The Magician


One. The Magician by Floriography Tarot. Two. Il Mago by Matteo Arfanotti. Three. Hosteen Coyote (The Magician) by Native American Tarot. Four. Medicine Man by Vision Quest Tarot  Five. The Magician by Tarot of Eden. Six. The Magus by Babylon Tarot. Seven. The Magician by Abby Galloway. Eight. The Magician by  Ancient Tarot of Lombardy.

Key Lessons



Take Control.

Clear Communication.


Take control.

Looking back, the Fool represents the openness that we need to create change while the Magician asks us to harness the energy that comes through us in response to the open space we have created. Once we open ourselves up, the pure essence of our being fills that space which magnetizes to us all that we need to fully embody our greatest potential. That pure essence is represented within the Magician archetype.  During this highly charged time you can shift the tides and create a new momentum. You can do this through aligning with your higher self for inspiration and direction and then following through with willpower and focus. The ability to create change is inside you now and will happen in a direct ratio to how much discipline and awareness you can hold.

In most cards the Magician has a table full of all the suits in the tarot, this symbolizes the fact that all you need to move forward in life is available to you right now. He reminds us to start where we are and use what we have. The infinity symbol lets us know that our power as a creator never waivers and is always available to us.


The Magician indicates that you have a lot of control over the manifestation process at this time. A great deal of creative energy is available for you, the only catch is that you must rise to the occasion and stay conscious and aware in order to channel the energy properly. This is the point within your creative cycle where you are being asked directly “What do you want to create now?”  You have more control than you may think at this time, so be specific and clear in what you are creating as these thoughts and emotions are the template for the future.


In some tarot decks the Magician is referred to as “The Alchemist.” This is to highlight the fact that the Magician is taking something in one state, and through his intention, turning it into another. In our lives we may be asked to transform an emotional trauma into a lesson, negative self talk into inspiration, or a negative habit into a healthful one. You are being asked to turn your lead into gold, or your darkness into light. Now is a time of personal change, make the most of this phase.

Clear Communication.

Mercury is the ruler of the Magician, which indicates that communication is an important aspect of our manifestation process. It is imperative that we be honest with the world and ourselves about our goals and who we are. This allows our life purpose to flow smoothly through us when we shift into powerful manifestation periods. It can help us to tune into the heart and write down exactly what we want in our lives moving forward. This clear communication acts as an anchor for our manifestations to come through. To be powerful creators there needs to be a clear channel of communication between the higher self, heart, and mind.



If you are in a relationship and the Magician comes up you or your partner, one of you may be going through a personal shift that is seeping into your relationship.  This period of growth can help you grow a deeper love between your partner and yourself. The magician card represents a soul bond. There may be something very familiar about this person and the relationship will serve a powerful purpose in your life.

If it is a new relationship and you are wondering whether the connection is strong, this is a good sign. This card represents that there is an aspect of the relationship that is highly reflective for you. This card can appear a lot in individuals who have a soul level connection.

If you are single and looking and see the magician card, it is a very good time to write down the qualities you wish to seek in a partner. You are in a strong manifestation phase. It is time to be specific about what you need in a relationship. This process will help bring focus to your mind and make it easier for your mate to step into your life. Many times if things aren’t manifesting fast enough it may be because you need to get clearer on exactly what you want.


Expand in your purpose.

This is a great card for career. There is the potential for quite a shift at this time. If you are wondering whether or not you are going to advance, this is a very positive energy. The Magician is letting you know that you are moving forward. Now is the time to ask about a promotion, or even seek out a new job. You will find this time especially empowering if your job is in line with your heart, as this clear channel allows the Magician’s energy to come through you in more impactful, deep ways. Remember that you are in control and that the universe is following your lead here.

Personifications of the Magician:

The employee who asked for a promotion and got it.

A carpenter that builds raw logs into finished furniture.

The stay-at-home mom that transformed her body after having kids even though she quit several times.

The entrepreneur that stuck by their unique idea and found success.


When the Magician card shows up imbalanced it indicates that you are in a highly creative cycle, but there are aspects within your consciousness that are stopping you from reaping the full benefits of it.



Lack of will power/focus

Lying to oneself

Blocking manifestation


Blocking manifestation

As a pretty clear symbol of our ability to manifest, the Magician can be letting us know that we are blocking our manifestation. Are you experiencing delays? Do you feel you are in a rut and are not sure how to get out of it? It may be time to re-examine where you are and where you want to be.

Lack of will power/focus

If you find the Magician reversed there may be an area of your life where you really need to apply some discipline. Perhaps it came to mind as soon as you read those words. The energy of the Magician is there for you, which is why he came up in the first place. He is letting you know that in order to have full access to your creative power you need to dig your heels in, commit, and get things done. Keep pushing through when you want to quit. The feeling of wanting to give up simply comes forward when you are facing a challenge that you haven’t won yet and therefore don’t have the immediate answers to solve. The Magician is asking you to get out of your comfort zone and re-commit even though you may be full of doubt and fear.

