially when you deal directly with people. Here are a few things to consider that may help you get to the bottom of why you feel so exhausted.

Are you doing what you love?

The first thing that needs to be addressed is whether you are doing a job the represents your life theme; or in other words, do you truly love doing this work? Are you generally more energized by this work or are you drained most of the time? Many times we can go through releasing periods within our personal life that can make this type of work more challenging until we move through it.

However, if you feel like your work takes more from you than it gives, then you may be focused in the wrong direction. Perhaps it is time for you to expand into another career that is more representative of who you truly are. Keep in mind that your life purpose is an evolution and your career will be too.  In order to feel energized we need to be inspired, and if we are not inspired by our work we will feel drained or constantly want to take vacations from it. This is a red flag.

If that is the case, figure out what you genuinely enjoy doing, and begin making reasonable steps to transition into it. No matter where you are, you can begin to make plans to transition into your ideal job, even if it is just as simple as reading books about it at first. You have a purpose in this life, which will give you energy and inspire you. If you are not fulfilling that purpose, you will have less energy and be uninspired. It is that simple.

Do you have conflicting belief systems about your work?

If you are doing what you love and just having difficulty with energy levels or focus, you may have conflicting beliefs about your work or your ability to do the work you are doing. Although these conflicting beliefs are mainly subconscious, they can be exhausting. Even though we mentally understand that certain belief systems don’t serve us they may still have deep emotional roots. Eventually, as we expand, they can be triggered to come forward causing us to be in an inner state of conflict or paralysis. Many times these conflicting belief systems just below the surface can manifest as physical exhaustion. It is tiring to be split between different belief systems.

Many times the split belief systems involve thoughts and feelings that are unsupportive. For example, you may know that your life purpose is to work with others but you may still have anxiety about what others think about you. Or, you may feel that you are not as good as other people who do the same thing. Even though you feel deeply that you are doing what you love, there are still competing belief systems that create friction. This friction is exhausting. It will help to understand the internal conflict that is coming forward, and we can do this by asking our higher-selves in a meditation to show us what inner happenings are creating the drain. This reflection is part of the natural release process, which we are all called on to do in order to expand. Many times exhaustion happens when our belief systems become too heavy for the ways in which we are evolving. 

It may also be helpful to know, that just like everyone else healers and intuitives go through shifts. We are human and we grow.  These expansion phases are times where we release belief systems and traumas that no longer serve us. We gain more insight and understanding, and we become more precise vehicles of light. As we move through these phases we may be more vulnerable to certain energies from others that accentuate our inner conflict. It doesn’t mean you are on the wrong track or a bad healer, it just means that until you are finished processing, you may need to be more surrendered as you work. You may need to go into more of a trance and ask your guides and higher self to guide you more strongly.

Lastly, pay attention to how you feel about what you do. Sometimes we can have stubborn belief systems about our life purpose. Many times we are raised to believe we can’t do what we love, that there has to be some level of sacrifice involved for our work to be respectable. Or, perhaps we have been told that metaphysical work is wacky or fraudulent and it is shameful to be involved in it. All of these ideas scar our heart and prevent us from going as deeply into our art as we would like.


Lastly, just like our emotional system gets sluggish if we are carrying things that no longer serve us, so does our physical body. Lightening up your eating and perhaps detoxifying can allow your subtle bodies to flow much smoother. Everything is connected and a well-hydrated, well-exercised, well-fed body is going to have more energy.

Please leave a comment if you have any further insight or experience that may be useful on this topic. Thanks for reading!


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