Six Things That Happen When You Connect With Spirit


1) Your Body Heats Up

It is very common, especially in the beginning of connecting with your guides or channeling, for your body’s temperature to rise. It is quite possible you may begin sweating through your shirts when you begin connecting, you may noticed an intuitive or two doing this on stage when they channel for a live audience.

When I first began doing sessions with people I would flush completely and feel an influx of energies surging through me. It took me a few months to feel at peace with this new experience, but as I did my temperature went back to normal. Feeling heat is nothing to be concerned about as this is how our body responds to heightened focus as well as the actual interfacing with  higher worlds. As you continue to surrender to the process your body’s response will become more manageable.

2) Speaking in Tongues

Once you make a connection with spirit and information begins to pour in, our first instinct is to begin expressing or translating that energy. This may take the form of strange sounds, tones or even beautiful songs that seem to be in another language. This is not necessarily the case for everyone as it depends on your personality. If you fancy yourself a musician or are particularly inspired by sound this may be especially true for you. There are even individuals like Tom Kenyon and Lisa Gerrard who use this skill to create beautiful transcending music. Spirit tends to speak loudest  through the channels we use most and if yours is sound and music then this may be an experience you can look forward to having!

3) Mudras and Movements

Just as we find ourselves making sounds as we enmesh with our higher selves, we can also begin moving our bodies to express the rhythm of the energy as it moves through us. Flowing, twitchy or rhythmically rocking and swaying our body may feel natural when connecting to spirit. This can be accompanied by strange feelings within your body such as: lightness, creepy crawlies, tingling, sinking, expanding, floating, releasing/pushing out or even a sensation of coming together or drawing in of your energy. You may experience all of these at some point within your connection practice. These funny sensations are your higher energies bringing your consciousness back to centre, this re-alignment happens naturally as you align with your higher-self.

With focus you can also begin to use the movement of your body as a way to interpret messages from your guides. For example, world renowned channeler Esther Hicks one day found herself tracing letters with her nose when she was just beginning to connect with Abraham. This was an impulsive movement that she wasn’t initially aware that she was making. It turned out that the letters spelled out Abrahams name and in that realization she was able to form a precise connection with her guide(s). Speaking of letters, automatic writing is another popular way to communicate with your guides using inspired movement.

4) Anxiety or Panic.

Waves of anxiety are not exactly what we think of when connecting with our guides, but in reality it happens more often than we’d care to admit. As we release ourselves into the void we can feel very triggered. We are used to spending the majority of our day in mind and when we leave that level of awareness we can feel unsafe. This is accentuated by the fact that connecting with our higher-self means letting go of control, we cannot be actively analyzing our experience and expect to have an authentic connection, it takes openness, surrender and trust to have a significant experience. Being confronted with letting go can bring up all sorts of control issues that we may not have even realized we had. Your mind can’t come everywhere with you, when your soul knocks you have to leave it at the door.

It should also be mentioned that diving into the unseen world also jostles up our fear of the unknown. We naturally begin to project our worst case scenarios when we have no idea how something works. This is a primitive protection mechanism that we must override. We can also observe this when we fear the dark, as soon as those lights go out we begin to project our fears onto the darkness.

In reality this dynamic is very significant to our soul’s journey, part of our purpose is to re-connect with our higher dimensional selves, and it is through this process that we learn to give in to the all knowing element of our awareness that helps us express our most divine path on this planet. We learn how to use our awareness in its highest capacity and to traverse the non physical and therefore physical plains fearlessly.

Surrendering and listening is just as important as action and speaking.

5) Entering a Trance State

Relaxing and streamlining your focus naturally places you in a trance state. This means that you may zone out and lose your perception of time, your body or even the room you are in. Don’t be intimidated by this as it is the beginnings of peering into the higher worlds, you begin to disassociate here as you associate there. It can help greatly to imagine strong tree roots anchoring you down into the Earth as you stretch up into the cosmos. Let yourself stepping this deep focus and know that your guides are there with you to get the most out of it.

6)  Lots of Emotions

It is very common to feel strong emotions when you begin to open up to your heart and soul. This deeper focus allows layers of emotions to finally speak in the open space you have provided. Meditation and intuition development is as much a purification of the heart as it is gaining cool abilities and exploring higher realms.

Our higher self will ask us to move through trauma and own our joy as we ask it to connect us with our highest self. The more we authentically connect with spirit the more  we are called to become lighter and more coherant. To have a solid connection we need to become emotionally functional and there is no room to have closets full of pain and fear. We will be called to become honest experiencers and expressers of our emotional world and in turn our emotional world will become a profound language of spiritual communication.

