The Boats From Venus


I found this photo randomly. If it’s yours let me I will gladly credit you.


When the moon has turned black and inward toward her velvet silence, and the sea breathes his back and forth lullaby, seven small boats full of Venusians are gently pushed out to into the sea. They are anchored in place. A small braided rope holds each one within a wide radius. Each little boat contains one tightly bundled person on their backs, blankets tucked under their chin, with scented night flowers scattered atop them. If you didn’t already know, on Venus, flowers bloom and glow at night, a constant reminder that the internal world is birthing new creations whether or not we care to look.


The boats full of Venusians, rising and falling in total darkness, are not simply there for a good night’s sleep, they are not part of a strange game, they are using the ebb and flow of the water to become lost in a meditative trance. This is a tradition that was sung to them from the seven stars of Pleiades, a world where many of their traditions seem to have begun. Before then it is said to have come from the tall elves that arrived one evening through a bright silver light. After Venus, the tradition emerged in Lemuria, and eventually evolved to be associated with death in Scandinavia and Egypt.

large-8I found this photo randomly. If it’s yours let me I will gladly credit you.


For the 7 people on the boats, right now it is time to feel their song as they  lose themselves in the ritual of the stars. Their faces bravely expand into total darkness, taking in the light that is breaking through the sky from other worlds. It is known on Venus that every now and again you have to let go of your identity and release yourself to the stars, to the cosmos. You must allow yourself to get lost on the vastness of divine potential. It is a death of sorts. All who are floating dark and alone tonight are experiencing death and re-birth. Only what remains within one’s heart after this merging is what is real.


You see— Venus is a world motivated by the inner language of emotions, intuition, and raw creativity. Venusians know that all of the external material in the world is simply a reflection of their internal world. They view all material manifestations as impermanent and in many cases distractions from the only thing that can really be trusted, the present moment. Even their names change as they change. It is not uncommon to have changed your name five times in your lifetime, each name encompassing and marking a new level of consciousness that has been integrated. There is nothing like changing your name to cut a cord or be reborn through, or, so say the Venusians!

large-9I found this photo randomly. If it’s yours let me I will gladly credit you.


Upon rising the next morning, individuals have an opportunity to share their new name and any lessons that they have learned. Not everyone is so full of words mind you. Some rise on the morning of the new moon and continue to carry its silence- their inner world is not finished speaking. Others are too full of inspiration to stay quiet. They overflow with new realizations and higher connections. Some of this information is personal, and on occasion messages are brought forward for the town or certain individuals.


Now of course, we are from Earth, but the soul is a traveller and has been to many places. So I must ask have you have ever found yourself under a new moon in a little boat on Venus? Did you bathe in the stars until a new name formed within?


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  1. So very beautiful… thank you Gigi. I shall imagine this tonight as I go to bed… I have some Venusian parts, and have been loving diving into my / our galactic heritage through your lectures just discovered. With love & deep gratitude… Illumina Christos

  2. I have done this many times <3 As I have changed my name <3 Always feels so right <3 Thank You for this <3

  3. I was born in new moon and whenever and when is new or crescent moon I feel different in the best way, also had dreams in a temple surrounded by water and the source of MÜ. 🙂
    I started to see your videos two days ago. thanks!

  4. What a lush and familiar read. Thank you. Since a small child I always gazed upon Venus. Not until I was older did I begin to see the web of connections….There is ALWAYS a reason to every thing. Interestingly enough I had a magical dream last night of being inside a beautiful ship/boat in the galaxies…You have given me something delightful to think of….from the pearls of truth (to me).

  5. Very interesting and beautiful 🙂 I have discovered a lot on my journey, just recently I was told that my soul is originally from Venus, Venus is my home planet. Me and my twin and our two children (his son and my daughter) are all 11th dimensional beings from Venus incarnated here on Earth this time to help Mother Gaia during these massive changes. I really love your insight and how you are able to explain things in very easy to understand way. Thank you so much for being you and sharing your insight with us. BTW…the second picture you use in this article is from my country 🙂 Iceland. It is taken in Reynisdrangar, Vík í Mýrdal on the south coast. Magical place and really beautiful 😉 I don’t own the picture, but wanted to let you know where it is from 🙂

    1. Helena and Gigi,
      What a beautiful lyrical piece! I loved reading it; I too was told years ago that me and my daughter were both from Venus. I have received some intuitive impressions and and it makes sense when I remember many of my dreams especially from when I was little, but I have not been able to find out much about the Venusians, as there is not as much info out there. Gigi, you mentioned here that the Pleidians came to Venus- was it inhabited before then? Is the best way to learn more by sitting in meditation and requesting to receive more information from them? Helena, I would love to hear more about your experiences with knowledge of Venus…
      Thank you so much Gigi for the incredibly open and honest information that you provide and the warm support you share so freely with us!
      In gratitude,
      Laura L.

      1. Dear Laura, did you read the book ‘From Venus I came’, written by Omnec Onec? A must read!

  6. Thank you for sharing this one!
    I love when you tell this type of stories (also the one on one of your videos, about a new planet with orange beings that got prayed on by some dark beings).

    So much of this resonates with me, and the timing is interesting as I’m (unofficially) adopting a new name. Not being able to (legally) shed a name off has always felt a little too confining to me. It almost feels wrong to use a name that is associated (by me and others from my past) with a part of me that no longer is.
    Up until reading this I thought maybe I’m a little weird for feeling this way, wanting to break ties with my old name. But now I’m just taking this as confirmation 🙂

  7. Gigi, what is your opinion on using binaural beats mp3s to facilitate meditation? Would you be able to produce the same benefits As with more traditional methods? What could be some drawbacks to this approach?

  8. That was an amazing read, i felt like i was there to be honest. After reading Jamie’s comment to you, reminded me of whenever i go to swim in a pool or ocean but mostly ocean, i love to float. I always found it so easy to float and would teach people how to float like me. The moment i would start to float, i would go into a trans and just be so relaxed, i did not realize that till just now. It came so natural to me, of course i would snap out of it because i would hear someone or i would worry that i would just float away to far to get back to the shore lol. Now that i know this i think i am going to make this a practice to try and meditate more, since i have a little trouble doing so. GIGI you are an awesome individual who is inspiring in many ways, i am so glad i came across your youtube.

    1. Floating is hypnotic, it is womb-like to just float, so unravelling. Good luck with your journeying. Thank You for reading and for your support.

  9. Hi Gigi,

    I loved this piece so much and translated it into Chinese to share with my friends. I of course credited you. Didn’t want to be rude, so I am letting you know. I know you probably don’t have many Chinese audience. If you would like to share with your audience anyway I will send you.

    Just want to say thank you so much for all the creative and divine work you are doing. You really inspire me!



    1. Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to do that Vivienne! It means a lot. I am honoured to be part of your journey.

  10. Seems like a place that souls crave for very long time. Would be nice to spend at least day there if not eternity. Thank you for sharing!

  11. I looked in the mirror last night and my own face terrified me. I did not recognize myself and sobbed all night. Thank you for re-connecting me with beauty, I love and needed this.

  12. So beautiful! I remember swimming in the ocean or an outdoor pool and floating at the top with only my face breaking through the surface. I did this intuitively because it felt meditative and strange; I closed my eyes to become more entranced because my ears were under water. It was def an outer body experience. My body was the boat! and maybe when you immerse yourself in these “sense deprivation atmospheres” you can bathe in the the constellation system of your mind. Please write more short stories like this! <3

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