Lying to oneself

As the Magician archetypal energy needs communication to function, finding him in the reversed may indicate that you are not being honest with yourself. Is there an area of your life where you are projecting too much? Are you refusing to see something for how it truly is because deep down you are afraid you will be hurt? It is important to remember that your real power comes from being completely honest with yourself and others about how you feel.


A traditional and quite literal interpretation for the Magician can indicate manipulation or using your natural abilities for the wrong purpose. The Magician is a great communicator but as the card reverses, this powerful ability to influence may become imbalanced. His ability to read a situation and navigate it may become deceitful. He may begin to use his talents not to help others, but for his own vain advancement. Are you or someone around you falling into this category?


Get back to you for a while.

The Magician reversed in relationship indicates that there are some blocks between you and your partner; your relationship may not be bringing out the best in you. This energy is reminding you to reconnect more deeply with your sense of purpose. You may be losing yourself. Have you been putting your needs aside to keep the peace or using the relationship as an excuse to not fully step into your power?

Communication may also be broken or twisted when the Magician comes up. There may be half-truths or walls up preventing one partner from fully knowing the other.

This energy can indicate some level of manipulation from someone close to you. It will be beneficial to take some time to yourself and figure out what you truly need and want.


Blocked Expression of Natural Abilities

When the Magician appears reversed it indicates that you are not expressing your natural talents properly or that your work environment is not letting you shine. There is a block when it comes to you fully expressing yourself in your work. You may be feeling out of sync. Perhaps you have been going with other people’s rhythm for too long and avoiding your own. You may be feeling pressure to get clear about what you genuinely want from your career. Do you have some latent skills that are not being nurtured? Are there opportunities dying on the vine?

Personifications of The Magician Reversed:

The salesman who uses his warm personality and innate aura of trust to sign people up for products they don’t genuinely need.

The student that quits university at the first sign of challenge, unwilling to tap into their will power and develop discipline.

The girl who is writing a book but keeps sabotaging herself leaving it unfinished.

The employee that continuously let’s everyone get a promotion before them because they aren’t even sure they want to continue for the company.


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  1. “If you are single and looking and see the magician card, it is a very good time to write down the qualities you wish to seek in a partner. You are in a strong manifestation phase. It is time to be specific about what you need in a relationship.”

    This has LITERALLY happened to me in the past. Or rather I manifested it. I was in college working as a student paralegal w several other college students supervised by an attorney and two adult permanent paralegals.

    I used to study at our law office on campus after hours as it was nice and quiet. At the time I was looking for a relationship. I sat down with a yellow legal pad and wrote down exactly what I wanted. I wasn’t trying to manifest anything (just recently became aware of this term). More just thinking through what I wanted in an ideal woman.

    Now comes the weird part. The next morning I come in and all the female staffers are giggling and looking my way. The head attorney and the two permalegals (all women) were openly laughing. I’m like WTF? What’s the joke? The lead attorney/office head then stands up w a yellow pad … Yup.

    I somehow had freaking FORGOTTEN the yellow pad from the night before, (or maybe it was a scrunched up trashed draft that I had put in the trash can. Anyway, the result was the same. MAJOR EMBARASSMENT!!!

    The head of the office proceeds to read aloud my little “wish list.” I was so embarrassed that I actually blushed. The ONLY time in my life that I can recall ever really blushing. I leaped forward and snatched the damning document from the grasp of our bow beaming office head.

    I was a bit brash and cock sure at that stage of my life so I guess I genuinely deserved the ribbing.

    Ok here is the weird part. Yup. I wound up on dates etc. w two of my three single co-Ed. Colleagues. And the best part? For all you “shy” (rejection fearing) guys out there especially? They asked ME out. Unbelievable.

    This is such a stunning example of what Gigi discusses above that I cannot believe I never made the connection previously. It sounds hokey as heck; like a get rich quick scheme or something. But that’s the way it went down. Man, I wish the rest of my dating life had been that easy LOL. (Now married for almost 20 years)

    Anyway, thanks Gigi for another fantastic bit of insight. I am brand new to your teachings/insights and am leaving you all sorts of comments across platforms because ideas or my own insights keep jumping out at different times as I work through your work. (That’s why my little vignette has nothing to do w Tarot per se.)

    Keep it comin sis!

  2. As a conduit for divine energy I think the Magician can also represent the Tarot itself, or any divinitory process. The Fool is outside or ignorant of divination, meditation, telepathy, alchemy, channeling, etc – i.e. magic. Maybe the Fool has glimpsed these things, but for the most part walks through life oblivious to the vast riches and very real perils that abound in-between the play of light and shadow. Becoming the Magician is the requisite first step into that unseen country… and a step one must repeat throughout the journey.

    So for example: if you repeatedly receive the Magician Reversed you may be leaning too heavily on the Tarot, or taking advantage of it, or perhaps you’ve taken it as far as you can and would be better served by a different method.

    When I myself was faced with four such Magicians in a row, I got the message and took a break. Never fear, though. After a while, and with a bit more respect, I was able to return to the Tarot.