I hope you enjoyed this list.  Now get out there and connect!


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  1. This helped so much
    I wish I knew these from the beginning because I initially stopped channeling because of these symptoms
    Coming to peace with them has greatly affected my experiences ❤️

  2. Gigi, in the beginning stages of my curiosity you became present to me. Now, I am at a point where its all meshing and experiences are happening. In those moments of being aware and releasing the old me, your words are left without judgment. You, your work are reappearing to me in the present moment. The questions first had, although still the same, are coming from a deeper level and I just want to say thank you for allowing me to connect the dots. Namaste.

  3. Thank you so much! Comforting to know it’s all normal and we don’t have to be afraid.

  4. Wow the questions I had in my mind this morning I found the answer here! I was having these floaty meditation and my body was swaying and twitching too! Sometimes my head and body was pulled into different directions I found it so funny! Once I said it in my mind, why don’t you pulled me to the front since you have done almost all directions, and then it happened! haha. Oh well your info on the mudras and movement explained it! Thank you!

  5. hi J

    Wow, that’s exactly how i feel!
    Thank you for your advice and the kind words that’s really nice of you 🙂

  6. Hey Gigi,

    You’ve helped me so much with what you do! Before i started watching you’re videos i was really scared of spirituality and ‘negativity’
    it came to the point that i couldn’t sleep at night for years..
    Now i look at it differently and that feels so much better 🙂
    I’ve been depressed for so long, I think since i was 14. My childhood wasn’t that great. now I’m 20 years old and i am not depressed anymore. But it is still hard for me at times to stay balanced because i never had any guidance of my parents. I want to meditate when i feel sad but i am too scared to do it, and i am scared that strange things are going to happen if i meditate or connect with my guides. (i know that’s not true, but that’s how i feel) I do feel my guides around me.. they give me a lot of signs! haha.. Sometimes i feel like I’m this child who is so afraid of this world and that gives me anxiety. I just wanna feel at peace with myself and i wanna feel save again. My question is how can i feel save and at peace with myself, i really don’t know where to start. And what is your opinion on this..
    I’m sorry if my english isn’t that great, I’m from the Netherlands..
    I love watching and reading your stuff so thank you 🙂

    1. hi M,
      Just feel compelled to reply to you because I read your comment and could feel that I relate to it a lot – especially the part where you feel like a child who is afraid of the world. I was depressed for a long time – it was officially recognised when I was 16 but I think it started a lot longer than that. I don’t get as stuck in it anymore but it has been a journey. Depression does that to you right? I’m 22 now. I sometimes look at other people and think how on earth they survive, even doing mundane things that everyone does, like holding down a normal salary job, just seems terrifying to me. I wouldn’t call myself dysfunctional at all – it’s likely that people around me would say that I keep it together, etc, but I just feel I have a deep seated sense of anxiety, like I’m just not cut out for the world, like I just can’t handle it. Sometimes it’s like the world isn’t real.
      What’s helped me though is meditating on a certain feeling, with no expectation – just the pure joy of feeling. Just meditating on the feeling of safety, using imagery if that helps to trigger the feeling. One time I imagined that I was being cradled by an all knowing benevolent being that loved me unconditionally, and had it all figured out for me, and I just cried because I was so overwhelmed by the love. I am also comforted by the fact, the feeling, that everything is already done, there is no hurry, if you can imagine it then it is already done, and that if you choose your direction, life/universe/you will take you there. Also that you are not your thoughts or your emotions; you can choose them and all it takes is practice to make it effortless. 🙂 And remember you are supported and loved so much, even if you don’t see it or feel it. But it is always there waiting to be let in by you 🙂

