Rising and Falling in the Tower of Babel

La nuit de Walpurgis - Constantin Nepo

We are entering another Tower of Babel moment in society where communication is deteriorating, not because people are not being clear, but because so many people are more interested in validating their own beliefs rather than entering a necessary phase of ego death.

What joins us as a diverse and complex beings is the desire and ability to see others as teachers that have innate value no matter their circumstance, or particular designation, in life. To understand the primary truth: that we walk this earth in a hall of mirrors, each situation that falls in front of our eyes having a layer of personal illusion that must first be mitigated to unlock the more objective cosmic truth beneath.

When we get to a point in society where we become lazy and desire to compel people to believe what we believe, to compel people to take on our worldview as their own, we enter a phase of social decline, a phase of death. We no longer value that person’s sovereignty and thus by default insult our own.

This phase of decline is initiated because a large portion of humanity no longer feels it is possible to be vulnerable and see their worldview, or belief system, as potentially flawed. They no longer strive to connect with the present moment and be changed by it; but rather seek to somehow validate and control the present moment. They try to control the moment by attempting to make it the past, specifically the past that they are so deeply trapped in through trauma and pain. The unresolved trauma in the past has made them frozen in it, always calling them back. Blind to the objective cosmic patterns that exist in the present moment.

Image: Crone Confidence

They have forgotten that expanding into someone else’s ideas does not mean the loss of the self, but rather unlocking deeper elements of the self. When we know ourselves, our heart and unique essence, we can stand in the most wild or wicked ideas and break them down into something relevant, or break them down to a distinct process within creation that is useful. We are not blinded by the shadow, frozen by it, but rather see it is a tool of playful, necessary discovery. We can expand into other peoples worlds and minds without feeling the deep fear of losing the self. That is the definition of human mastery, and it is why we came here.

When the tower of Babel appears and we reach this level of hardness and duality the very spirit of earth is diminished, as at this point Earth is no longer a school but rather seen as an ultimate realm in its own right. We must not lose that sense of humility and flexibility that keeps us connected, not only with each other, but to the higher realms and the God-force itself. Only when we can see people who challenge our worldview as primarily useful and a necessary element of human evolution can we get back on track.

I will leave this post with a prayer and some closing thoughts. A prayer that will perhaps allow us to re-wire our hearts and minds to a higher place, the thought process we had before the fall: As we come across those that we disagree with, may we see their process as having value, even if the value is simply that they are in the process of illusion. If we should we see people in that lowered state may we not reject them or attempt to humiliate them but rather rise and hold space for them. May we do so from a playful and humble space and the realization that perhaps we are incorrect. May we have the power to embrace being re-oriented if we discover that we are.

May we hold a quiet space for people lost in shadow. May we fill it with the pure spirit of compassion, love and kindness. May we do this with the high and pure knowing that we are but ships passing in the night and that even these simple invisible prayers calm the toughest hearts and build invisible bridges. May these quiet intentions become seeds in a garden we can all one day walk in and be in awe of its beauty and mystery.

May we develop an appreciation for the unseen and come to value emotion and spirit just as much as the material planes. Knowing that each thought and feeling feeds a collective consciousness we all share and experience while we are incarnated here.

May we return to a state of playful and expansive vulnerability with each other, and may we recognize these states within us as the true return to Eden.

May we have the bravery to do this with each other even though the tower is crumbling, even though all that we seem to see around us is darkness.

May we have the strength to become light during these times rather than match the darkness that pounds on our door trying to convince us it is the ultimate truth. May we do this even though it feels impossible. Or, may we learn to do this because it feels impossible.

Through this work may we realize that this is why we are here, to do this exact process with each other. To understand that heaven begins from the process of alchemy within all human beings. From honoring specific emotional and mental conditions that elevate us. May we remember that the treatment of ourselves and others creates heaven or hell in this world. That it is the core nature of our words, and quality of our heart and mind, that bring heaven here. Heaven, or hell,  is first reflected in our inner world and then is overlaid here by our actions over time.

La nuit de Walpurgis – Constantin Nepo

Humanity stands on the edge now, on the precipice of both a fall and a rise. The tower of Babel has risen from the sands of time and we are now walking within its hallways again. However, we will not fall and rise together, entirely as a group. It is up to the individual to decide if they will fall or they will rise. The experience is shared but the outcome is unique to the person.

A new earth awaits and is seeded by the dreams and visions of the evolving humans. A lower earth is also forming representing the beliefs and visions of the devolving humans. And while this is difficult to accept, remember that we are the creators, the masters, and we create our worlds. This is as much a liberating concept as it is an alarming one. And as we realize this a great sense of freedom and individuality rises and clashes with a primal   fear and a desire to hide in the safety of group consciousness. We once again face the the fear of leaving the childhood phase and enter the phase of the independent, responsible adult.