  7. I first began realizing there is more to being a Christian, or maybe that’s just an easier word than what I consider being a Chrisitan is. For me, it’s personal and simple. Being true to your heart like when you know you shouldn’t be doing something is my interpretation of being a Christian. I do believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins but I also believe spirituality is more than some want to explore. So, my intention was to meet my Higher Self. I joined a group who would all medidate together from all over the world. I could never quite get there. A few times I saw just a hand and no more. No one in my group would tell me anything about my Higher Self careful of inflicting expectations. I had been trying and trying through meditation and felt myself getting closer but then I was meditating and was completely surrendering. Then, suddenly an overwelming feeling of fear came over me. I didn’t understand this because mediating had always felt comforting to me. Then, I became even more fearful when I tried to end my session but could not. I was frozen. It was only a few moments but have never understood what this was or how it could be happening since I never doubted my intentions and always felt very positive and excited about what I wanted. I stopped for a time and tried but have never found the answer for that experience. Still, I haven’t given up. I love meditating at night before going to sleep always hoping to connect to my guides and higher self. I ask Arch Angel Michael and all my angels to protect me, my home, pets, and children all the time. Why do I feel stuck? I feel like I am disconnected from everyone, almost like I’m different and people do not know how to connect with me. By now you may have a feeling whats going on based on my symptoms and I think I know too. I have 3 grown children. I hasn’t spoken to me for over 10 years after kicking him out of the house at 21yrs old with no job or plans, my daughter says things to me that are just mean, brutally mean. I have begged her not to but that only fuels her to be more cruel toward me, and my youngest son is an addict with an un-natural attachment to me. I love him, of course, but his problems are almost like a heavy weight that has finally worn be down. Still, I have not lost hope to become more spiritual. I already know my intuition is keen and I use it often. I also have some other kind of gift that I don’t understand. Sometimes I have conversations with people and out of nowhere I’m overcome with knowing exactly what they need to be told. Its always with such wisdom and in a way they understand and are in awe of what I’m saying. I don’t see the future or anything like that, and it doesn’t happen all the time but when it does, I just know this person needs to hear what I tell them. I wish I understood all of this and I don’t think I fear it. I wish I could understand why those I love feel they need to attack me. I keep to myself and try not to get into their business and do my best not to make them mad and yet, I do. I told my daughter she was being mean and because I told her that she has blocked me and told me to stay out of her life. She is having her first child in a few weeks that I won’t get to be a part of. I don’t understand how someone I raised can be like that. My sisters are the only ones who truly know me and my goodness. They don’t understand either.

  8. This is exactly what I was looking for, I stumbled on to your videos and have watched almost all of them. I got the book you suggested yest. Opening to Channel. I feel such a strong calling to heal & Channel. I have been trying so hard to connect to a guide, I am probably annoying them but I’m keeping it fun and being patient. Thanks so much <3 I look forward to every little tip/suggestion you give.

  9. Gigi your articles are so explanatory and perfect for those yearning to explore further. Thank you for taking the time and energy to educate those who are so willing to learn. ? ❤️

  10. This couldn’t come at a better time for me. What about pressure in the chest and heavy breath? There has been a shift with me and I definitely feel a presence. Sometimes I feel energy flow through the back of my crown and down the back of my neck. There is also a knot in my throat. I am a psychotherapist and when I’m talking to a client, I’ll get the pressure in my chest and heavy breath which makes it hard to speak. It makes me think spirit is trying to channel through me. Is there a difference in the way spirit connects if you verbally channel directly? Also, when I first started opening up a year ago, I had ear pain. The ear pain has come back in the last few days. Is this normal? I have felt my guides for about a year now, but haven’t felt this presence before until 3 days ago. I haven’t actually been able to communicate yet. I am a confused newbie. Sorry this is long, just hoping for some guidance here. Thanks!

    1. Hello Ty,

      Many times this pain and heaviness in the chest represents some emotional energy that needs to be released, could be grief. This emotional heaviness could be preventing you from expressing yourself authentically and leading to the blockage in the throat. Have you been wanting to take a more spiritual direction with your practice by any chance?

      – Gigi

      1. Yes! Actually I call myself a transpersonal therapist now. I’m in an area that is conservative and provide psychotherapy from the standpoint that we are energy and connected. I don’t actually advertise this yet until the appointment and only if I sense they are open. Thanks for answering my comment. I’ve done a ton of self work and know this is an ongoing process. Yesterday I came out of a meditation very emotional. The reason why was answered in your blog. Thank you!❤️?

        1. Oh good! I am glad that you have owned that! Good work. I am glad that this provided clarity for you. I will add though that it is safe to rise into who you are. You may feel called to come out more and more into your spiritual work, you are ready. People will begin to seek you out particularly for that.

          Thanks for stopping by,


          1. Thanks Gigi, that is encouraging. I am a little worried?. Ty

  11. Thank you Gigi! As usual you have given a beautifully clear logic and understanding to a process that many people must be wondering or confused about. Your words have really given me fresh insight and are so helpful. Thank you sooooo much.

    1. Thank you god i received when I connect with the spiritual is when Iam with electrical thing

  12. Thanks Gigi ,
    it happened once to my , and never again , and I do not know why

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