May we have the strength to recognize this transitional phase for what it is, and may we transform with it. May we experience a return of freedom, creativity and peace in our being knowing that we don’t all share the same future, but are rather in a state of aligning with the precise future that represents our current state of awareness.

May this realization lessen the conflict in society as we realize there is no need to compel one another into belief systems to create peace or order. There is no reason to compel or coerce minds in any way, for we are not sharing the same world and never really have. The current experience of a shared world is temporary. Not only that, our current shared 3d world is an image of higher worlds (and forces) and thus it mirrors, or is informed by their dominant, universal laws and patterns. What is out of alignment with sovereignty there is also out of alignment here. Earth does not have separate laws, it is simply an exact lower density expression of higher worlds. When we avoid this truth we fall and we place ourselves as gods rather than aligning with our higher-self and rising.

As we find ourselves walking through the stairwells of Babel, may we see that we are walking upwards, rising and climbing. Or, may we notice that we are, again, falling, descending and lowering ourselves. Dividing and splitting into unrecognizable forms, shadows of ourselves. And as this last phase turns and turns may we align ourselves with our spiritual path and identity and remember that within every fall there is a rise. That it is our choice, that we have been here before.


  1. wild-flowers says:

    Revisiting this on thanksgiving. Another year older, noticing my gratitude for life expands more as my years grow short. Happy Turkey Day 2023 ????. I’m very grateful to have found you Gigi.

  2. ireadtoomuch says:

    Hi. I, too stand corrected. I think, tho, that for me this was / is “a phase”. A step along the way. (I will need to reread several times bcuz i always feel guilty first time around ????)

    What i mean by this is the shock i felt by becoming aware of what has been ongoing here on earth EXCEPT at the same time as being confronted by the extreme reset push to control humanity. And being alone with it.

    The next typical desire is to enlighten everyone else! The inner discussions I had with myself. And I respect and honor those with completely different mindsets. I believe if u believe that by covering your face keeps u safe or safer, along with accepting internal concoctions, I honor this. Along with people coerced to do so to see their loved ones.

    I felt frozen by the shock that i might be forced against my will to take into my physical form a concoction I know I don’t want, and to warn others to at least look at information available at that time (now wiped). I suppose the most difficult was the shock was the loss of a good friend. And it was ME who couldn’t accept her pov. An intuitive strong woman! Her, not I.

    Anyhow the processing from this event is ongoing for me in so many ways. The anxiety and fears that dogged my entire life and thought of as cleared and laid to rest have risen anew. Ie the layers of the onion skin.

    And I’ve come full circle realizing there’s no where to go “out there”. I realized there’s now a deeper level of “within” to allow and embody.

    If anyone relates I’d luv to connect here! ????

  3. Paul H Hollister says:

    A wonderful lesson i now see my opinions should be kept to myself and not imposed on others

  4. valio2278 says:

    When the student is ready the Master appears and after many years of searching you came into my life. And so I profoundly thank you. Love, Elio.

  5. maryxy1 says:

    Remarkably rich offerings, Gigi, thank you for your work.

  6. Paula Crean says:

    I love this so much.

  7. aetius says:

    Thank you. Just that. I’ve read this entry not with my eyes, but with all my heart and mind. Sometimes we meet life altering, life changing persons, words. This happened to me.

    Be blessed.

  8. cali0519 says:

    Wow, this message came to me at the perfect time and provided me with an overwhelming sense of comfort and peace. This is exactly what I needed. Your writings and videos have been helping me to make so many connections that I have been struggling to articulate on my own. Thank you <3

  9. Dushawn says:

    I was wondering when are you going to do earth people and air people in astrology I can’t wait HONESTLY have a nice day too

  10. pi_seas says:

    Your points here resonate with me. While reading your ideas about this subject I suddenly remembered our interpretations come from translations of past accounts of experiences and observations, and that what is meant by “people spoke the same language” is that they were in a state of homogenous group thinking. It means everyone was mirroring the same limitations which was enough to remain members of the society yet inadequate for resolving societal challenges of their time that would have required taking that step beyond social mirroring into real innovative thinking and creativity.

  11. Martha says:

    I find this to be a message of great reassurance and comfort, Gigi. To be read again and again as we negotiate these times! Thank you!

  12. roseglowmorrow says:

    super on point! what you say about we are all “in a state of aligning with the precise future that represents our current state of awareness” reminds me of some of the potential consequences of quantum sciences… which people loooove to misunderstand and use for whatever their belief already is in the new age world.

    But I read that quote and personally I think of multiverse theories that basically place us constantly moving through probabilities of different universes that are splitting off at all times with every decision we make… super interesting!!

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